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June 2014
Table of Contents
31st National Symposium on Child Abuse
Forensic Interviews at Trial: Preparation and Presentation Training
NIJ-funded Researchers Create Validated Tool to Identify Victims of Human Trafficking
The Lifetime Prevalence of Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault Assessed in Late Adolescence
Adapting the NICHD Forensic Interview Model to Special Populations Training
OVC Launches Helping and Lending Outreach Support (HALOS) Strategy Toolkit
What's New in CALiO?

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Submit your nominations online for the 2015 National Crime Victims' Service Awards!

The Office for Victims of Crime (OVC), relies on people in the victim services field to share stories of great accomplishments, and OVC wants to acknowledge the individuals, organizations, programs, and teams that are doing innovative and remarkable work for victims. The 2015 National Crime Victims' Service Awards are a way to celebrate these achievements.

Use the convenient Online Nomination Form to nominate outstanding victim service providers, allied professionals, and crime victims and survivors for the 2015 National Crime Victims' Service Awards. Review the Submission Guidelines for step-by-step instructions on how to complete your nomination form.  
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Forensic Interviewing of Children Training
September 29-October 3
December 8-12
Huntsville, AL

Advanced Forensic Interviewing Training
October 7-9,
Kansas City, MO

Extended Forensic Interview Training
September 9-11,
Salt Lake City, UT

Victim Advocacy Training
November 4-6
Huntsville, AL

Forensic Interviews at Trial: Preparation and Presentation Training
July 8-9
October 28-29
Huntsville, AL

Adapting the NICHD Forensic Interview Model to Special Populations
August 5-6
Huntsville, AL

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There is a distinct pattern of demographic, psychological, or social factors that distinguish children with Sexual Behavior Problems from other children.

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in Huntsville, AL!
March 23-26, 2015
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30th National Symposium on Child Abuse.
The National Symposium on Child Abuse is a multidisciplinary conference offering numerous networking opportunities and more than 130 workshops presented by outstanding professionals from all facets of the child maltreatment field. 


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Forensic Interviews at Trial:  
Preparation and Presentation Training  
brought to you by the National Children's Advocacy Center and  
National District Attorneys Association. 
Only $99 per person 
Child forensic interviewers and prosecutors face critical issues when defending a forensic interview in court. Forensic Interviews at Trial: Preparation and Presentation Training focuses on helping interviewers and prosecutors work together as a team to strategically present and defend the forensic interview. The forensic interviewing faculty includes nationally-recognized experts who are also practicing forensic interviewers and the prosecutor faculty includes senior attorneys from the National District Attorneys Association.

This two-day training is designed specifically for teams of forensic interviewers and prosecutors. Both will be required to register. Once one team member has registered, the registration will be placed on hold until the teammate has also registered. Up to two forensic interviewers per one prosecutor is allowed.

      Training Location                           Training Dates 
                                         Huntsville, AL                                  July 8-9, 2014
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Forensic Interviews at Trial: Preparation and Presentation Training 
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Out of the Shadows: A Tool for  
Identify Victims of Human Trafficking
Developed over the last seven years in collaboration with 11 victim service organizations, the Vera Institute of Justice's Trafficking Victim Identification Tool has been tested with a diverse sample of potential victims of trafficking and found reliable in predicting labor and sex trafficking. The tool is divided into a long and short version, both statistically reliable.

Vera has also developed a guide to provide users with recommendations on how to build trust with potential victims, maintain confidentiality, and use the tool correctly. When properly used, the tool could give victim service providers, law enforcement and legal, healthcare, and social service providers a standard means of identifying victims of human trafficking. This full report is located in CALiO™ under the Practitioners Reference and Resource Center in the Full-Text Open-Access Publications section under the heading of Trafficking and Worldwide Abuse.
NCAC Out and About

In May, NCAC Executive Director, Chris Newlin, conducted an Advanced Special Victim's Counsel Child Victim Advocacy and Representation Training for the US Air Force,  Army, Marines, and Coast Guard at Maxwell Air Force Base, Judge Advocate General School.  

Chris also traveled to Tennessee to conduct a Child Protection Investigation Team Training for MDT members.

