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Tickets to the dinner are $125 per person.  

Berkshire Grown members discounted ticket = $100.  

Community members who join Berkshire Grown before the dinner may purchase tickets at the discounted member price.  

To reserve a space, call the Berkshire Grown office at 413-528-0041.


Berkshire Grown March 2015
Drawing Ticket costs $50 - you do not need to be present at the March Maple Dinner to win. Call 413-528-0041 to buy a ticket.

Win a week stay in Venasque, France in the heart of Provence. Three bedrooms, sleeps six. Stay must be completed by November 15, 2015. More pictures and information on Chez Kubik.

maple tree and syrup buckets

Visit a local Farm and Sugar House - celebrate the first crop of the season: maple! Find farms producing maple syrup on Berkshire Grown's
Join a CSA Farm

Yes, while there is snow on the ground is when you can make a big difference to a local farmer by purchasing a share in their farm.

Look on Map-o-licious - the map on Berkshire Grown's website for a CSA near you - click on "CSA" on Map-o-licious.

CSA farms (CSA = Community Supported Agriculture) are ways for farmers to raise the funds ahead of the season when they need support to buy seeds and equipments and make plans for the growing season. Then you as a member pick up your share starting at the beginning of the season every week throughout the summer.

The Vanishing Public Sphere: A talk about land  

March 21, 7:00 pm

Annual Meeting Community Land Trust & Board Elections

First Congregational Church, Main Street, Great Barrington, MA Members Free - Non-members $10/BerkShares


with Eric Holt-Giménez from his forthcoming book

What Every Foodie Needs to Know About Capitalism


Eric Holt-Giménez is Executive Director of  Food First, also known as the Institute for Food and Development Policy, which the New York Times has called one of the country's "most established food think tanks." 


What We Are Reading

Food Waste Grows 



"Massive food waste by humanity is an undisputed fact documented daily in tons of discarded scrapings from dinner plates around the world. It is now being measured as a serious threat to the global environment and economy, with an estimated one-third of all the food produced in the world left uneaten

at a cost of up to $400 billion a year in waste disposal and other government costs.


Broccoli Chris Blair "The food discarded by consumers and retailers in just the most developed nations would be more than enough to sustain all the world's 870 million hungry people if effective distribution methods were available.


"Unfortunately, most of the uneaten food goes to landfills where it decomposes and produces the dangerous greenhouse gas methane at a volume that amounts to an estimated 7 percent of the total emissions contributing to the global warming threat.  


"This puts food waste by ordinary humans in third place in methane emissions behind the busy economies of China and the United States, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. These stark facts have been laid out in a new report from the Waste and Resources Action Program, or WRAP, a British antiwaste organization. Keep reading here 



Starve a Landfill:
Efficiency in the Kitchen to Reduce Food Waste
by Kim Severson in the New York Times

Dan  Barber "...Later this spring, a former Trader Joe's executive will open Daily Table, a restaurant and grocery store in Roxbury, Mass., that is dedicated to ugly fruit and food past its sell-by date.


"...Dan Barber, the chef and author, is so dedicated to ending food waste that he is turning his Greenwich Village restaurant, Blue Hill, into a pop-up in which every dish is based on waste. It's an extreme extension of what many chefs already do.


"The best restaurants today are focusing on how to utilize what's unknown and largely uncoveted," Mr. Barber said. "That has turned dining on its head so fast we tend to not even recognize it."

Read more - Blue Hill pop up will be open from March 13 - 3st.
Congratulations to Mezze + Allium!

On Monday, March 9, Mezze Restaurant Group will be at the James Beard House in New York City to present their first team dinner with talented Chefs Nicholas Moulton of Mezze Bistro and Daire Rooney of Allium, who will prepare dishes featuring food produced in the region in complementary cooking styles for the "Berkshires' First Taste of Spring" dinner.


We're thrilled that Daire Rooney is the host chef at the March Maple Dinner benefit for Berkshire Grown and will be cooking with Chef Nicholas Moulton here in the Berkshires this month. Don't miss it! 


What we are listening to:   
Why more than half of farmers have a second job

on Marketplace

"...Bob Lilienthal is in the process of taking over the family farm. He rents the farmland and hundreds more acres around it. He had to build a shed the size of a warehouse for his machines... 

"Bob raises more than a thousand pigs at a time, while his father used to have a couple hundred. 

"But with everything bigger and better, Bob Lilienthal struggles to match his father's standard of living, even though he has side businesses. 

"I've come here to find out why....    Read/ listen to the story on Marketplace


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