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September 15, 2015 

Local Availability
Available this week:
4503 - GALA APPLES, 100-ct
4508 - MACINTOSH APPLES, 100-ct
...sourced locally from Frecon Farms!
1077 - PEACHES
...sourced locally from Circle M Farms!
Commodity Updates
Keep up-to-date on how weather and other conditions across the country and the globe affect the quality, availability, and pricing of your fresh fruits and produce.
Lemons - Extreme demand exceeding supplies on all sizes and grades of lemons. We are really feeling the extent of California's drought conditions of the last couple of years, with the fruit not sizing and a high percentage of undersized fruit that goes straight to juice, leaving an extreme shortage on California lemons. The new crop in the desert is just beginning in a very light way. Expect this shortage to go on until we see the desert crop hits some volume in late September.
Oranges - California Valencia oranges are in an extreme demand-exceeds-supply situation with the school push. Many shippers are already looking at their final few weeks of Valencia season, this is much sooner than expected. Shippers are also having labor shortages as pickers move to help finish off the grape crop. Packers have been slowing their pace to stretch out this year's lighter volume Valencia crop, but this may not help much.
Cucumbers - The voluntary recalls will undoubtedly have an impact on availability and pricing. Seashore was not affected by those recalls. >>Click here for information on the cucumber recalls<<
Broccoli - Demand exceeds supply. Quality continues to be fair; defects include yellow beading and rubbery texture due to high temperatures.


Blueberries - Availability is limited as we transition from domestic to offshore; expect supply gaps through the rest of the month.



Avocados - California's harvest should be finished for the season by next week. Mexico's Flora Loca crop harvest is going well with good volumes. Quality is very good. This early season fruit will have a tendency to remain green when ripe, as the skin isn't mature enough for it to darken. Color is not an indication of ripeness, pressure is. >>Click here for information on avocados<< 
Kale - Quality and availability are excellent. Pricing is very competitive.
Red Grapes - Demand is improving as the stone fruit season winds down. Quality continues to be excellent.
Cantaloupes - Peak size is 15-count. Very good quality and sugar content; demand is good. The desert region is looking to begin harvesting the first or second week of October.
Honeydews - Peak size is 5-count. California is at its peak production; quality and sugar content are very good.
Recipe of the Week
Mrs. Frecon's Apple Sauce

Makes 10 servings

1. Select a variety of Frecon's best tart & sweet baking apples. One peck will result in one large mixing bowl of applesauce. See apple varieties on reverse for flavors & uses.

2. Core & slice apples and place in a large dutch over or crock pot. Add 1 cup Frecon apple cider.

3. Heat pot to boil the turn temp to med/low. Continue to simmer until apple become soft and start to break down. Stir regularly to avoid sticking.

4. Place apples by the spoonful in a food mill, placed over your large mixing bowl. Once all apples are milled, season with cinnamon to taste.

And don't be afraid to substitue pears in place of
the apples to make your very own pear sauce!


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