All Our Kin
is hosting two exciting events next month,  
in Bridgeport and New Haven, and
you're invited to join us.

The first, in Bridgeport, features an inspiring speaker;  
the second is a chance to reflect with us on our journey  
and hear the latest news on where we're going next. 

A L L  O U R   K I N   B R I D G E P O R T  B E N E F I T 

Alison Stewart is the author of the newly-released book,
First Class: The Legacy of Dunbar, America's First Black Public High School.
During her more than two decades as a journalist, Stewart has reported for 60 Minutes,
CBS News Sunday Morning
, Good Morning America and 20/20 Downtown. She served as anchor for ABC News World News Now and received an Emmy as part of ABC News'
coverage of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. She founded NPR's breakthrough multi-platform
news program, The Bryant Park Project, and also created the MSNBC show, The Most.
She began her career as a producer/reporter for MTV News' groundbreaking political coverage, Choose or Lose, for which she won a Peabody Award. Most recently she
was the host of the debut TED Radio Hour on NPR, which was awarded
Best Audio Podcast by the editors of iTunes in 2012.
"In First Class, Alison Stewart skillfully chronicles the rise and fall of
Dunbar High School,
America's first black public high school. Recalling the institution's extraordinary legacy and the lives of its accomplished alumni--her own parents included--Stewart will convince you that there's cause for hope, and that the school's
brightest days may still be ahead."
--President Bill Clinton

A L L  O U R   K I N   N E W  H A V E N   B E N E F I T

All Our Kin has grown tremendously since our founding in 1999. Our first pilot program, located at the Brookside housing project in New Haven's West Rock neighborhood,  
served just four women and six children. Today, we train and support over 250 parents  
and educators each year, who in turn serve nearly 1,500 children. Though All Our Kin has grown and changed over the years, we remain committed to providing children with high-quality early learning experiences and empowering family child care providers to  
become sources of strength and support for their families and communities.

Please join us for a look back at our past, a conversation about our current offerings  
for providers and families, and a discussion about All Our Kin's future. 

All Our Kin is dedicated to training, supporting, and sustaining community child care providers in order to ensure that all children and families have the foundation they  
need to succeed in school and in life.

For more information, visit our website: