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October 2014
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Symposium Scholarships
2015 Forensic Interviewing of Children Training Schedule
Honor Our Voices, A Guide for Practice when Responding to Children Exposed to Domestic Violence
The Combined and Independent Impact of Witnessed Intimate Partner Violence and Child Maltreatment
The Overlap of Witnessing Partner Violence with Child Maltreatment and Other Victimizations in a Nationally Representative Survey of Youth
Post-traumatic Stress in Children and Adolescents Exposed to Family Violence: Overview and Issues
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Brian F. Martin

The 10 Lies You Learn Growing Up With Domestic Violence and the Truths to Set You Free

According to UNICEF, growing up with domestic violence is "one of the most pervasive human rights issues of our time," affecting more than 1 billion people. Yet, too few people are aware of the profound impact it can have.

INVINCIBLE seeks to change this lack of awareness and understanding with a compelling look at this important issue that will inform and inspire anyone who grew up living with domestic violence - and those who love them, work with them, teach them, and mentor them.

Through powerful first-person stories, including the author's own experiences, as well as insightful commentary based on the most recent social science and psychology research, INVINCIBLE not only offers a deeper understanding of the concerns and challenges but also provides proven strategies everyone can use to reclaim their lives and futures.

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STM Learning products are considered to be the most trusted scientific, technical, and medical resources available to aid in efforts to identify, report, treat, and prevent child maltreatment and domestic violence. 

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The 10 Lies You Learn Growing Up With Domestic Violence and the Truths to Set You Free.

Space is limited however, the webinar will be archived on the Online Training Courses page of the NCAC website within two weeks of original airing.

Do You Know?

The publication entitled, "The Overlap of Witnessing Partner Violence with Child Maltreatment and Other Victimizations in a Nationally Representative Survey of Youth", found what percentage of children under the age of 18 who witnessed domestic/intimate partner violence were also victims of child maltreatment?

A. 35%

B. 48%

C. 55%

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March 23-26, 2015

The NCAC is happy to announce that we have a limited number of scholarships available to off-set the cost of the Symposium registration fee.  We will accept applications for scholarships through November 7, 2014.  

The scholarship includes: access to all Symposium workshops; daily continental breakfast and lunch; evening social activities; and transportation between official hotels and Symposium venues.


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2014 ISPCAN International Congress Multidisciplinary Award Recipients
Ponimanie, a Non-Governmental Organization, Republic of Belarus 
Child Protection Center, Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs, 
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The award is given to recognize a multidisciplinary team that has made substantial progress in the treatment or prevention of 
child abuse and neglect.

Honor Our Voices
A Guide for Practice when Responding to Children Exposed to 
Domestic Violence
This Guide for Practice is one of the results of the Honor Our Voices project, a collaborative effort of the "Avon Foundation for Women" and two centers at the University of Minnesota: the "Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse" (MINCAVA) and the "Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare" (CASCW). Honor Our Voices is a multi-faceted effort to increase the awareness and sensitivity of shelter advocates and other social service professionals to the needs of children exposed to domestic violence and to suggest promising ways of responding to these children's needs. A major element of the Honor Our Voices project is an online training module that includes the stories of three children exposed to domestic violence and highlights the effects of domestic violence on children and the promising practices that may respond to these children at different ages. The online training module is freely available at A third result of the project is a free digital library of short audio programs that highlight specific promising practices through the voices of children. This complete guide is located in CALiOCollections.  Simply enter the title in the search box. 
The above is a paid advertisement and not affiliated with the National Children's Advocacy Center.
The Combined and Independent Impact of Witnessed Intimate Partner Violence and Child Maltreatment
Kathleen Watson MacDonell

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a pervasive issue, generating startling facts regarding its detrimental societal effects. There is also considerable overlap between witnessing IPV and experiencing childhood maltreatment. The current article reviews the state of the research about the short- and long-term impact of witnessing IPV as well as a review of the literature exploring the unique impact of experiencing both IPV and maltreatment compared to witnessing only IPV. Seventy-three articles were included in the present review. Mixed results, whether there are significant additive effects of witnessing IPV and child maltreatment compared to witnessing IPV only, were found in youth and again into adulthood. Policy implications and recommendations for future research are suggested.  This full article is located in CALiO in the Practitioners Reference and Resource Center in the Poly-victimization section under the heading of Research.
NCAC Out and About

In September, NCAC Executive Director, Chris Newlin, presented three workshops at the XXth ISPCAN International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect in Nagoya, Japan.  The workshops included: "Children's Advocacy Centers/Barnahus: International Implementation of an Effective Child-Centered Model to Investigate and Respond to Child Sexual Abuse," "Defending Childhood Initiative: Implementation of Recommendations by Children's Advocacy Centers," and, "Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice: The Child Abuse Library Online (CALiO)."

