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May 5, 2015
Local Availability
In a Nutshell: Our long winter has delayed our local season and our cold, wet spring has resulted in production being several weeks later than usual (just like last year). Over-wintered produce such as cilantro, spinach, leeks, parsley, and kale have had a bit of a rough time over-wintering this year with lower volumes than normal starting to become available. Leeks and parsley have been particularly hurt. Most farmers' fieldwork started late again this year, planting spring greens, lettuces, and other cool season crops between cold snaps. From Bill Walker, NJ Dept of Ag. "Jersey Fresh" report.

Now Available: Local Asparagus!!!

The Source:  Commodity Updates
Your source for learning how weather and other conditions across the country and the globe affect the quality, availability, and pricing of your fresh fruits and produce.


Iceberg - Escalated pricing is in effect. Most supplier are being harvested in the Salinas Valley. Weights are ranging from 39-43 lbs. Issues include ribbing, insect damage, and rusting.


Romaine - Warm temperatures and lack of rain in the growing regions have lead to issues with insect damage. Weights are ranging from 32-36 lbs. Escalated prices.


Green Leaf & Red Leaf - Insect damage is also an issue with green and red leaf lettuces. Availability is extremely light. Escalated prices.


Strawberries - Demand exceeds supply due to a seasonal supply gap and the Mother's Day pull.


For more updates on commodities:

Greener Fields Together 


Image from a Farmer's Market we hosted for a customer highlighting GFT's national growers.

Greener Fields Together is a sustainability initiative we are involved in, created and managed by the Pro*Act companies. It encompasses the entire spectrum from field to fork-- national growers, local growers, distributers, and hospitality partners.


Hospitality partners benefit from knowing they're buying from farmers and purveyors whose concern for the safety and sustainability of produce sets them apart.

Your consumers gain greater access to nutritious, safe, and sustainable produce. For more information, visit: www.greenerfieldstogether.org


If you're interested in becoming a hospitality partner, give us a call to get started!

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