Children's Medical Office of North Andover, P.C.
CMO Survey Results Are In!

As the result of a recent practice wide Children's Medical Office Survey, we have instituted some changes:
  • Improving ability to schedule with your own provider.
    We are now scheduling appointments at least a year in advance so that you can plan ahead and schedule all routine visits with the provider of your choice!  We also recommend choosing a co-primary provider who may work on the days that your primary care provider does not. (for example:  Dr. Summers is in the office on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and Jacky is in the office on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays)  Click here to view provider schedules. 
  • New and improved school form process: 
    You will now automatically receive updated school forms following each well child visit.  These forms will be sent directly to your email address within a week, so please make sure that we have your updated information.
  • New lab results information: 
    Your child's lab results will now be sent to you.  If there are any abnormal results you will be contacted directly by your provider. 

To make these improvements most beneficial to you, please be certain that we have your updated email address. 

Call In Hours for Non-Urgent Clinical Questions
All providers at CMO use call-in hours or email as a way to communicate with patients for non-urgent clinical questions.  If you have a sick child, please call the front desk @ 978-975-3355 to book an appointment.

Why don't we have triage nurses answer the phones? 
Please refer to our Telephone Policies & Procedures
CMO Waiting Room 

We request, when possible, that you limit the number of children, friends, and relatives accompanying your child to the office. We understand, of course, that on occasion babysitting or transportation problems may leave you no choice.  Children's Medical Office makes an effort to limit the transmission of illnesses by reducing the amount of time children spend in our waiting room.  Surprisingly, there have been no studies documenting the need for, or benefit of, separate waiting rooms for well and sick children.


Please call or email the front desk staff to schedule a sub-specialist appointment. Our front desk tracks all referrals internally to ensure we receive written feedback from all sub-specialists, and you may hear from us if we don't hear from you! Our clinical staff has direct computer access to all Children's Hospital & MGHFC physicians, and frequently communicate with them.  Email: Linda, Specialist Appointment Coordinator at 
Do you have a specialist appointment that was not scheduled through our office?  Please let us know so that we can facilitate all necessary communications.
Our office will be closed Sunday March 31, 2013

Page our on-call provider with any urgent questions or problems - 978-975-3355. 

For non-urgent questions or concerns please consult our
 Acute Illness Guide 
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