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June 16, 2015
Local Availability
Our long winter has delayed our local season and our cold, wet spring has resulted in production being several weeks later than usual. 
Zucchini is now available.
Lettuces have finished.
Jersey Fresh Forecast:
Tomatoes- Later planting will result in a later harvest. Large commercial volumes won't be available until mid-July.
Peaches- The season will be delayed; yellow peaches will be early to mid-July and white peaches will be late-July.

The Source:  Commodity Updates
Your source for learning how weather and other conditions across the country and the globe affect the quality, availability, and pricing of your fresh fruits and produce.


Blackberries and Raspberries - We are in a seasonal supply gap as we transition from Mexican to Californian growing regions.


Avocado - California is past peak volume for the season and lower volumes are being harvested. Overall, the volume for this year's California crop is lighter due to the drought. Mexico is over 90% harvested for their season. Quality and flavor from both regions is excellent.


Stone Fruit - California Peaches, Nectarines, and Apricots are in good demand. Sizing is adjusting with more of the larger fruit and less of the smaller fruit being harvested. Quality is excellent.


For more updates on commodities:

Independence Day


Valued Customer:


We recognize the impact of the July 4th weekend on your business and the importance of servicing you on this busy holiday weekend. As a result, there will be no changes to our schedule.


As with any other holiday weekend, we are anticipating high volumes. We will certainly to our best to accommodate each of our customers and their needs.


To help us better serve you, we would like to encourage you to be

proactive. Please order staple items and items that need to be prepped for delivery earlier in the week; save more delicate items for delivery

at the end of the week. This will help to reduce the volume in our trucks, reduce time spent at each scheduled stop, and allow you to

begin prepping right away despite delays.


Ordering specialty and hard-to-source items in advance will allow us adequate time to source what you need, or to work with you to figure out an acceptable alternative.


Thank you for partnering with us,

Seashore Fruit & Produce



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