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The California Business Alliance for a Green Economy is a growing coalition of more than 1,240 mostly small and mainstream businesses, associations and organizations from around the state who support the creation of a clean, green and efficient economy. To fulfill that mission, our priority is supporting the implementation of California's clean energy policies.

Below are recent news stories, editorials and letters, including contributions from Alliance members. In addition, we have included profiles of Alliance members and a list of upcoming events that may interest you. You can read past issues of the eNews by going here. Thank you for your continued support.

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The recently launched Alliance blog features new updates from Alliance Director, Susan Frank, and other members. We invite you to submit your own blog contributions. To submit an article or for more information, contact greenbizalliance@gmail.com.   

*In The NewsNewspaper  


*Another View: Bee Should Report Business Support for AB 32

Alliance Director Susan Frank and Alliance member Latin Business Association Chairman and CEO Ruben Guerra, wrote an op-ed in The Sacramento Bee critical of the paper's lack of coverage for businesses who support AB 32. Frank and Guerra wrote, "hundreds of thousands of California businesspeople are enthusiastic supporters of Assembly Bill 32, our state's pioneering climate and clean energy law. They know the carbon market and other elements of the AB 32 framework are good for the economy and for the state as a whole."


The Alliance issued a press release calling out the oil industry for bankrolling a high-priced media blitz to slow down a key clean energy policy (AB 32) in California, that has been state law for six years, and which is driving investments, growing jobs and improving energy efficiency for all Californians. Oil company "front groups" like Fueling California  and Californians Against Higher Taxes, orchestrated by the same lobbyists that organized and lost the Proposition 23 campaign in 2010, are continuing to try to kill AB 32 through reports and advertising bought and paid for by the oil industry.

*California's Vanishing Snowpack is Another Victim of
Climate Change

skiing on snowless mountainProfessional Snowboarder Forrest Shearer wrote an op-ed for the Long Beach Press Telegram and LA Daily News about how climate change is affecting his sport. "As a professional snowboarder lucky enough to ride mountains around the world, I have seen the impacts of climate change first-hand. I've seen once-famous slopes now with zero snow, ski resorts that have shut down, and glaciers that are disappearing. In my native state of California, boarders and skiers are bracing for the effects of a warmer world... It's no wonder the California Ski Industry Association is a big supporter of AB 32, the state's landmark clean energy and climate law."


*Cleantech Group Releases List of Top 100 Companies
coulomb technologies logo
Alliance member Coulomb Technologies, based in Campbell, is highlighted in
the Cleantech Group's annual Global Cleantech 100 list, the annual barometer reading of the global innovation community's shifting views on which companies, and which types of companies, are most likely to have a big commercial impact in a 5-10 year timeframe.


*Climate Law Is Good Business for California

Kate Gordon with The Center for the Next Generation, wrote in The Huffington Post, "this week, Ruben Guerra of the Latin Business Association and Susan Frank of the California Business Alliance for a Green Economy proclaimed their support for the state's pioneering climate and clean energy law. These key business leaders remind us that AB32 will provide immense economic benefits for our economy - not just because it will diversify the energy sources on which California businesses depend, but also because it will create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the state."


Featured Alliance Activity



 California Business Leaders Say


 solar panel installation

The Alliance was proud to join dozens of California's top business leaders, representing tens of thousands of workers, calling on the state to "get going" to implement the state's pioneering clean energy and climate law, AB 32.


Despite the oil and manufacturing lobby's failed delay campaign that includes expensive full-page newspaper and Internet ads, radio spots and direct lobbying, California businesses still strongly endorse the state's transition to a more efficient clean energy economy.

The "Let's Get Going" letter addressed to state leaders explains, "AB 32 has been the law of the land for six years. There have been dozens of public hearings and workshops, and tens of thousands of public comments submitted. Uncertainty is bad for business. Stop the debate and start the program."

Read the Press Release.

Read the Letter.




Featured Alliance Activity




big oil gravityThe Alliance recently commissioned a report by the highly-regarded research firm TIAX to provide an independent analysis of an oil industry-funded study released in June 2012 that makes apocalyptic predictions about the impact of California's clean energy and climate policies based upon questionable assumptions, inaccuracies and significant omissions of publicly accessible data. The oil industry study was paid for and released by the lobbying group, Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA), an association of oil companies whose sole mission is providing access to petroleum. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) conducted The study.

