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Issue 52 - Febraury 7, 2014

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02.05.14 Cardiovascular Disease and Natural Health
Learn with Dr. Anne Williams time-testing and cutting edge natural ways to prevent and treat heart disease.

She will be covering risk factors for the disease and ways to help prevent it using Naturopathic modalities. 

Join Dr. Peter for a guided tour of our fascinating gastrointestinal system, where 70-80% of our immune system resides, which makes its balance so crucial to our overall health

While cancer itself is a major health challenge on its own, studies looking at patients with cancer reveal how survival and metastatic growth depends in great part on psychological state. Join Dr. Peter as he discusses the underlying mechanisms contributing to mood disorders, high cortisol and inflammation.

You'll be amazed to discover how food can influence dramatic changes - helping to cause, heal, or prevent a disease - by turning specific genes on or off. Dr. Peter will explain clearly and simply how genes and food work together.


February is American Heart Month!

Insulin's Relationship to Blood Pressure and Heart Disease?
New research shows that high levels of blood sugar and insulin in the bloodstream may be an independent risk factor for developing high blood pressure. While we know sugar is damaging, we are learning that the sugar-lowering hormone insulin can damage small blood vessels, triggering a rise in blood pressure.

What does a high insulin body look like? More often than not, it is an "apple-shape" body-type with truncal (stomach area) fat to indicate high insulin levels and poor sugar control.

Poor diet, lack of exercise, and high stress all strongly contribute to the development of blood sugar issues and high insulin which will damage the heart and vessels.

If you have heart disease in your family or are concerned about your risk, February - National Heart Month, is the perfect time to set new goals for your health and longevity. 

Article Headline

new research

Wet wipes to blame for your baby's rash?: Methylisothiazolinone, a preservative used in baby wipes has been linked to baby contact dermatitis according to Journal of American Academy of Pediatrics.

Vitamin D : According to a report in the  Journal of the American Geriatrics Society higher levels of Vitamin D in seniors is associated with fewer falls while low levels of vitamin D are related to impaired poor extremity function, low bone density and muscle weakness.

Melatonin for weight loss: Melatonin has been shown to promote weight loss by increasing the body's temperature according to an animal study in the  Journal of Pineal Research.
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