APRIL 2014
New Website!
We launched a new website this week.  Please take some time to check it out and tell us what you think.  

Parents tell us that the web is a valuable resource they utilize for information on early education, childcare and parent support.  We know our website is a critical component to engaging with parents in the community. 

Our new Parent page focuses on some key questions that parents of young children ask:


Why Should My Child Go To Preschool? 


Need Help With Preschool Tuition? 


Early Childhood Professionals
Working in partnership with our early childhood professionals we strive to increase the quality of programming in our community.  As a resource for our early education and child care professionals, we offer access to research-based professional learning, networking and scholarship opportunities.  

Check out our Early Childhood Professional page to learn about what we can offer Early Childhood Programs and Educator Resources.

Special Thanks!
We would like to thank the individuals who invested their time and talents in helping us redesign our website to be more user friendly and effective for those who seek it as a resource.
Website Redesign Committee:
Ingrid Benson, Integra
Brooke DeBoer, Shining Light Marketing
Danielle Feltman, Pratt & Whitney
Sandy Ham, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Sarah Lilly, Five Star Realty
Craig Oosterhouse, Mercantile Bank
April is the Month 
of the Young Child

As we welcome spring we also celebrate the Month of the Young Child and in doing so draw awareness to the needs of young children and their families.  We would like to thank all of the early childhood professionals, programs and services in our community.  

We ask that parents celebrate with us by reading and, as the weather warms, getting outside and exploring with your child.  There are many activities to learn and engage with your child in our community.  Visit our events calendar for ideas.

The greater community can get involved by learning more about Ready for School and investing in our work. 
Major Findings!
New research from Nobel laureate economist James Heckman found that children who participated in high quality early childhood programs had significantly improved health as adults, make healthier lifestyle choices and experience fewer illnesses as adults.
"This study is a game changer demonstrating the emergence of the relationship between education and health.  It broadens our understanding of the power of high-quality early experience to change lives including improving adult health."
-Dr. Donna LB Lowry
Medical Director, Ready for School 
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