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February 8, 2016

Commodity Updates
Keep up-to-date on how weather and other conditions across the country and the globe affect the quality, availability, and pricing of your fresh fruits and produce.

Even with the colder weather that they had last week in the Caborca growing region, the market did not react. Supplies are still above normal. Although there were some delays this weekend crossing the border. Quality is really nice from Mexico.Peruvian asparagus is in limited supplies and looks to gap until mid-March.

Supplies remain abundant from all growing regions and prices are still very competitive. Excellent quality as well with nice green color and tight beads. Several growing regions are currently harvesting broccoli. Salinas has also started production as well.

Brussels Sprouts: 
Increased supplies from Mexico and lack of demand have caused a decline in the market. Sizing is still small to medium. Jumbo size is still in limited quantities. Quality has also improved. And the processors with new packs of shredded to whole product are readily available.

As production in Chile and Mexico increase and more shipments are arriving into the US, adequate supplies have been available and should continue through the coming weeks. Quality has improved with the new shipments and is good overall. Demand has been moderate but is
increasing for higher quality fruit.
The desert crop is done for their season. The central valley crop is 42% harvested and the Ventura crop has just begun. With the desert done, this will create greater demand on these other 2 areas. Demand remains very strong.
ALERT! Strawberries: 
Strawberry availability remains limited in all growing/loading regions as demand for Valentine's Day berries is keeping us in a demand-exceeds-supply situation. Cold/cool weather along with rain showers and thunderstorms over recent weeks slowed production in both Southern California and Central Florida. Warmer and clear weather is forecasted for Southern CA this week. Some high winds forecasted as the Santa Ana winds return to Southern CA. Florida remains cool but forecast does show clearing. The current supply situation does not appear that it will recover until mid-late February at the earliest. Although demand will typically come off considerably in the middle of the week prior to Valentine's Day, the current supply/production gaps will likely last throughout the month of February.

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Buscema Fine Italian Specialties
Buscema Fine Italian Specialties
Buscema Gastronomia is one of the finest gourmet food manufactures who has produced top quality specialty gourmet food item for over 25 years. They are located in Crotone, Italy. They currently sell all over Europe and their products are rapidly growing in the United States.
Their wide array of products consists of fully prepared and cooked vegetables, seafood, and olives with condiments ready to serve. They use only the freshest, top grade Italian ingredients that are never frozen.
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