Saturday: thinkFOOD  at Simon's Rock; FARMERS' MARKET in Pittsfield!  Support and celebrate local food and farms!

Thank you!
The March Maple Dinner was a huge success!

Thank you chefs, maple producers, farmers, food producers and "eaters" - we highlighted local food and celebrated the connection between farmers, food entrepreneurs and the community! 

Host Chef, Adam Zieminski cafeADAM 
Amber Hemenway, Methuselah Bar and Lounge
David Jordan, Cranwell Resort
Wes Malzone, BerkShore Oyster Company
Missy and Rob Leab, Ioka Valley Farm
Dylan Bower, CafeADAM
Ben Diare, Alta Restuarant and Wine Bar
Jeff Thompson, Wheatleigh
Gustavo Perez, The Southfield Store
Kevin Schmitz, Martketplace Catering
Joshua Needleman, Chocolate Springs

Barrington Brewery
Berkshire Mountain Distillers
Big Elm Brewing
M.S. Walker Wines
Barrington Coffee Roasting Company

Cranwell Resort

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to support Berkshire Grown!  You are helping create a thriving local food economy.
Thanks Host Chef Adam Zieminski for this picture of the chefs preparing a delicious meal!

This Saturday April 9th from 9 - 1pm  
Final indoor farmers' market of the season. 
Meet your local farmers! Grow the local food economy! 

Assembly Coffee Roasters, Balderdash Cellars, Brattle Farm, Caroline's Scottish Shortbread, Country Seasonings, Cricket Creek Farm, Elmartin Farm, Matt's Cookie Bars, Mountain Girl Farm, North Yeast Bakery, Square Roots Farm, Trusted Roots Farm, White Goose Gardens, Windy Ridge Farm

The Lighthouse of The Boys and Girls Club, 16 Melville Street in Pittsfield, MA

thinkFOOD this Saturday!

more info thinkFOOD this Saturday April 9, 2016!

What we want to read

"Carbon farming. The phrase is suddenly on the lips of every major player in the sustainable food movement.

"Michael Pollan deemed it agriculture's "secret weapon" in a December op-ed for the Washington Post. Bill McKibben, in his praise for an upcoming book on the topic, described carbon farming as "a powerful vision," one that he hopes will "presage major changes in our species' use of the land." Paul Hawken went so far as to call it "the foundation of the future of civilization," with potential to "surpass the productivity of industrial agriculture."

"Why all the hubbub? And, for that matter, what exactly is it about?  
"Carbon farming is agriculture's answer to climate change. Simply put, the goal is to take excess carbon out of the atmosphere, where the element causes global warming, and store it in the soil, where carbon aids the growth of plants. The principle is pretty straightforward-the practice, not so much.
Berkshire Grown advocates for farmers on Agriculture Day at the Statehouse in Boston - contributing tastes of the Berkshires to give legislators a delicious reason to support farming
This menu lists the farms and producers who contributed to AG DAY.
Setting up the Berkshire Grown table at the Statehouse in Boston Tuesday April 5, 2016, where legislators, staffers and other AG groups came to learn about our work and taste Gould Farm cheese, Bartlett's cider and Berkshire Mountain Bread from the Berkshires!

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Barbara Zheutlin, Director  
Kate Bailey, Program Manager
Jamie Paxton, Outreach /Program Manager
Martha Bryan, Program Manager, Berkshire Agriculture Ventures