Coffee, Culture and Connection
by Christine Sandler, Co-chair, STA Women in Finance

Vacationing in magnificent Cortona, the plan was to walk into town each morning to get coffee.  The very first morning, faced with a daunting hill we arrived at the coffee bar.  The d�cor was
 perfect, light grey and cream walls, very clean and open with two women manning the bar.  We ordered our drinks, with a little assistance given the language barrier.  The coffee was heavenly.  Each morning we went back to the same coffee bar.  We brought our friends. By day three, they knew our orders.  We didn't linger, there was no small talk at all. 
The morning of our departure, we made our final trip to the coffee shop.  We told the girls we were leaving that day.  In broken English, they asked if we would be back that afternoon.  Sadly, we said no.  We paid for our drinks and were handed small bags of chocolates.  The women came out from behind the counter and hugged us.  Not some lousy bend at the waist hug, but a real embrace and kisses on both cheeks.  "You'll come back?" they said.  I said of course we will and I truly meant it.  If you find yourself in the town of Cortona, make time for a doppio at Caf� Signorelli.  It's worth it. 
As I was leaving, I got a little teary and said to my friend.  In a week, I have developed a greater connection with these women than with many of the people I've worked with for years, even decades.  What gives?  Why the revelation?  Why the tearful emotions?  


Highlighted Articles

Here's why firms across sectors are hiring women in key finance leadership roles
Ratna Bhushan,  The Economic Times, 7/25/16
NEW DELHI: Are women better to trust your money with? Well, an increasing number of companies seem to think so, going by a recent spurt in women taking over key finance roles in firms across sectors.  When Coca-Cola announced Sarvita Sethi as its first woman finance head last week, it reinforced a new trend among big corporations including Hindustan Unilever, PepsiCo, Puma, Aditya Birla Group, Vedanta, Castrol and EMC. 
"There is an ask now for women at top financial jobs .. 

Need to address lack of women in finance
Rachel Dalby, BDaily, 7/25/16
A firm of independent financial planners has said that the sector needs to be more proactive in addressing the shortage of female talent in finance. In response to a journalist who asked her about women's strength in times of crisis, Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, once remarked that "If Lehman Brothers had been "Lehman Sisters," today's economic crisis clearly would look quite different." Indeed, studies in 'neuroeconomics' since the crash have shown that women are less likely than men to take excessive risks.

Why aren't  there more women fund managers?
John Waggoner, Investment News, 7/24/16
If you're looking for comforting news about the great strides women have made breaking into investment management, you won't find it here. Men still overwhelmingly dominate the field. But the inroads that women have made in money market funds show that there is a path to greater representation in the industry.
9 Things Successful Women Never Do
LaRae Quy, Forbes Woman, 7/2/16
Often I was the only female FBI agent on my squad. I learned how to be successful amidst a variety of situations and circumstances. Most importantly, I learned what not to do if I wanted to compete in a male dominated environment.

Upcoming Events

Keynote Speaker Announced

We are pleased to announce that Suni Harford, Managing Director and Citigroup's Regional Head of Markets for North America will give the keynote address at the Inaugural STA Women in Finance Symposium.

Keynote Speaker
Suni Harford is a Managing Director and Citigroup's Regional Head of Markets for North America. In this capacity, Suni oversees the North American sales, trading, and origination businesses of Citi's securities and banking franchise. Suni is a member of Citi's Pension Plan Investment Committee, and a Director on the Board of Citibank Canada. From 2010 - 2015, Suni was the co head of Citigroup's global women's initiative, Citi Women.

Prior to her current assignment, Ms. Harford held a variety of senior positions at Citi/Salomon Brothers including the Global Head of Fixed Income Research and the Co-Head of Fixed Income Capital Markets Origination where she led an advisory team focused on financial institutions.  Full bio >

Women Leaders on Wall Street - Anecdotes, Acknowledgment, Advice
A panel of senior women professionals will share personal experiences that shaped their careers. What were their greatest challenges and how did they overcome them? What does it feel like to be the only woman in the room? The panel will also address the role gender plays when it comes to promotions and salary. How can we close the salary gap? How do you ask for a raise - and get it? How can we create a gender- equal culture in the workplace? Specific communication techniques and tools in these areas will be highlighted.

Ann Neidenbach, CIO, Convergex
Mee Warren, Portfolio Strategist, Two Sigma Securities
Alan Hill, CEO, JonesTrading, Moderator

Special Presenter
Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton is the President and CEO of Impact & Influence for Women, a global training and development company that helps high potential women reach the top. She is an award-winning journalist, international speaker, coach and expert in high performance for women. 

Eleanor is the host of Fierce Feminine Leadership, a top-ranked podcast for ambitious women in business. And she is the creator of Bold Women Thought Leaders, an exclusive business coaching program for women thought leaders. 

A former journalist and speechwriter, Eleanor won numerous top journalism prizes for her coverage of fast growing, women-led companies and has co-written several best-selling books.

STA Women in Finance Symposium
September 14, 2016
JW Marriott
Washington DC

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