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July 2013


As usual, I am so excited to write again and there is SOOO much to say!. To release some of this energy and information, I have returned to writing on my Blog again, "Words of Faith," and I'll start doing that more often vs. just on my FaceBook page. I'm doing a great deal of traveling and will be away from my office more and more, so my computer time will be "different."  I don't want to say less...the word "different" is really the right word here.


In the case of this newsletter I want to say up front that specifically Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Michael asked me to bring to everyone's attention who the Angelic Host is, and why it is so very important for all of us to know about Them, as well as why we need Their help, especially during this time of humanity's ascension.


Working with These amazing Beings for as long as I have, I instituted the habit that before I do anything, including writing, I always "ask first" how to be constructive, working with the higher realms and the higher parts of myself. As a part of my daily spiritual practice since around 2005, I have consciously directed my attention to these Beings whom are wholly Divine, knowing only the use of the Sacred Fire Love, and their role is to assist Life anywhere they are called. 


It has also been my direct experience that the more you can give Them conscious recognition, the more you can call to Them, you'll asking for Their Sacred Fire Love (Light) to come into this world, your own inner and outer world, which greatly increases manifestation of Purity. As Archangel Michael teaches, "Their Sacred Fire dissolves and consumes what's wrong, protects and strengthens what's right..." Yes, I have often observed this, and this deepens one's love of self, as well as connects you to the most amazing humility, which are both significant and key aspects of allowing these Magnificent Loving Beings to impact your own life here on Earth, which is how we change our inner/the outer world. You will see your work change as a healer, teacher, etc., because the more humility and self-love, the more you allow Them to work through you. It is the most beautiful and exciting time to be alive, for sure!


These two Beloved Angels have asked me to explain that the Angelic Hosts exists AND that we understand the way to connect with Them: from our love-filled heart in stillness. It is in this feeling of stillness where Peace is and they can reach us. It is with our conscious request and love-based heart intention we can receive Their assistance to rise above the chaos we experience. 


They are teaching us to rise to their level, their vibration, which raises our own vibration as we do so. Their message is that we focus on feeling our connection with Them every day before our physical activities in order to anchor this higher vibration and we are to do this daily to build a momentum. This is how we can master this material world, which is the Divine Plan.


If we do not allow for this energy/the feeling to flow through us, we continue to block their help with fear and the chaotic feelings of this world; this actually brings in the "assistance" of the beings that are destructive, both incarnate and in spirit form due to the Law of Attraction.


So through understanding "how it works here on Earth," we can attract the Angelic Host whenever we are con-structive and creating anything that helps us and helps humanity. I've noticed Their assistance often, even right in the middle of business meetings, because I take the time to ensure my heart is "switched on" with my higher ego for the higher ways to be brought in. It is the most beautiful and enjoyable way of life that I could ever explain, and it's my heart-felt prayer that those who are searching can find the assistance they need by getting information on "how it works:" That said, please know we are human and can make mistakes because we are not perfect--we are human and not meant to be perfect. But I can assure you that knowing yourself and where your heart is frees you more than most people know.  The point is:


We cannot ascend without the assistance of

the Angelic Host; that is the Divine Plan.

We are not meant to do this journey alone. 

Peace is truly where our Power is because

the Angelic Host can work with you and through you in all that you do in service of self and others.


In this newsletter I will also explain why some people don't understand these ways of higher consciousness, and why we shouldn't push anything on anyone.


I hope you enjoy learning more about "How It Works" here on Earth at this most amazing time of humanity's emotional and spiritual growth!


Much love and continued many blessings,



Rev. Faith Parent Hendrickson

HeartLight Communications

"The Angelic Host and the Divine Plan ~ Ascension"

First, if you're not familiar with these two Archangels or with the "bigger part of you," here is a brief introduction:
Archangel Gabriel is the Archangel of the "Heaven of Form." His function is to stand for truth and deliver the word of God. His gifts for Earth are that "He can help us to express our truth openly and honestly; respect and honor our individuality; listen to our intuition and inner voice.  

Traditionally, Gabriel is the messenger of the Word of God. His name means 'God is my Strength'.


