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September 1, 2015 

Local Availability
Item #4504 
sourced locally from Frecon Farms!
Apple season always kicks off with ginger golds! They have a fresh, clean taste with a perfect balance of sweet and tart. Kids enjoy this late summer apple's juicy snap and sweetness.
Also available: Peaches, Eggplant, Squashes, and Tomatoes.
Commodity Updates
Keep up-to-date on how weather and other conditions across the country and the globe affect the quality, availability, and pricing of your fresh fruits and produce.
Heat pressure continues out west with generally above average temperatures especially in Mexico and the southwest desert growing regions.

Oranges and Lemons - Supplies are extremely short; demand far exceeds supplies. The California drought is causing lighter volumes and smaller fruit. There is also loss on the packing line as a higher percent of fruit is being grade out due to quality. Added to this is a shortage of labor to pick the fruit. The orange supply will remain light until Navels begin to harvest mid to late October. School demand is also impacting the market. The lemon supply is expected to improve mid to late September as the Desert regions start harvesting.

Bell Peppers - Demand exceeds supply. Production has slowed and weather has been affecting yields. Red bell pepper demand is pressing markets higher as supplies are getting shorter. We expect Red Bells to be short for the next month or two due to weather, gapping supplies, and upcoming transitions from California to the Desert. Green bell demand still exceeds supply but the market has softened slightly as some production is increasing; expect them to get short again as transitions are slated to begin.

Broccoli - Crowns continue to be tight in availability. The quality of this commodity continues to be average at best; problems being reported are yellow and brown beading and rubbery texture. These defects are due to the warm weather in all growing areas. Shippers have been harvesting 10-14 days ahead of schedule and now there are production gaps. Escalated pricing is in effect.


Raspberries - Demand exceeds supply due to recent heat and humidity coupled with a gap in production. Volumes are expected to increase over the next 2 to 3 weeks.



Red and White Grapes - California grapes are at the peak of their season. Quality is excellent.
Cantaloupes and Honeydews - California volumes are good; quality and sugar content are excellent!

Blackberries -  California volume is increasing. Quality and shelf-life are good. Demand is moderate, keeping this market steady.

Recipe of the Week


Grilled Peach Caprese Salad



4 freestone peaches, halved

8 oz fresh mozzarella (balls or log)

fresh basil leaves

extra virgin olive oil

salt and pepper to taste



1- Paint peach halves with oil and grill over medium heat for about two minutes-- just long enough for the grill marks to appear.

2- Cut peaches into large chunks and place on a platter.

3- Cut mozzarella into chucks and add to the platter along with fresh basil leaves.

4- Drizzle the platter with olive oil and sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper.

5- Enjoy!


(from www.eating-made-easy.com)



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