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The California Business Alliance for a Green Economy is a growing coalition of more than 1,245 mostly small and mainstream businesses, associations and organizations from around the state who support the creation of a clean, green and efficient economy. To fulfill that mission, our priority is supporting the implementation of California's clean energy policies.

Below are recent news stories, editorials and letters, including contributions from Alliance members. In addition, we have included profiles of Alliance members and a list of upcoming events that may interest you. You can read past issues of the eNews by going here. Thank you for your continued support.

Alliance Blog

The recently launched Alliance blog features new updates from Alliance Director, Susan Frank, and other members. We invite you to submit your own blog contributions. To submit an article or for more information, contact greenbizalliance@gmail.com.   

*In The NewsNewspaper  


AB 32 Cap and Trade Program Launches
California's first cap and trade auction was held on November 14. The Alliance was actively engaged in briefing reporters about the positive business impacts of this market-based strategy to reduce CO2 emissions.
Alliance Director Susan Frank told the media:

"Today's results prove that California's carbon market is immune to recent politically-motivated attempts by a few industries to slow California's transition to a clean and efficient economy through a meritless lawsuit. All Californians stand to lose if these forces succeed. I represent businesses in every sector of California's economy that know a carbon market and other elements of the AB 32 framework are good for the economy and for the state as a whole."

*California's Cap and Trade Program is Good News

Susan Frank was quoted in a recent San Jose Mercury News article: "There's a positioning that this is the business community versus the environment, and that's a false premise. It's about leveling the playing field with fossil fuels. Companies that get ahead of the curve and make changes in the way they operate will benefit." She added that AB 32, the state's global warming law that laid the framework for cap and trade, "has helped drive innovation in California, evidenced by the rise in cleantech patents and venture capital investment." 


*California Sells Out of First Pollution Permits

Associated Press reported that "California sold out of the first pollution permits issued as part of a landmark offensive against greenhouse gases at an inaugural auction that regulators said Monday went smoothly. The permit sales last week opened the largest carbon marketplace in the nation and the second-biggest in the world after the European Union. The California air board will hold four such auctions a year. 'By putting a price on carbon, we know we are beginning the process of breaking our dependence on fossil fuels,' California Air Resources Board Chairman Mary Nichols said during a conference call with reporters."

*Big California Pollution Auction Begins

The San Francisco Chronicle editorialized about the auction by putting the initiative in historical context. "After boosting car-mileage standards and putting the state on a leaner energy diet, California is taking another giant step to stem climate change. Beginning Wednesday, an intricate and ambitious plan that takes aim at major polluters will begin under the nation's first cap-and-trade system...Washington, which failed to pass a similar cap-and-trade measure two years ago, is clearly watching. California, once again, is leading the way on an issue critical to its quality of life and economic future. 

*Carbon Market Will Help Economy and Environment

Economist and scientist Anthony Westerling wrote an op-ed for the Merced Sun-Star where he said, "I believe we can have both a strong economy and a healthy environment, and I support how the state is placing its bet on the success of policies like AB 32. Westerling also noted that "as hundreds of thousands of families are still struggling in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy...it's difficult to ignore the economic and environmental impacts of our changing climate. Experts say property damage from this one storm could top $50 billion. Californians also face increasing threats from climate change. Our future depends on how we place our bets today. California is anticipating an economic boom from transitioning to a clean, efficient economy through voter-supported Assembly Bill 32, the state's clean energy and climate law."

*State's Well-Designed Cap and Trade Plan Will Defy Cynics

Dallas Burtraw, a Senior Fellow and Darius Gaskins Chair at Resources for the Future in Washington, D.C., specializing in environmental regulation in the electricity sector, wrote an op-ed in the Sacramento Bee where he said, "California on Wednesday will take a big step forward to promote clean air, as it holds its first auction to sell permits for carbon emissions in a move that will get the world's second-biggest carbon market off the ground...Several successful emissions trading programs already exist. After a career of studying these programs, I find the California program will be the best-designed program in the world to date, and is likely to influence the design of emerging programs in Australia, South Korea and even China."  