He announces the mystery of incarnation to all souls before they are born and he instructs us all as to what our talents and tasks in this world will be. He is the patron saint of small children and he looks after and nourishes the child in each of us, a child who may be arrested in growth or wounded and in need of love. He guides us to release our inner child with words of tenderness and love. His guiding hand is always there to protect what is natural and pure within us. Gabriel holds for each of us our divine, unique blueprint." This picture is from a painting by Marius Michael-George. If you care to read more about Archangel Gabriel here, you will probably call to him by name to help you more often as you learn more about the Gifts He can assist you with! 




Archangel Michael and Faith "Archangel Michael", and his divine complement Faith,  stand for protection, deliverance, and faith. They magnify God's power and strength. They cut away all that is unreal. He is shown here with his feminine aspect, Faith from a painting by Marius Michael-George." Archangel Michael is the Leader of the Army of Heaven, asking us to hold the idea "I live my life with integrity, fighting for truth and justice." To learn more about Archangel Michael, you will see that He "is the fighter of light par excellence, who succeeds against the darkness of evil forces.In his icons, he holds a balance that weighs people's deeds on Judgement Day, as well as a sword, with the help of which he defeats Satan and the forces of darkness." The spiritual gifts he offers us: "He strengthens our souls and sustains us in the fight against evil forces, whether they are exterior aspects or negative aspects and tendencies that still exist in our being; he sustains us when we are alone. In Hebrew the name of the Archangel Michael means "The one who is like God". He is the one we invoke to support us in our fight against evil forces. He is the one who helps us to discover the light inside us. Historically, he is considered the protector of Israel and of the Catholic Church. He is the holy patron saint of police and soldiers, but also of little children, and it is said that he watches over travellers and foreigners. He is a fearful fighter, Prince of the Armies, fighting for justice and helping those who face difficult situations. In the same time, Michael is the one who gives patience and happiness..." 
"The image of the I AM Presence of you, overshadowed by your Christ Self and the God Presence is surrounded by seven concentric spheres of pulsating spiritual energy that contain the record of all your good works which are your treasures in heaven according to the seven rays of creation."  
  Divine Reals Self
"How It Works Here On Earth"
The path of ascension as spiritual beings in human form


As we have taken on our physical form here on Earth, it's important to know that we are energy: we are spiritual beings who happen to be in human form so that we can expand and learn more about The One and Only True Mother/Father God/Goddess of Authentic Love, Light, and Truth.
"Truth being unveiled" is the definition of apocalypse, and this means the destruction of previously held truths, including things we were brought up to believe through our families and/or religion. This is not going to be an easy task, but this allows for healing, forgiveness, and release so we can make way for the new world of love replacing fear...Love is the endless supply that is "real." St. Germain taught me many years ago that if we truly understood the power of love, we'd accept nothing less in our experience.   
Misunderstandings and Misinterpretations
Spiritual consciousness, as well as any other type of consciousness (awareness), has many levels. Much is misunderstood and misinterpreted because most people, including those who hold positions in leadership, religion, government, business, education, etc., assume that everyone holds the same level of consciousness.
Our spiritual consciousness grows just as our own consciousness does as when we were children, and I recently read a great example of how people can be at different levels of awareness and how the can see things differently. This example is based on the work of the renowned child psychologist Jean Piaget and taken from books by philosopher-psychologist Ken Wilber. ¹ The following example uses two glasses: one is short, filled with water, and the other glass is empty and taller (the pictures below are ones that I took of glasses with juice):
"If you take [very young] children, and, right in front of their eyes, pour the water from a short glass into a tall glass, and ask them which glass has more water, they will always say the tall glass has more, even though they saw you pour the same amount from one glass to the other. They cannot 'conserve volume.' Certain 'obvious' things that we see, they do not and cannot see-they live in a different worldspace. No matter how many times you pour the same amount of water back and forth between the two glasses, they will insist the tall glass has more...  
 short filled glass tall half-filled glass

"If a few years later...you repeat the experiment, the kids will always say that both glasses have the same amount of water. They can hold volume in their mind and not be confused by its displacements. They have an internal rule that automatically does this. ...And, if you show them a videotape from the earlier period...they will deny it's them! They think you've doctored the videotape. They simply cannot imagine somebody being so stupid as to think the tall glass has more water.¹,²"


This is a great example of consciousness levels and growth as this is also what happens as we spiritually develop our own awareness. It's extremely important to be aware of this so we don't feel we need to push our beliefs on anyone. Sure, you can give information and keep explaining things, but the words mean nothing if that person is simply not ready. This also means you may have bought into their fears and see them still as a victim. In both cases, your/their lower ego is in charge, and it is not The One and Only True Mother/Father God/Goddess of Authentic Love, Light, and Truth accomplishing it in them.  


