September 2016
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The Safe and Sound Campaign, through Military OneSource, provides military parents, service providers, and leaders with resources on parenting skills and child abuse and neglect prevention.

Little Rock, AR
October 17 - 20, 2016

The Child Abuse Prosecution Project's Southeast Regional Conference
October 19-21, 2016

The Child Abuse Prosecution Project's Northeast Regional Conference
October 17-19, 2016

Do You Know?
In the study, Children Exposed to Abuse in Youth-Serving Organizations: Results from National Sample Surveys, results indicated that most episodes of abuse reported in this survey occurred in religious affiliated institutions.

October 3-4, 2016

Huntsville, AL 
October 18-20, 2016
Seattle, WA

December 5-9, 2016
Huntsville, AL

Save the Date - March 27-30, 2017
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You don't want to miss the "Premiere Conference on Child Abuse"!

"Suggestibility: Sources of Error in Children's Testimony" 

 presented by Jason J. Dickinson, Ph.D
"Asking Children About Time and Number" 

presented by Thomas D. Lyon, J.D., Ph.D

"Outcomes Framework for CACs/MDTs" 

presented by Cym Doggett, MSW

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Mentoring and Consultation Groups for

Child Forensic Interviewers 
in October 
The purpose of the National Children's Advocacy Center's (NCAC) formalized mentoring and consultation process is to provide participants, trained in a nationally-recognized child forensic interview model, the opportunity to receive personalized feedback on two recorded forensic interviews, engage in group discussion, examine current research and literature related to the field of forensic interviewing, as well as improve basic interviewing skills. Read more.
Alternative Hypotheses in the Child Forensic Interview: What Are We Talking About?  

A Research-to-Practice Summary 
by Linda Cordisco Steele
"Alternative hypothesis exploration" is the consideration of possible reasons or alternatives for a child's statements or behaviors, along with the consideration of "if and how" these possibilities might be raised during the forensic interview of a child.  The literature is not extensive as to the best approaches for testing alternative hypotheses, but there is agreement that possible explorations should be case specific and not a predetermined set of questions. Enter the title in thCALiO™Collections search box.
CAC in the News

CAC of Benton County
The CAC of Benton County had 33 of their closest friends jump out into the skies of northwest Arkasas on August 13 and 14 at Skydive Skyranch in Siloam Springs.  This is the Children's Advocacy Center of Benton County's 7th annual Sky Dive for Kids fundraising event 
Each person committed to raise at least $1,000 in pledges and prepare themselves to jump out of a plane to help change the lives of many Northwest Arkansas children. $55,000  was raised and 33 people participated in this fun event.
Did your CAC do something special last month? Email NCAC to share your story and photos or share them in the NCAC social media feeds.
NCAC Out and About - August
Chris Newlin, Executive Director
From Right to Left: Chris Newlin-USA, Resmiye Oral-USA and Turkey, Sheldon Kennedy-Canada, Bragi Guobrandsson-Iceland, and Peter van der Linden- The Netherlands  
Chris presented "The European PROMISE: EU Multi-Country Effort to Explore the Best Multidisciplinary Response Model to Child Maltreatment in European Countries" with Peter van der Linden, Bragi Guobrandsson, Resmiye Oral, and Sheldon Kennedy at the 21st ISPCAN International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect in Calgary, Canada.  He also presented "Best Practices in Forensic Interviewing: Achieving Consensus Amongst Multiple Models" at the ISPCAN Congress..
At the 15th Annual Alabama Fall Social Work Conference in Montgomery, Alabama, Chris presented the plenary speech, "The Road to Recovery for Traumatized Children:  The Critical Interaction between System and Individual."
Chris presented "Vicarious Trauma, Secondary Traumatic Stress, and Resiliency in the CAC/MDT" in Arkansas.
Linda Cordisco Steele, Senior Trainer
Linda taught Extended Forensic Interview Training in Michigan. She also taught Forensic Interviewing of Children Training for Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Texas.
Andra Chamberlin, Trainer
Andra taught Forensic Interviewing of Children Training in Colorado
Kim Madden, Trainer
Kim taught Forensic Interviewing of Children Training in Canton, New York and another Forensic Interviewing of Children Training in Syracuse, New York.
David N. King, PhD., Research Librarian
David presented "Constructing the Foundation for Research Into Practice (RIP)" at the International Violence and Trauma Conference in San Diego, California.
Children Exposed to Abuse in Youth-Serving Organizations Results from National Sample Surveys
Child abuse in youth-serving organizations(YSOs) has received considerable attention in the wake of extensive news coverage of cases involving teachers, coaches, daycare staff, clergy, and scout leaders. Lawsuits have sometimes painted a picture of YSO environments as posing a particular risk for abuse because they have inadequate supervision and may serve as magnets for those with abusive inclinations. The objective of this study was to provide clinicians, policymakers, and parents with estimates of children's exposure to abuse in youth-serving organizations. To find out the results of this study, enter the title in the CALiO™Collections search box.
Alternative Hypotheses in the Child Forensic Interview: A Bibliography
The Role of Photographic and Video Documentation in the Investigation and Prosecution of Child Sexual Assault
This article reviews the available research evidence used to consider whether legal reforms are needed to better protect children from the unnecessary use, or misuse, of intimate photographic evidence in the criminal justice process.
To read these articles in their entirety, enter the title in the CALiO™Collections search box.
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