*Moving Forward: Global Warming Solutions Act, AB 32
The Long Beach Business Journal published a comprehensive five-part series on AB 32. In one article, Alliance founding member Tom Bowman, Bowman Design Group, Signal Hill, was prominently featured in the story. "This is a really hard time," Bowman said of both the current economic climate and the struggle to reduce climate change. "That doesn't mean we should stop . . . moving forward. There's that old saying that when the going gets tough, the tough get going."


*Let's Get Moving on Fuel Standards

Alliance Director Susan Frank authored an op-ed for the Sacramento Business Journal arguing that it's time to implement the low carbon fuel standard that is part of AB 32, the state's clean energy and climate law. She reminds readers that "in the business world, change always brings out the naysayers and the foot-draggers - especially from entrenched industries resistant to doing things differently...It's a similar situation today when it comes to clean energy - although this time, oil interests and their allies are trying to roll back California's progress and are doubling down on dirty, outdated ways of powering our state."




Featured Alliance Activity




public opinion on climate change  

New Post-Election Poll Shows
Over Two-Thirds of Californians Support AB 32


The Alliance recently commissioned a post-election poll by the bipartisan research team of Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates (FM3) and Public Opinion Strategies (POS) that shows significant and growing support for California's landmark climate and energy law AB 32.

The purpose of the post-election survey was to gauge public appetite for taking active steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in California in light of recent extreme weather events. The results clearly indicate that Californians continue to strongly support state government taking a variety of steps to mitigate and prepare for the impacts of climate change - the ultimate goal behind AB 32, the state's clean energy and climate law.

To highlight a few of the results, of those polled:

* 82 percent support taking climate change into account in planning for future development
* 74 percent support requiring oil companies to reduce the amount of carbon pollution from the fuel they produce
* 74 percent support increasing public investment in strategies to reduce climate change, like increasing clean energy use
* 72 percent support requiring companies to pay penalties in proportion to the carbon pollution they emit

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Read Susan Frank's full blogpost here.


Featured Alliance Activity





 pacific coast collaborative


Joint Statement by Leaders of the Pacific Coast Collaborative (PCC)


The four PCC leaders (BC Premier Christy Clark, California Governor Jerry Brown, Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber, and Washington Governor Chris Gregoire) issued the following joint statement in San Francisco at the GreenBuild 2012 Conference:

"Confronting climate change requires concerted effort within each jurisdiction and across the region on several, interconnected fronts.


First, we need to move forward together on policies that will drive investment in home-grown renewable energy and energy efficiency projects - jobs we can't outsource.

Second, we must better account for the environmental impacts associated with using fossil fuels that are detrimental to the health and well-being of our communities - and future generations.

Third, we need to protect our taxpayers' investment in infrastructure by making sure these investments are resilient and account for climate risk.


And we must also look at how best to consider and then account for the cost of carbon and our costly reliance on carbon-intensive energy sources.

California's cap and trade program, which launches today, and British Columbia's carbon tax are two examples of tools that help more accurately price energy resources and continue the transition to a 21st century energy infrastructure."


Read the full statement here.      





Featured Report Release




Greening the Bottom Line: California Companies Save Money by Reducing Global Warming Pollution


greening the bottom lineThe Environment California Research & Policy Center released a new report detailing how businesses and organizations of all different types and sizes are embracing clean energy solutions as a way to reap near-term economic returns, all while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


According to the report even businesses covered by the new cap and trade program, such as Anheuser-Busch's brewery in Fairfield, have realized significant cost savings by investing in clean, renewable energy. As the report details, the brewery recently added a 1.5 MW wind turbine to cut 6 million pounds of global warming pollution each year and save $1.6 million over 20 years. They also have a 1.2 MW solar photovoltaic system and a bio-energy recovery system that converts brewery waste into electricity.

Other institutions highlighted in the report include:

  • Marine Corps Air Station Miramar installed a landfill gas plant, solar arrays, and various efficiency projects that reduce annual energy bills by over $820,000 and offset the equivalent of 250 million pounds of carbon dioxide each year.
  • Gills Onions in Oxnard has an on-site energy system that converts onion waste to electricity. Along with some other clean energy initiatives, Gills is saving $800,000 and reducing 4 million pounds carbon dioxide per year.
  • Golden Valley Unified School District equipped its Madera campuses with solar panels that supply 80% of the district's electricity needs, saving $250,000 by 2017.
  • San Mateo Community College, Sonoma County YMCA and the Marine Corps Camp Pendleton are also profiled in the report.