Truths and anything trapped in denial is unlocked by transformation.

Perception of suffering

I also read where a photographer was witnessing a butterfly emerge from the chrysalis, and he wanted to help the butterfly by making a very small incision so the butterfly wouldn't "suffer." As the butterfly emerged, the photographer was surprised to see the butterfly with deformed wings.

stages of butterfly emerging from chrysalys

He said he didn't realize that the butterfly wasn't actually suffering, as he thought it was. Instead, the butterfly's nature is that it needs to push with its newly formed wings against the chrysalis so that the blood can pump into the newly formed capillaries ensuring the full development of the wings. His perception of suffering and his need to "jump in to help to avoid suffering" were really fear-based actions that interfered with the nature of transformation. The butterfly missed very important steps of its development. This is a great example of how our own filters and perceptions can interfere with another's soul growth and transformation.


So how does one's spiritual consciousness grow?

By learning from one's challenges and fears in life, and mastering this material world by living a holistic life that is balanced spiritually, mindfully, emotionally, and bodily. It does not mean one needs religion to do this, but rather the spiritual awareness that the soul will bring to the person's awareness that they do, in fact, have their particular fears.


This means the soul is requesting that person's own compassion and trust in The One and Only True Mother/Father God/Goddess allow the healing process to take place, BUT people must be ready to take that step. It is  none of our business what other people do. All that does is distract us from our own growth. 


Psychic Consciousness is a natural part of life; it's the next level of human awareness.

As our conscious choice of spiritual growth is maintained, and our consciousness (awareness) is at a higher and positive level most of the time, this is leading a life that is soul-directed versus lower ego-directed. Another reason for us to "mind our own business" vs. rescuing people is because each of our souls will initiate the process of detaching from the old systems and illusions, so everyone's timing is different.


Since we are energy, and energy cannot be destroyed but can be transformed and reformed, it is at this state of awareness that we know that we are more than our five physical senses, and this is often when people begin to experience extrasensory perception (ESP). This is a very "natural God attribute." 


One of the reasons why ESP is a widely judged topic is because of fears from misinformation and past abuse of this manner of obtaining information that is outside of the physical five senses. Whatever term you want to call it, you are part of a massive multi-Universal system with laws and Beings that are Divine, too, and you are worthy of being able to communicate with all of Them, and they are by the thousands!!! Yes, Jesus is among them, too, and I also work with this amazing Lord of Love. He often visits me or steps forward in a session with a client. You are worthy of this conscious communication, too, but most people do not feel they are, so they unknowingly block this very helpful and loving communication.


Jesus and Sacred Heart 


Prayer/Meditation is the "proper use" of

our free will...

to consciously connect from the feeling of love;

a love-based heart intention to listen to

one's Inner Voice. This requires being still--often.


"Improper Psychic Activity" would include actions taken from a heart that is fear-based instead of love-based, such as seeking to dis-empower someone or someone who wants to be "the best healer" or "the best psychic" or whatever the fame/fortune drive is and humility is non-existent. Actually, this is a great example of the expression "making a pact with the devil."


One of the most dangerous psychic activities there is in existence is what we say to others that is negative--verbal abuse, judgment, and gossip. It's even worse when we say negative things about/to ourselves. This negativity and judgment is actually influenced by another dimension you are working to move away from--the opposite of the realms of the Angelic Host.


Black Magic is, in fact, the abuse of the throat chakra--our speech and what we say and think: gossip, judgment, criticism, ridicule of others, labeling others. Separation and discrimination are also hate-based actions. A heart filled with envy and jealousy is dabbling in darkness. I have witnessed many people in many professions that hold this darkness in their heart, and the jealousy, greed, lust...all of those vices are the portals to the dimensions of darkness. This is something we are not taught about and is extremely important to understand. This is de-structive, all of this negative energy, and this is very well explained by Master Kuthumi-Agrippa.³ This de-struction is the opposite of the Angelic Host assisting us with con-struction.


