"Besides ourselves, our families and All Our Kin, there is no recognition for the work we do and our efforts to be more professional."

--AOK family child care provider
Recognize their work.
Recognize their efforts.
Email your words of thanks and support for our providers' work to
and we will share them with providers at our next meeting.

We're excited to share what we've been up to and how we've been growing over the past few months.

In Bridgeport, we began offering our programs and services, cultivating relationships with many caregivers in the area. In New Haven, we moved to a new office space that better accommodates our team and the multitude of workshops and trainings we offer.

Of course, growth- of any kind- does not happen without a supportive environment and a community willing to sustain that growth over time. On behalf of our family child care providers and the children and families they serve, we thank you for your continued commitment to All Our Kin.

Warmest wishes,

Jessica and Janna
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Joining the Bridgeport-Norwalk community has been a nearly seamless process, thanks in large part to the many agencies and caregivers who have welcomed us. In this region, our Network meetings draw providers from across northern Fairfield County, our Family Child Care Entrepreneurship Training Series recently began its third run, and our Tool Kit Licensing Project has already begun to increase the supply of licensed family child care. Providers in our highly sought-after "Growing Healthy Children"
series in Norwalk will soon be wrapping up three months of intensive experiential learning about child nutrition, physical activity, and outdoor learning. Additionally, several providers are now receiving one-on-one mentorship and coaching from our educational consultants.
"All Our Kin gives me total confidence that my business will be successful. They have provided me with trainings that I can implement immediately, one-to-one in home mentoring and a social support system that will ensure my not ever feeling isolated. They are an absolute blessing to me."   
--Ann-Marie, Bridgeport Family Child Care Provider

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A new home in New Haven

In New Haven, we kicked off 2013 with a move from our beloved home on Grand Avenue to a new, larger office space at 414A Chapel Street. Staff have spent the past couple of months settling in and putting the finishing touches on our new environment.

Providers are enjoying our new home, which is conveniently located near the highway, on a bus line, and features plenty of parking. Our new training space is especially accommodating, as it more comfortably fits the many providers who attend our workshops and trainings and features vibrant green walls.

Exclaimed one provider, "This place is so great, I'm going to start coming to even more trainings!"
We can't wait to open our doors to you! Please join us for an office-warming celebration on Thursday, May 2 from 4-8 p.m.
A new way of supporting providers, families, & children           
All Our Kin staff at Common Ground learning about educational gardens.
Last spring, we piloted an organic garden project in the backyards of two adventurous family child care providers. The project exposed children to how their food is grown, helped them develop healthy eating habits, and harnessed their curiosity about the natural world into new and exciting learning opportunities.

We're thrilled that with the help of a grant from Stratton Faxon Trial Lawyers and the partnership of Common Ground's School Garden Resource Center, All Our Kin will officially launch a full version of the program this spring. All interested providers will first have the chance to attend a workshop at Common Ground about the value of incorporating educational gardens into routines that support children's holistic development. At the workshop, we will also share garden curriculum ideas for providers to incorporate into their programs.

Then, through All Our Kin's intensive Garden Project
ten providers will be able to engage more deeply in the labor and learning that an educational garden can bring. For providers who commit to the Garden Project, All Our Kin and Common Ground will construct raised garden beds at their programs, and provide gardening materials and seeds and seedlings for planting. They will also receive regular visits from educational consultants from Common Ground and All Our Kin throughout the growing season to help maximize their garden's potential.


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