In May, NCAC Senior Trainer, Linda Cordisco Steele, traveled to Vermont to conduct two Forensic Interviewing of Children trainings. Linda also conducted Forensic Interviewing Peer Review in Kentucky.
NCAC Trainer, Julia Barker conducted a Forensic Interviewing of Children training in Nevada.  
NCAC Trainer, Andra Chamberlin presented two workshops at the Wyoming Sexual Assault Summit VIII, titled "False Allegations of Abuse in Divorce and Custody Cases" and "Script Verses Episodic Memory: How Children Recall Information."
The Lifetime Prevalence of Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault Assessed 
in Late Adolescence

Drawing  on three very similarly designed national telephone surveys of youth, this study sought to estimate likelihood that a recent cohort of children would be exposed to sexual abuse and sexual assault by age 17 in the United States. High rates of lifetime experience with sexual abuse and sexual assault at the hands of both adults and peers were found. Because of high continuing victimization during the late teen years, assessments are most complete when conducted among the oldest youth.  This publication is located in CALiO™ under Practitioner's Reference and Resource Center in the Statistics and Quick Facts section under the heading of Child Abuse.
The National Children's Advocacy Center (NCAC) and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) are collaborating to discuss the important elements of the NICHD Forensic Interview Protocol and adaptations of the NICHD Protocol Made Within the NCAC's Child Forensic Interview Structure for reluctant, young, and / or cognitively or linguistically challenged children. 
Learn how these adaptations may be useful for interviewers using the NICHD, NCAC protocol, or another narrative interview approach. 
Training Location                   Training Dates
                                        Huntsville, AL                        August 5-6, 2014 
Do not miss this rare training opportunity, 
For more information please contact Amy Boyd at
CAC of the Month
Northwest Georgia Child Advocacy Center / Harbor House
Rome, Georgia

On May 2, 2014 Harbor House hosted their sixth annual Adult Spell Off. This unique event gives adults a second chance, if they had that 5th grade Spelling Bee trophy slip through their fingers! A team is composed of three adults who come up to the podium as a team, are given paper and pencil and fifteen seconds to consult one another before spelling their word for the judges. Awards are not only given to the Champion Team but to the team with the most spirit and the People's Choice Winner. This very low cost event brings everyone in the community together for a night of friendly competition raising money and awareness!

Way to Make a Difference!
Contact Kara Watkins to nominate your CAC for the CAC of the Month.
OVC Launches Helping and Lending Outreach Support  (HALOS) 
Strategy Toolkit 
The Halos Strategy. Community Collaborations for Children 
Founded in 1997 in Charleston, South Carolina, the Helping and Lending Outreach Support (HALOS) program connects abused and neglected children and their caretakers with faith-based and civic organizations, businesses, and individuals who can help address their needs through the Charleston County Department of Social Services. These groups and individuals, affiliated with a variety of organizations and denominations, act as HALOS' partners who work to provide resources and special opportunities to these families in need.

In an effort to replicate this HALOS model program in communities throughout the country, the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) launched The HALOS Strategy: Community Collaborations for Children toolkit. OVC first recognized HALOS as a promising model for community collaboration to assist child victims in 2002. Through a series of cooperative agreements, OVC funded HALOS to enhance and institutionalize its program in Charleston County, and, in 2008, OVC awarded funds to support replication of the program in other communities. This toolkit is located in CALiO™ in the Practitioners Reference and Resource Center in the Resources from Other Agencies.
Quote of the Month

"If society does not protect its children today, it will one day have to protect itself from those children."
Theodore Roosevelt

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What's New in CALiO™? 
(Child Abuse Library Online)

New to CALiO™ this month is the Prevention Fact Sheet, "As a Matter of Fact: Children with Sexual Behavior Problems." This Fact Sheet identifies key points on the characteristics, behaviors, and contributing factors as determined from the research on children with sexual behavior problems. The Fact Sheet is located in CALiO™ in the Evidence Based Practice in the Prevention Fact Sheets and Public Awareness Tools section.  
All of NCAC's fact sheets are designed to be used as a public awareness tool by any organization, community, or individual. They may be downloaded, printed, and distributed as needed.

Also new to CALiO™ this month is the White Paper, "Prevention of Poly-victimization: Comprehensive and Connected Approaches." This White Paper describes prevention efforts associated with poly-victimization such as including prevention activities in intervention efforts, encouraging bystander action and support, and other important approaches. This White Paper is located in CALiO™ under the Practitioners Reference and Resource Center in the Poly-victimization section under the heading of White Papers & Summaries.

In addition, three podcasts on poly-victimization topics have been added to CALiO™. The podcasts are supplemental material to the White Papers and one-page summaries. These allow you to hear from the researchers on these important topics. The podcasts are located in CALiO™ under Practitioners Reference and Resource Center in the Poly-victimization section under the heading of Podcasts.  
Have ideas or questions about CALiO™ resources? Submit your suggestions for new resources or questions about current resources.