Additionally, the Angelic Host wants us to know that human desire will not protect us. The intellect cannot protect us. I also learned this from experience as well. The intellect can help when we hold the Picture of that which is the Master Presence over all in this world to control manifestations, but this must be joined with our love-filled heart.  As Archangel Michael explains, "...The Law of Love is the Master Hand of Creation and the Angelic Host are those who bear that Blessing to the people of this world."




Furthermore, He explains that everything we manifest depends on the Purity of our own Feeling: the Sacred Fire Love within ourselves (which is in our Heart) and the Sacred Fire Love of the Seven Mighty Elohim (which is within our brain structure). "And this is the Source of everything constructive that has ever come into your outer self. And your 'Mighty I AM Presence' and the Ascended Host have poured forth Their Sacred Fire Love constantly through these Flames within your own flesh body..."


Now we may intellectually understand what Archangel Michael is teaching us here, BUT we must learn that feeling more than the intellect is where mankind is assisted. Archangel Michael explains that when we are in balanced control and in stillness choosing peace, purity, harmony, this is where our intellect receive higher information or a "God Correction of every mistake" from our Mighty I AM Presence or by the Radiation of an Assisting Master, an Ascended Being. "There is a God Control of everything in manifestation. And there is a God Intelligence that knows all..."


There truly is a "God solution" for everything, and I know this from several experiences of facing some very dark beings, and it weren't for my daily connection with the Angelic Host, I never would have been able to properly address these situations.


This is why they have asked me to explain what I have learned "the hard way."  It wasn't until I was I had certain experiences that I learned what I could do with Their assistance. THEN I found the many places of supporting documentation explaining what I had to learn through experiential learning first: THAT is what living on Earth is about. Everyone has an opinion on something, but that can change as soon as you have your own experiences. Some of them may be intentionally tricking you into staying fear-based, so discernment is key, and it is with the Angelic Host's help that you can build your discernment, which is an essential soul skill. 


Everything I am sharing in this newsletter is because of my own direct experience which I didn't consciously seek. It was all apart of my own sacred divine blueprint. All of my experiences have taught me a deeper trust and relationship with The One and Only True Father/Mother God/Goddess, and I know without a doubt I am never acting alone. It is the most awe-some and humbling experience I could ever describe, and it's my honor and privilege to be able to share this.


The Angelic Host is Not New To Us

Many hundreds of years ago, we called upon and worked with the Angelic Host: Angels (Whom are Beings never in a human form) and Ascended Masters (Who were once human and ascended and mastered this material world). Since it is the Divine Plan for humans to use free will to also master this material world as they did, it is important for us to know that this Angelic Host is the messengers, the assistants, assigned to humanity to help us with facing our fears so that we can ascend.


**It is imperative that we make a daily, heart-felt connection to our Guardian Angels, the Angelic Host, and our I AM Presence prior to our physical activities of the day. This new habit of focus provides us a gain, a momentum, and the Light inside of us becomes brighter. This helps us raise our own vibration, as well as strengthen our natural shield of protection: our auric field. This is so hugely important to our lives at this time, I cannot underscore this point enough.**


When I speak with clients, they will say they connect or call to these Beings, but they admit they are NOT doing this first thing in the morning nor feeling it from their heart. It is just something they fit in and check off their list. When they return their focus and daily actions to the Angelic Host, they feel the difference quickly. They feel happier and "reconnected," and certainly less raw!


Archangel Michael explains all of this in the book Archangel Michael Speaks on the Angelic Host but the reason they have asked me to write this is because I have lived this many times over. I have had numerous experiences where I have let my physical activities (getting up and getting right to work) become the priority and never getting to "fit in" this important spiritual focus FROM THE HEART, not just a "hello, Guardian Angel" intellect approach. The momentum and energy was lost, and it took several days to recover that, but, yes, it was very easy to get back into it. It takes discipline and focus, so thank you to my Guardian Angels, including AA Gabriel and AA Michael, for showing me this!