Chris also spoke about recent events involving athletes and abuse on ESPN's Outside the Lines, on September 18th.

In September, NCAC Senior Trainer, Linda Cordisco Steele, traveled to Salt Lake City to conduct an Extended Forensic Interview Training. Linda also conducted Forensic Interviewing of Children Training in New York.
NCAC Trainer, Andra Chamberlin conducted two Forensic Interviewing of Children Trainings  in Canada.

Also in September, NCAC Training Director, Pamela Jones, represented the NCAC in Washington D.C. at the Global Alliance Against Child Sexual Abuse Online, Second Ministerial Conference.

The Overlap of Witnessing Partner Violence with Child Maltreatment and Other Victimizations in a Nationally Representative Survey of Youth

Partner violence and child abuse share many common features, and it is not surprising that these phenomena often occur together. Indeed, in many cases the same perpetrator is guilty of assaulting multiple family members. Increasing attention has been paid to the plight of children who may be doubly victimized in such families: first, by being maltreated themselves and second,by witnessing the victimization of a parent. Numerous studies indicate that the overlap is substantial between witnessing partner violence and child maltreatment. The overlap is observed whether one examines child abuse rates among the children of partner violence victims or partner violence in families reported for maltreatment. 

 NatSCEV, the National Survey of Children's Exposure to Violence, offers an opportunity to examine the co-occurrence of witnessing partner violence (WPV) with all major forms of child maltreatment, as well as other youth victimizations. NatSCEV provides recent nationally representative data on the rates and co-occurrence of WPV and other forms of victimization. The complete survey results are located in CALiOCollections.  Simply enter the title in the search box. 
CAC of the Month
New Orleans Children's Advocacy Center 
New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans Children's Advocacy Center has partnered with the Audrey Hepburn CARE Center in recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month to co-host Painting with a Purpose.  The partnership reflects the strong correlation between Domestic Violence and Child Abuse.  Painting with a Purpose, being held October 22, in Metairie LA, is an "anyone can do it" wine-friendly, painting class where each participant paints the same picture step by step.  Classes are for people 18 and older with a "Sip, Paint, and Relax" motto.  Proceeds will benefit both organizations. 


Way to Make a Difference!
Contact Kara Watkins to nominate your CAC for the CAC of the Month.
Post-traumatic Stress in Children and Adolescents Exposed to Family Violence: 
Overview and Issues
Exposure to child physical abuse and parents' domestic violence can subject youth to pervasive traumatic stress and lead to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The often repeating and ongoing nature of family violence exposure may result in youth exhibiting problems in multiple domains of functioning and meeting criteria for multiple disorders, in addition to PTSD. These characteristics, as well as unique factors related to children's developmental level and symptom presentation complicate a PTSD diagnosis. This paper describes evolving conceptualizations in the burgeoning field of trauma related to family violence exposure, and reviews considerations that inform assessment and treatment planning for this population.  This full article is located in CALiOCollections.  Simply enter the title in the search box. 
Quote of the Month

"We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.  Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented."
Elie Wiesel, Political Activist

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What's New in CALiO™? 
(Child Abuse Library Online)

New to CALiO™ this month is the bibliography, "Intimate Partner/Domestic Violence Co-Occurring with Child Maltreatment and Impact of Witnessing Intimate Partner/Domestic Violence." This selected bibliography provides references to literature significant to the study of child maltreatment that co-occurs with domestic violence/intimate partner violence, as well as the effects of witnessing domestic violence/intimate partner violence. Some publications listed also cover community violence and poly-victimization.  This bibliography is located in CALiO™ under Evidence Based Practice in the Professional Bibliographies section under #29 and in CALiO™Collections.

Also new to CALiO™ this month is the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) Fact Sheet Series, "Children and Domestic Violence."  The NCTSN Domestic Violence Work Group developed this fact sheet series, drawing on the experiences of domestic violence survivors, research findings, and reports from battered women's advocates and mental health professionals. This Fact Sheet Series is located in CALiOCollections.  Simply enter the title in the search box. 


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