National STA Affiliate Clothing Drive: Campaign Debrief

Closing a campaign with an opening bell.

Last week the first STA Women in Finance (STA WIF) multi-city clothing drive came to an end which was marked by STA WIF opening the NYSE.  A landmark occasion finalized by a long time Wall Street tradition.  Stacey Cunningham, NYSE COO, addressed our group and shared a very poignant story.  We met in the luncheon room in the historical NYSE building which, until the 80's, did not have a women's restroom.  Eventually, a telephone booth was converted into the first women's bathroom on the floor.  Then, over two decades later, a proper women's bathroom was built.  That bathroom is only 10 years old today.

Hearing this story made this occasion even more significant.  As, it was a reminder that, although numerous efforts by women's groups exist, there is so much need for more.  It was an endorsement to the STA WIF's mission and its unique design which combines a national network platform with career development services.  

Also moving was the amount of support, generosity, and charitable contributions from all - retail partners, sponsors, members, both women and men.  The outpouring of clothing donations throughout the nation was overwhelming and so much appreciated.  We hope that everyone who participated feels a sense of pride and accomplishment when looking at the photos and exchanging stories and memories about this clothing drive.  In addition, if you are fueled to do more and get involved, we would love to hear from you.


The STA WIF Committee
Highlighted Articles
Bloomberg's New Gender Equality Index Shows Who's Investing In Women 
Valentina Zarya, Fortune, 5/3/16
On Tuesday morning, Bloomberg unveiled a new index intended to showcase what the biggest financial players are doing to promote gender equality.
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The Easiest Way to Boost Your Confidence at Work
Renae Scott  Fortune, 4/23/16
One of my first supervisors in the working world struggled with confidence. She continuously questioned every decision and focused only on potential negative outcomes, ultimately paralyzing her team. Her skills weren't lacking, but her self-doubts created a glass ceiling for all of us and negatively impacted the business. 

PayPal Promotes "Gender Equality" Panel  Without Any Women
Maya Kosoff, Vanity Fair, 4/21/16
What better way to go about solving Silicon Valley's systemic gender-diversity problem than by having a team of men talk about it onstage? 

This Is The Secret To Getting Ahead At Work
Sallie Krawcheck, Refinery29,  4/20/16
Here's what I thought about my career in my 20s: work hard, over-achieve on deliverables, be the one who can be trusted with the tough assignments. Then, get the raise, get promoted, become CEO. And, yep, most of the time, working hard does yield results. But then there was that time I was running Merrill Lynch and was "reorganized" out of a job - even though the business was growing, ahead of plan, and gaining share. Oof.

Get to Know the Historical Figures on the $5, $10 and $20 Bills
Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Jada F. Smith, New York Times, 4/20/16
The Treasury Department announced that women will be incorporated into new designs for the $5, $10 and $20 bills. Here is a look at the new lineup.
STA Affiliate & WIF Clothing Drive and Events

Thanks again to all STA members for supporting the Women in Finance national professional clothing drive.  Here are just a few photos from events held across the U.S. and Canada.

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