Read the Executive Summary

Read the Full Report


Upcoming Event 



women, climate change   
Women, Climate Change and Human Rights: First Annual Special Assembly, Dec. 8th 11am - 3pm
Los Angeles, CA


The Greater Los Angeles Chapter (USNC) for UN Women is hosting its first fundraising event on December 8th to raise awareness about Climate Change and its impact on Women. UN Women is the only entity at the United Nations solely devoted to addressing women and gender issues.

As part of the US National Committee, the Greater Los Angeles Chapter is committed to furthering the goals of UN Women on realizing gender equality and the empowerment of women.
The theme of this workshop is especially timely considering hurricane Sandy and the disappointing lack of progress at the Rio+20 summit. The workshop will be an active discussion amongst a diverse audience of activists and academics about how individuals and organizations can take action on the impact of climate change on women and human rights.

The event will be held at:

SGI Culture of Peace Resource Center

606 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90401


For More information on the event click here 

Member Profile 


sustainable law group       


Attorneys Cecily Jackson-Zapata and Becki Kammerling provide organizations and businesses in California and Washington, D.C. with comprehensive legal counsel.   


The Sustainable Law Group plays an integral role on their clients' teams, providing a wide range of legal advice. Since 1997, their attorneys have represented and led nonprofit organizations in a variety of capacities. They have also been at the forefront of new business innovations, representing green enterprises, nonprofits, community development organizations and social enterprises. 


Cecily Jackson-Zapata has dedicated her career to serving nonprofit organizations, social enterprises, and small businesses. After developing an expertise in international and corporate tax law at Latham & Watkins and Miller & Chevalier, Cecily Jackson-Zapata spent over five years in Public Counsel's Community Development Project. While there, she gained expertise in representing Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI), nonprofit business development and micro-enterprise organizations, and other economic development firms. 


Over the past 18 years Becki Kammerling has been a leader in the environmental and social justice community. As an attorney, her primary focus is on representing individuals, businesses and non-profits interested in creating sustainable and lasting organizations that seek to have a positive impact on their community. Becki works with a wide range of companies from sole proprietors selling merchandise in their small online stores to complex corporations with triple and quadruple bottom lines.

For more information, visit http://www.sustainablelawyer.com/.    




Member Profile 


savor solar         


Susan Rigali, Owner/Executive Chef, has invested a significant amount of her career in education and research in the areas of food safety and the slow food movement. She has also been a part of many organic urban gardening projects in Los Angeles. 

mariposa nabi garden picRecently, Susan and several of her partners volunteered to help showcase solar cooking and healthy eating at the Grand Opening Celebration of "Little Green Fingers," a new initiative to fight the obesity epidemic among young children in Los Angeles County by creating community gardens for kids. 


Susan believes the best tasting food is fresh and comes from local, ecologically sound sources. For more than 30 years, a passion for health and sustainable environmental practices has meant that Savor Solar's delicious menus are crafted from carefully selected, locally sourced organic foods, and Savor's own flourishing garden. Savor Solar provides elite artistry, exceptional service, and numerous catering options. Those with unique dietary specifications are encouraged to inquire, as well as anyone with questions regarding the innovative cooking methods used by Savor Solar Catering.


If you are looking for a caterer that will meet your needs while considering environmental impact, fair trade, and integrity through personalized service, Savor Solar can help. Savor Solar will make your event a memorable day to enjoy family, friends, and new acquaintances without spending a small fortune.


For more information, visit savorsolar.com.


SF signature
Susan Frank
Director, California Business Alliance for a Green Economy
Upcoming Events 


- Dec. 8: Women, Climate Change and Human Rights
(Los Angeles) - See Story

Dec. 12: AVE! Festival
(Sedona, AZ)


- Jan. 14, 2013: AWEA Regional Wind Energy Summit - West
(La Jolla)


- Jan. 15-16: Solar Power Generation USA (Newport Beach)


-Feb. 6-7: 9th Annual Cleantech Investor Summit
(Palm Springs)


- Feb. 13-15: Solar Power-Gen 2013  
(San Diego) 

- April 26: Sustainable Enterprise Conference 

(Rohnert Park)


- June 3-6: Sustainable Brands '13 (San Diego) 


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