They wanted me to share some of my symptoms in life when this happened: chaos was more around me and more often and it impacted me, my health wasn't as strong, but mostly I felt raw and extreme exhaustion. Then I realized I was open to and experiencing psychic attacks. By the way, MOST of our youth experiences this because they are exhausted and leaking their energy all of the time. The limiting and intense environment of most of our schools and their home life are mostly the reasons for this. They certainly don't understand or have this important daily spiritual practice. My own "Armor of God," my auric field, was susceptible as it wasn't strong.  Humanity has physical bodies smothered in their own discord, so this is why they are raw, leaking energy, sick, etc. Using the Angelic Host assists us to understand and remove our fears and They are here to help clean up the atmosphere of negative energies and beings, assisting them to their next part of their journey. 


As a "Spiritual Resource Director" I also help people by mentoring them in building their own way of connecting, listening, meditating, etc., utilizing resources that support a con-structive life, co-creating with the higher realms in a way that suits the individual. The goal is to leave chaos behind by replacing it with Light: this is done by applying love and cooperation to the self first. I know first-hand the importance of this. As a result, I enjoy a beautifully fulfilling understanding that Peace is within, and it is our duty and responsibility to our soul to find it.


This is a huge factor that impacts 

our family and our home life.



 Theologue by Alex Grey

 "Theologue" by Alex Grey

(Theology: the study of religious faith, practice, and experience; especially: the study of God and of God's relation to the world")


As I've explained in prior newsletters, we have a chakra system that emits energetic frequencies based on what we feel/think most of the time, so our own awareness and heart is like our energetic heart beat; vibrating at the frequency we hold most of the time.   


As each soul decides to detach from the lower negativity grids here on earth, it requires the conscious connection with the Higher Beings of the higher spiritual realms, as well as understanding that the Universal Laws are the true and real laws.


When people do not detach, and you are working or have a relationship with them, you connect to their own personal grids, as well as those they are connected. In these cases, it's important to release these people in your life; they will drain you. You will connect to "their stuff," and this leaks your own energy.


With your focus and working with the Angelic Host, watch how people move into your life that share your interests and optimism!  It's fabulous and soul-fulfilling! The Masters teach us by Their leading by example, and then so can we. When people are ready, they will ask you how you did it! I'm sure you will joyfully and compassionately tell them! 


Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone was happy at home, feeling nurtured, peaceful, supported to be themselves, and unconditionally loved, and then they come out into the world and work place from this nurturing retreat feeling refreshed as each day was a vacation?  Now that's the Proper Power of Love with the Angelic Host's assistance!


Start your day off by scheduling "me time" in quiet meditation, prayer, and a conscious love-based heart, feeling the communication with your soul, The One and Only True Father/Mother God/Goddess, and the Angelic Host...this is what we can't afford not to do before each day, especially before dealing with our families, going to work, dealing with all those we have relationships, etc.


Start with a baby step of 10 minutes, and then build on it, but make it fun and something you look forward to. It takes only 21 days to develop an new habit. For example, light a *rose-scented candle and say good morning to the angels, play soft music, connect to nature by creating a sitting area where you have plants and maybe a fountain. Go outdoors, if you can. You'll start to create something very nice for yourself and that energy lifts not only your vibration, but it's great for the home and entire household. (*Fragrances such as rose and jasmine are known to be linked to the angelic realm; this means these fragrances assist in calling in the angels. Of course any candle you enjoy will be fine for your space, too.)


Your heart intention of anything you create is

most important!

Extended Your Love to Your "Mighty I AM Presence" first and then extend your Love to the Angelic Host  ~ asking for the Limitless, Unconquerable Legions of the Angels of the Sacred Fire to come in, as They control conditions that we physically cannot control.

I have personally experienced the truth of this without realizing the assistance They were about to provide! The purpose of the Angelic Host is to help us give up our fears so we can see the pathway open before us, but first, we must become the self-observer and self-witness by looking at our own lives, our actions, and where love is lacking--fear resides where love is lacking. 
Guardian Angel with person's head on lap 
Without judgment, admit where your illusions, excuses, denials, and lies are so you make room for self-awareness. To free yourself from these shackles, you must see and feel the benefit of what you experienced and be grateful for it--your "ah ha" moments--or you will keep repeating this until you do so. Why? Because you've not mastered this part of your life yet, and it's distracting you from your being the real and full you. This is the path of spiritual maturity so you can now see your own beauty, powers, and strengths.
Let me add here that one of the reasons we often fear our Light is because we fear we may not able to maintain it. We also don't think that this "simple process" of daily connection with the Angelic Host can bring the change we so desperately seek because we are in the grip of survival mode, and we think working harder to make more money is the path to Peace and Freedom. Instead, this mind set holds us where we no longer wish to be, so money again is a great example of what we're holding mostly in our heart because that's the quality we see manifesting here on Earth: either a positive or negative abundance. Our self-worth is made manifest by the amount of money flowing into our lives. I wrote a Blog about this on July 5th: "Career and Work: To increase the flow of money in your life, it requires that you value you."
So please consider this loving message from the Angelic Host that developing a relationship with Them is personally life-changing, as well as for the good of humanity.
It is a key part of our pathway of
spiritual maturity!


