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Issue 57 - September 2014
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Happy September. As summer turns into fall, please remember to take wonderful care of yourself and enjoy the colorful moments. You are worth it.

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 Nut Consumption and Your Best Health 
Dr. Peter interviewed on News12

Dr. Pina on the Katie Couric Show

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Dr. Bongiorno will explain clearly and simply how genes and food work together. Join him to learn how we can help our genes make great decisions on our behalf, and how to make truly informed choices about eating for health.

Detoxification is the foundation to reaching your body's health goals. Detoxing will increase energy, improve skin, sleep, mood and aid in weight loss.  

9.27.14 Strength For Life     
Dr. Siobhan explains how to use natural medicines for the best in cancer care. 

Jenna Hollenstein and Peter Bongiorno discuss how to prevent and effectively care for Seasonal Affective Disorder.  

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-  Dr. Peter Bongiorno interviewed by Natural Health Magazine

- Psychology Today Blog by Dr. Peter

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