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January 5, 2016

The Outlook:  El Niņo
A very cold and wet week is on tap for the West Coast as a series strong low pressure systems move into California from the Eastern Pacific Ocean. These systems will tap into subtropical moisture bringing the first El Niņo type influence of the season. Long range models (2+ weeks) keep the systems coming through the month with the entrained subtropical moisture adding to the precipitation. All forecast models continue to agree on a strong El Niņo event this winter and spring. The current systems (this week) will affect the entire West Coast, the Southwestern desert regions and Northern Mexico. These systems will also bring very strong winds (25-40, gusting up to 50 mph) to Southern California and the desert regions through the week. The rain and winds will impact the entire Western Desert growing region with potential damage expected industry-wide over the next few weeks as the storms roll in.
Crops were weeks ahead of schedule prior to these systems, due to extended very cold temperatures. Growth rates have slowed to a crawl in these desert regions creating an extended gap in supplies. Quality issues due to freeze damage (blister, epidermal peel, discoloration, fringe burn) are sure to become prevalent in upcoming supplies as rain and moisture increases mold, mildew, and disease pressure in the fields. While rain is very much needed in the drought stricken West, the back-to-back set up of these strong storms will once again impact production and quality through January. 
Commodity Updates
Keep up-to-date on how weather and other conditions across the country and the globe affect the quality, availability, and pricing of your fresh fruits and produce.

Broccoli:  Still having supply issues in all growing regions. There seems to be better supplies of bunched broccoli than crowns, as shippers have having an easier time packing bunched with the smaller crown size.
Iceberg:  Escalated pricing is in effect. Crews will be delayed in harvesting until mid-morning. Shorter hours and lack of labor will continue for the entire week. Next week's crews are expected to be better, but still tight this week. Yuma lettuce is reported to have light weights, small and irregular head size, puffiness, blister, peel, and insect damage. These defects are industry-wide.
Red Grapes:  Extreme demand-exceeds-supply situation due to an early finish on California grapes and a late start in Chile. We expect to see a more "normal" market by the end of the month. 
Oranges:  Quality and supplies on California Navels are very good.
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Driver of the Month

Jermey Warner
Please join us in congratulating  January's Driver of the Month. Jeremy Warner has been with Seashore since June 2009. He is a proven leader who walks to work rain or shine, is very efficient, and most importantly-- our customers love him. Jeremy has been working in up in the New York area on our most stressful run. Most drivers hate being assigned that route, not Jeremy. He does a tremendous job, without complaint. An award well deserved! 


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