The Surveys Are Coming!

Question: When is a pediatric office like a car dealership?


Answer: When satisfaction surveys are on the line.


Last year, you may have received a survey about Children's Medical Office from a group called Massachusetts Health Quality Partners (MHQP).  The MHQP survey asked a bunch of questions about things like communication with your child's medical provider, how well your provider knows your children, and the range of topics we discuss at your medical appointments.


Unfortunately, last year not that many people responded.  Because the survey is a great way of getting information about how well we're serving your children's needs, it's really important for as many of our patients' families to complete it.


If you see the MHQP survey in your mailbox, please take the time to fill it out.  We're hoping your answers will reflect a high level of satisfaction with the care we've delivered for your children, and our ability to communicate with you.  And as always, if for some reason you aren't entirely satisfied with those things, we hope you never hesitate to let us know.  




 Children's Medical Office
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