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Issue 54 - April 1, 2014

Upcoming Events

Join Dr. Anne as she explains the common causes and risk factors for heart disease in addition to the research that can prevent it at our NYC office. Free.





05.01.2014:Facial  Rejuvenation Seminar. Are you curious on what you can do naturally to enhance you appearance without surgery or paying for toxic injections? We have the answer! Huntington office. Free.





back pain 

Karan Johar, MD, Pain  specialist and Anne Williams, ND will be co-presenting on therapies to resolve low back pain. Come learn about the primary sources and treatment options! At our NYC office. Free. 






How to use natural medicine to help prevent, and support cancer care, as well as prevent recurrence. With Dr. Bongiorno at the National Gourmet Institute. 



By: Donna Nesteruk, LAc 

Is Spring finally here... ... finally?  As slow as this past winter seemed to us, as we get older, time does build a momentum and by month's end we can't believe how fast the week went, the month, and the year.  

Regarding Yin and Yang, now that we are coming out of the year's most Yin (and snowy) season, we ready ourselves to step into the beginning of a Yang season. In order to understand how spring relates to emotions in TCM, (Traditional Chinese Medicine), it helps to visualize what is occurring during the spring months.  In TCM, the liver organ and our Liver Qi energy represents activity by new growth and windy days...
Article H
dr. pina backstage at dr. oz dr. pina on dr. oz

and stay tuned...we will let you know when the show is going to air

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by: Dr. Peter Bongiorno

New Research

Cruciferous Vegetables Inflammation Reducer: Cabbage, broccoli, bok choy and kale have been shown to help to reduce inflammation according to a study based on 1,000 women. To read more click here

Obesity Linked to Carbohydrate Digestion: According to an article in Science Daily carbohydrates could be the cause of obesity for many people.

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