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April 26, 2013

Quick Reminder to the Leadership  

As we wrap-up the fiscal year, here are a few reminders about upcoming deadlines and activities due soon. Email with any questions.
2012 ANNUAL REPORTS (Due June 1st)

The 2012 Annual Report Form  is now available.  This online form will simplify your annual report and allow for ease of consolidation.  If you have any questions, please email  


The AMCIS 2013 registration opens on May 1st.  If your SIG or Chapter has registered using the OAM site and you would like your event included on the AMCIS registration form, please submit the registration information (description and fee) through the OAM platform by Monday, April 29th. You can access the website by going direct to the site at or through the AMCIS 2013 Conference Website at    


If you have any questions visit the SIG & Chapter Resource Page or email Lise Fitzpatrick, AIS Conference Director. 


Post the following information on your websites under membership to ensure interested members have accurate information:


AIS members are encouraged to join all SIGs/Chapters during their renewal process.  But, in the case that a member decides to join a SIG during their membership year, they should:


1. Go to the AIS Additional Services Page 

2. Select SIG Membership Options

3. Log in to their member profile

4. Click on the name(s) of SIGs they are joining

5. Follow prompts


To join a Chapter during their membership year, the member should:


1. Log in to their member profile from the homepage

2. Select Manage Profile from right navigation

3. Select Edit Bio from Information and Settings Section

4. Update Chapter Membership field

5. Click Save Changes


After updating your membership, visit the Community Groups page and join the online community. 

If you have suggestions or are interested in submitting a best-practices article, email all submissions to the Managing Editor: Tmitri Owens