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Female Victims of Sexual Violence
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Upcoming 2013 Training Dates and Locations

Huntsville, AL
April 22-26
June 10-14
July 22-16
September 23-17
December 9-13
Huntsville, AL
April 29- May 1
Nashville, TN
July 16-18
Santa Fe, NM
November 5-7
Philadelphia, PA
June 25-27
St. Louis, MO
September 17-19
Huntsville, AL
July 10-12
Huntsville, AL
October 9-10
Available Upon Request

The Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency prevention is pleased to announce:
 National AMBER Alert Symposium:
Missing, Abducted, and Endangered Children: Protection, Response and Recovery
May 8-10, 2013 
Jacksonville, Florida
Registration must be done by
March 22, 2013
13th ISPCAN European Regional Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect, 
Dublin, Ireland 
September 15-18, 2013


The conference theme is "Protecting Children in a Changing World" and includes the following sub-themes: 


Prevention of child abuse and neglect through early and sustained involvement 


Interventions and programs for children and families experiencing adversity 


Addressing children's rights and participation 


Reforms in child protection and welfare policy 


Children in and out of home care


Building the evidence base 


Contemporary issues  


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Do You Know?


Compared to adults nationally, caregivers of children who remain in-home after an investigation of child maltreatment have much higher rates of all, but which one of the below? 


A. Substance Abuse


B. Intimate Partner Violence


C. Unemployment


D. Major Depression


Are you getting the most out of Symposium?
There is still time to add a Pre-Conference Session to your Symposium Registration.  
For assistance please contact Erin Robertson at
Monday night the Harlem Globetrotters will be at the Von Braun Center. 
New this year to Symposium
QR codes for instant access to handouts with a mobile device will be located in the Program Guide.  
Please be aware that the Von Braun Center is not equipped to provide Wi-Fi throughout the conference center, so in order to access handouts, your mobile devices will need access to a personal data plan.
Get instant Symposium updates leading up to and during Symposium by following NCAC's Training Department on Twitter using #Sympo.  
If you need assistance with this please come by the Logistics Table.
Symposium registration will be held at the South Hall of the Von Braun Center 
Monday, March 18 at 4:00 p.m. to 7 :00 p.m. and on Tuesday, March 19 beginning at 7:30 a.m.

Sympo Video Cover

Find out what others are 
saying about the 
National Symposium on Child Abuse
In order to provide more opportunities to attend trainings, the National Children's Advocacy Center will be conducting Advanced Forensic Interviewing Trainings and 
Extended Forensic Interview Trainings in selected cities around the country. 
April 29-May 1, Huntsville, AL
July 16-18, Nashville, TN
November 5-7, Santa Fe, NM
June 25-27, Philadelphia, PA 
September 17-19, St. Louis, MO
 For questions about Advanced Forensic Interviewing Training and Extended Forensic Interview Training please contact Pamelia Wales at    


Registration is now open for the following webinars:

Intervene: Identifying and Responding to America's Prostituted Youth
Presented by Elizabeth Scaife | Shared Hope International
March 27, 2013, 1:00 p.m. CDT

presented by Allie Phillips | National Districts Attorney Association
April 9, 2013, 1:00 p.m. CDT

Can't make it to the webinars?  
Don't worry! All of NCAC Ask the Expert sessions and webinars are recorded and 
archived on the Online Training page of the NCAC website, for anyone to access.

A recording of the Ask the Expert session, "Promoting Sex Wise Parenting: 
presented by Janet Rosenzweig is now available on the NCAC website.  

Be the first to hear about upcoming Ask the Expert sessions and webinars 
by "liking" the NCAC Training Department on Facebook or following us on Twitter.



In February, NCAC Executive Director, Chris Newlin facilitated two Child Protective Investigative Team (CPIT) Trainings hosted by the Tennessee Network of CACs in Martin and Henderson, TN.  The trainings are designed to train Child Protective Investigative Teams, both seasoned and newly formed, in facing a multitude of obstacles and inevitable changes. The course educated these professionals regarding CPIT history, protocols, and best practices as well as addressed the complex issues faced by seasoned teams. This course works with individual CPIT teams to acquire and strengthen skills necessary for a collaborative and effective team, focusing on many areas including team building and communication.  It is planned that Chris will provide these trainings in all of the CPS Districts in TN during the calendar year so all CPITs can achieve their greatest impact. 

NCAC Senior Trainer, Linda Cordisco Steele, conducted a Forensic Interviewing of Children Training for the Toronto Police Service in order to prepare them for opening a new Child Youth Advocacy Center (CYAC), in Toronto Canada.  This will be the first CYAC in Toronto based on the U.S.'s CAC model.

Female Victims of Sexual Violence, 1994-2010

From 1995 to 2005, the total rate of sexual violence committed against U.S. female residents age 12 or older declined 64% from a peak of 5.0 per 1,000 females in 1995 to 1.8 per 1,000 females in 2005 . It then remained unchanged from 2005 to 2010. Sexual violence against females includes completed, attempted, or threatened rape or sexual assault. In 2010, females nationwide experienced about 270,000 rape or sexual assault victimizations, compared to about 556,000 in 1995.  This full article is located in CALiO under Practitioners Reference and Resource Center in the  Statistics and Quick Facts section under the heading of Child Abuse.   
CAC of the Month
Audrey Hepburn's CARE Center
New Orleans, Louisiana
The Audrey Hepburn CARE Center at Children's Hospital in New Orleans was awarded the New Orleans 2012 FBI Director's Community Leadership Award for its outstanding efforts to provide care and counseling and to raise awareness for sexually and physically abused children.  The CARE Center serves the children from New Orleans and 18 other parishes in southeast Louisiana. In addition, the CARE Center recently began working within the local Family Justice Center by providing a child-friendly place for child witnesses to be forensically interviewed concerning domestic violence or homicide.
Way to Make a Difference!
Contact Kara Watkins to nominate your CAC for the CAC of the Month
Through Our Eyes: Children, Violence, and Trauma
Videos and Resources

Too many children have been exposed to crime, abuse, and violence in their homes, schools, and communities. These experiences can lead to serious, long-term problems. 

Early identification, intervention, and treatment are key. The Federal Government has a responsibility to act, but our efforts cannot succeed without local law enforcement, child and family services, community leaders, educators, coaches, and-above all-parents. Everyone plays a role in identifying, protecting, and treating children exposed to violence. 
The Office of Victims of Crime has created a video series compelling all of us to join our neighbors and the growing ranks of professionals who have made it their life's work to help traumatized children heal and thrive.  This video series and more resources are located in CALiO under the Practitioners Reference and Resource Center in the Full-Text Open-Access Publication section under the heading of Exposure to Violence.  
Quote of the Month
"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men."
 - Frederick Douglass, Author and Politician

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  What's New in CALiO™?

(Child Abuse Library Online)



New to CALiO is, "Trauma-Informed Care for Children Exposed to Violence: Tips for Staff and Advocates Working With Children- Polyvictimization."  This publication describes symptoms associated with experiencing multiple victimization types and divides information into three age groups.  This article may be found in CALiO under Practitioners Reference and Resource Center  in the Resources and Tools for Child-Serving Professionals under the heading of For Child Welfare Professionals.
Also new to CALiO this month is the report "Caregivers of Children Who Remain In-Home After a Maltreatment Investigation Need Services." This publication provides data concerning three problems affecting caregivers in which child protective services can play an important role. This article is located in CALiO under the Practitioners Reference and Resource Center in the Full-Text Open-Access Publication section under the heading of Parenting.