August 2015
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Building a Safer Tomorrow: A Process Evaluation of Grand Forks County's Defending Childhood Initiative

This report provides details about the prevention programming implemented in Grand Forks County school system.

Webinar of ICAC Resources for CACs


August 18, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time).

This webinar will help provide an understanding of the technical capabilities used by ICAC Investigators and Computer Forensic Examiners that can aid Law Enforcement, CPS, Forensic Interviews, CAC Personnel, Prosecutors and other members of the Multidisciplinary team in the protection of children. For more information, visit MECTraining and TA Webinars.


Cost Free Training Opportunities


NCJTC announces three cost-free training opportunities that are now available under a federally-funded grant. 

Following the Evidence


Technology-Facilitated Crimes Against Children


 Creating a Community Action Plan for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse 


If you have questions, please contact Vicki O'Brien at 603-862-3846.

SMART Releases Report on Prosecution, Registration Alternatives for Juvenile Sex Offenders

This report examines the systems of charging, adjudication, disposition, transfer, and/or sentencing that might apply to a serious juvenile sex offender. 

National Gang Center Updates Parent's Guides to Gangs

This guide provides parents with answers to common questions on recognizing and preventing of gang involvement.

Request for Applications


Do You Know?

In the publication, Unlocking the Uniquely Complex Mind: Practical Tips and Insight for Multidisciplinary Teams (MDT's) with Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), the authors cover practical tips for MDTs in which of these important areas:

A. Time and Patience


B. Use of terminology

C. Physical contact and interaction

D. Communication Issues and Strategies


E. Eye Contact and the Interview Environment


F. All the above





Celebrate with NCAC!

NCAC celebrates 30 years of service in the local community and around the world by offering "Top 30" documents to share with family and friends. On July 30th, NCAC posted a "Top 30 Parenting Tips" document created by staff members. Feel free to share this with your parents and on social media.
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Improving Services for Sex Trafficking Victims Report Released


OVC releases "Fiscal Years 2013-2014 Status Report for the Federal Strategic Action Plan on Services for Victims of Human Trafficking in the United States", a status report on federal efforts to improve services for trafficking victims. 
September 28-29, 2015

Have you ever felt discouraged after interviewing a child with disabilities? Would you like to gain insight on how to communicate more effectively with these children? Register today for this class at the NCAC Training Center in Huntsville, Alabama. 



Extended Forensic Interviewing

October 6-8, 2015

Have you ever had a forensic interview that did not seem to work in just one session?  Was the child too young or perhaps too traumatized to participate in a single session interview? Come and learn an evidence-based model for a multi-session forensic interview. Register today for this class at the NCAC Training Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

October 14-16, 2015
Do you work in a CAC to support and educate the children and families going through a very stressful and challenging time? Come to this training to learn dynamics of child abuse, crisis development and resolution, effective listening techniques, the impact of trauma on a child, cultural considerations and intervention strategies. Register today for this class at the NCAC Training Center in Huntsville, Alabama.


For a detailed list of our classes, please visit 
Childhood Trauma and Its Effects: Implications for Police

This paper summarizes the current understanding of the effects of ongoing trauma on young children, how these effects impair adolescent and young adult functioning, and the possible implications for law enforcement.


Childhood Trauma and Its Effects: Implications for Police may be located by entering the title in the CALiO™Collections search box. 

CAC of the Month

CAC of Lawrence County - New Castle, PA

The CAC in Lawrence County has a large prevention program that includes Nurse-Family Partnership, Parents As Teachers, and Early Head Start (all home-based prevention services).  Every year the CAC holds a carnival for the enrolled families to participate in at a local park. Local agencies and organizations provide information and education about the services they offer.  Jameson Hospital, an affiliate organization, had several departments that donated baskets for door prizes and raffle.  It was an amazing event with around 200 kids. This year a visit from the New Castle K9 officers was a highlight of the day and helped bridge the gap between children in the community and the law enforcement officers. Photo and article courtesy of New Castle News.

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The Fallibility of Memory in Judicial Processes
This review focuses on what we now know about the consequences of the fallibility of memory for legal proceedings. An overview is presented on false memories that focuses on three critical forensic areas that changed memory research: children as eyewitnesses, historic sexual abuse, and eyewitness misidentification.

Some of the prominent trials of the 1980s and 1990s are examined to not only consider the role false memories have played in judicial decisions, but also to see how this has helped us understand memory today. Finally, the authors consider the way in which the research on memory (true and false) has been successfully integrated into some courtroom procedures.

The Fallibility of Memory in Judicial Processes: Lessons from the Past and their Modern Consequences may be located by entering the title in the

CALiO™Collections search box.
NCAC Out and About
Chris Newlin, Executive Director
During the month of July, Chris participated in the Global Health Coalition Round Table in Alexandria, Virginia, focusing on the protection of children worldwide. He also had the privilege of attending the Vicarious Trauma Toolkit Project Summit II in Boston, Massachusetts.


During the Alabama Department of Human Resources Supervisor Training he presented a keynote titled "The Multidisciplinary Response to Child Abuse: An Investment in our Children, Health, and Economy".


At the end of June, Chris presented at the 2015 Krimes Against Kids Conference in Orlando, Florida. He also attended a meeting with Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, Alabama Fusion Center, Alabama Office of Prosecution Services in Montgomery, Alabama to discuss human trafficking prevention and intervention


Training Department


Senior Trainer, Linda Cordisco Steele and Intervention Director, Jane Orton traveled to U.S. Military Base, Camp Foster in Okinawa, Japan to teach Forensic Interviewing of Children and Victim Advocacy Training.


Senior Trainer, Linda Cordisco Steele along with Western Regional CAC presented Defending the Forensic Interview in Phoenix, Arizona.

Quote of the Month

Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.

Dr. Haim Ginott


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Closing the Loop: Why We Need to Invest-and Reinvest-in Prevention. This document is a summary of tips on creating strong incentives for prevention within health care systems and developing a new, sustainable funding model for community-level prevention efforts. 

Unlocking the Uniquely Complex Mind: Practical Tips and Insight for Multidisciplinary Teams (MDT's) with Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This article provides a series of practical tips for consideration by responders to child abuse. 


The new documents may be located by entering the title in the CALiO™Collections search box.

The National Children's Advocacy Center models, promotes and delivers excellence in child abuse response and prevention through service, education, and leadership.