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February 23, 2016

Featured Item:
1988 - Petite Lucky Shamrocks, 100-CT
Three, four, and five-leafed clovers are perfect to adorn your St. Patrick's Day menu. Large green leaves feature a striking burgundy and white central pattern, and measure about 1 to 1 inches across.
Pre-order by 3/14 for
St. Patrick's Day!


Commodity Updates
Keep up-to-date on how weather and other conditions across the country and the globe affect the quality, availability, and pricing of your fresh fruits and produce.

The Asparagus market is extremely promotable with plenty of supplies. Coupled with the start of asparagus in California, we have 2 regions harvesting product. Quality is excellent out of both areas.

The broccoli market is unchanged. Plenty of supplies from all growing regions. The market will remain flat for the rest of the week. Aggressive prices are available to promote. Quality is really good from all growing regions as well with dark green color and tight beads. Crown size is also

Brussels Sprouts: 
Increased supplies from Mexico and lack of demand have caused a decline in the market. Sizing is still small to medium. Jumbo size is still in limited quantities. Quality has also improved. And the processors with new packs of shredded to whole product are readily available.

Demand is moderate and supply is very good. Southern Chile is coming off of peak production but still shipping ample amounts of fruit to the US to cover demand.
The cauliflower market is following the same pattern as broccoli. Plenty of supplies and promotable markets out of all growing regions. Quality is really good, although we have seen some arrivals with minimal bruising.
The market on kale has a wide range depending on supplier and growing region. Kale size has been small to medium and some arrivals of half filled boxes are appearing. Quality is still really good even with the size
problems. Good green color and little dehydration.

Many of the post-holiday deals have dried up and volume is beginning to catch up with demand as more retail ads break with better availability and pricing industry wide. Florida remains the biggest player for high volume and lower priced deals. In California, Oxnard and Santa Maria are producing and supply has increased with more favorable weather in both regions. New crop Santa Maria fruit is available and will be increasing over the coming weeks, some split pricing for new crop. Overall, quality has been good in all regions. We're still seeing some white shoulders and green tips. Berry sizing has improved with new crop Santa Maria quoted in the mid-teens per 1 pound clamshell.

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