The WSPA/BCG study reinforces the oil industry's unwillingness to invest and respond to the economic and environmental imperatives that drive clean energy policy. Not surprisingly, the analysis shows a dismal economic future for oil refiners and the state under AB 32's cap and trade program, the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), and the Clean Cars and Clean Fuels Outlet regulations. Click here to read the fact sheet highlighting the inaccuracies and assumptions of the oil industry study. Click here to read the full TIAX report.


Upcoming Member Event 


24 hours of reality  
November 14 - Dirty Weather Report

Alliance Member Jacqueline Keller, Nutrifit, Los Angeles, will be participating in the Dirty Weather report as a member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps.

This will be the second annual, online event showing how global climate change is connected to the extreme weather we experience in our daily lives. The entire 24-hour event will be broadcast live over the Internet.


The event will feature videos from around the globe, person-on-the-street reports, music, and most importantly, stories from communities moving forward with solutions.


Upcoming Event 



green festival Green Festival Returns to San Francisco 
and Los Angeles this November 


Green Festival returns to the San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Center from November 10-11 and will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from November 17-18.


Green Festival is the nation's largest green marketplace for the conscious consumer. Every vendor has earned the Green America Seal of Approval for their commitment to social and environmental responsibility.


To learn more and get tickets, visit:

San Francisco Green Festival

Los Angeles Green Festival

Member Profile 


digi graph x      


Kevin Maez is the owner of Digi-Graph-X, a trade show printing and display company located in Long Beach. Kevin's goal is to give customers the tools and resources to promote their business cost effectively and efficiently at fairs and trade shows.

Kevin explains that Digi-Graph-X "is one of the first companies attempting to offer green alternatives at comparable prices to their market alternatives. We are reaching out to green companies that are embracing this transition to lead the way for market."
Digi-Graph-X has a large range of products from banners and displays to promotional items. From start to finish, they walk clients through the process of building a display tailored to their needs. They have a long term goal of helping to make all trade shows and fairs green and environmentally kind.


Beyond offering green printing alternatives for companies, Digi-Graph-X is a strong community partner, dedicated to supporting nonprofit organizations. They offer great discounts and quality resources to help nonprofits promote their message cost effectively.


To learn more, visit Digi-Graph-X.com.       




Member Profile 


douglas farquharbuygreen


Douglas Farquhar, the Chief Executive Officer for BuyGreen of Irvine, believes the power to make change rests with the individual consumer. The products we buy every day make a difference. Eco-friendly products are healthier for us and better for the planet. In addition, when a large group of consumers choose to "buy green", the market will respond with greater variety, more innovation and lower prices for green products and services. 
The mission of BuyGreen is to become the most trusted source for green products, offering the widest variety of quality products, the best information for consumers, and the most enjoyable shopping experience. BuyGreen is dedicated to developing a sustainable business in every aspect of its operations. From product shipment to office supplies, BuyGreen looks to reduce waste, conserve energy, and minimize use of resources. After minimizing its carbon footprint as much as possible BuyGreen purchases carbon offsets to reach its goal of a zero waste footprint.
In addition to the wide range of products, BuyGreen provides the tools one needs to understand why a product qualifies as "green" and superior customer service. BuyGreen wants to be a primary destination for green products, services, and green living information. 
To learn more, visit buygreen.com.    


SF signature
Susan Frank
Director, California Business Alliance for a Green Economy
Upcoming Events 


- Nov. 10-11, 2012: Green Festival (San Francisco) - See story


- Nov. 12-13:Verge San Francisco, hosted by GreenBiz.com 

- Nov. 12-14: Behavior,
Energy & Climate Conference

- Nov. 13-15: Distributed Solar Summit 2012 (San Diego)


- Nov. 14-16: Greenbuild

(San Francisco)


- Nov. 17-18: Green Festival 

(Los Angeles) - See story


- Jan. 14, 2013: AWEA Regional Wind Energy Summit - West
(La Jolla)


- Jan. 15-16: Solar Power Generation USA (Newport Beach)


- Feb. 13-15: Solar Power-Gen 2013  
(San Diego) 

- April 26: Sustainable Enterprise Conference 

(Rohnert Park)


- June 3-6: Sustainable Brands '13 (San Diego) 


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