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January 12, 2016

We are your Valentine's Day Specialist!

We're excited for Valentine's Day
and you should be too!
This year we are offering a number of specialty items! Please plan ahead. To ensure availability for delivery Valentine's Day weekend, we need these items ordered in advance.
Feel free to reach out to your sales representative!

Commodity Updates
Keep up-to-date on how weather and other conditions across the country and the globe affect the quality, availability, and pricing of your fresh fruits and produce.

Asparagus:  The asparagus market is still extremely active with limited supplies from Peru and Mexico. Jumbo and Extra Large
asparagus are virtually nonexistent. Look for better supplies next week and the market to see some relief.

Brussels Sprouts:  Supplies are extremely limited and markets are high. Salinas is all but finished with the limited acreage left; supplies from Mexico are still extremely limited. Sizes remain small to medium. The market remain active with no signs of relief for a few weeks.

Green & Yellow Squash - Expected to remain extremely limited with much higher prices. Heavy rains consistently with cooler than average days has yet again crippled the squash market. Look for availability and quality to remain extremely difficult to find. No real sign of relief in the near future without multiple days of sunshine in Homestead, FL; even then there may be low yields.

Kale:  Supplies remain steady and quality is good.
Iceberg Lettuce:  Poor weather and low yields has created an active market. Demand exceeds supplies. The frigid weather the Yuma region has had these past weeks has made product availability very light. Expect pricing to be stronger throughout the week. Some shippers began the week sold out, as contracts have become a priority to fill. Low yields and lightweights are forecasted for this commodity for the rest of the month, at a minimum. The frost and freeze has damaged much of the young plants as well as the product ready to harvest. Blister and epidermal peel will continue to be seen.

Leaf Lettuce:  Blister will continue to be seen on all leaf items through the month of January in all the growing regions. Frigid temperatures over the past weeks has lowered yields and quality with all suppliers. Expect active markets throughout the week. Quality is suffering with all leafy greens showing epidermal peel both on the outer ribs and down into the heart. Romaine, red and green leaf will all show some discoloration and 'breakdown' where the blister is occurring. Suppliers are struggling to meet demand. Expect active markets throughout the week.
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