By Beloved Archangel Michael


"So whether the rest of the world understands you or believes in the Angelic Host or not is none of Our concern. If I were you, I would be wholly indifferent as to anyone's belief or acceptance of these Great Beings of Life's Perfection. Live your own Life! Go your own way! Stay on the Pathway that leads to greater Happiness, and the Angelic Host will ever attend you until your Happiness becomes Infinite, Invincible, and Eternal. And you then, in turn, will-looking back to mankind-seek also to awaken them until they, too, enter the Realm of Eternal Perfection.


"May I invite you to listen sometime to the Music of the Angelic Host! And if your Higher Mental Body opens your hearing, and you listen once, you will understand something of what I mean; for one day that Music must take the place of the human chaos and discord that mankind listens to in this world." (pp. 54-55)



¹Jim Marion in Putting on the Mind of Christ: The Inner Work of Christian Spirituality, 2000, Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc., pp. 15-16, and:

² Ken Wilber in A Brief History of Everything, Shambhala, Boston & London, 1996, pp. 175-176

³ Entity Detachment and Advanced Transmutation through Sacred Geometry, Channelled through Michelle Manders© (formerly Michelle Eloff) in Johannesburg, South Africa on 19 May 2007, www.palaceofpeace.net 



Inspiration ~ New Moon Monday, July 8floating inside a Moon, in Cancer

Since Monday sees the arrival of a New Moon in the sign of Cancer, this would be a great morning to start your daily connection with the Angelic Host, helping you address your life, your home, your emotions...in fact, many people I know enjoy the generous and insightful work of Susan Miller, Astrologer. Click here and choose your sign to read about what July has in store for you; this proves to be an amazing month of moving forward for us. It requires our conscious effort to make it happen, of course, and as Susan says, "...in order to unlock the goodness of Jupiter (or any planet for that matter), you need an important new moon to package the energy and make it accessible to you."
Enjoy learning what the Universe is offering to you, co-creating with the Angelic Host!
Image from Kat Art on FaceBook, Kaitlin Faith Hendrickson
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The Angelic Host is a Major Part of the Divine Plan
"How It Works" Here on Earth as Spiritual Beings In Human Form

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Mentoring Requests!   


I really enjoy mentoring sessions, and I receive many requests for this! If you have a small group of friends and would like to do this in a grFaith smiling black turtle neckoup setting, that can be a lot of fun, too. It's fun sharing ideas with one another, and the energy of love builds which provides even more inspiration! I also help parents with ways to bring a "Daily Spiritual Practice" into the daily lives their children of all ages, and I work directly with teens and young adults as well.

Perhaps you, yourself, would like some creative help with your own Daily Spiritual Practice. We can create a method that supports you to bring in the higher realms (the Angelic Host) that is joyful, fun, replenishing, and something to look forward to vs. "just another thing to do."  It may mean you have a set routine of going to bed a little earlier so you can get up earlier, but we make ourselves do that when our job requires us to, so why not when our soul is asking us to? You know that quote, "be the change," well...


Remember, this spiritual work comes before our physical activities, and we're intending to build the momentum with this regular connection.


As with all private or group settings, I always ask your Mighty I AM Presence and Guardian Angels, as well as the Angelic Host, to co-create with us and for their guidance. I also record all sessions and email them to you. Email me if you're interested at Faith@FaithParent.net or for any session, phone/Skype or in-person.


Remember, just holding this intention in your heart will

bring the Angelic Host to you!


It's wonderful to ask questions and get answers for your self!

Many think they cannot!  


 Angel Holding Atom
It is truly my honor and a privilege to be of service in this capacity.
Thank you and
thank you for receiving the Angelic Host's message today.
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