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January/February 2013

 Building Your Life in the New World
And how are you now that we a past the midway point of the middle of January 2013?  It's been one month now since I returned from the 12/12/12 event in Hot Springs, North Carolina, and due to an extremely hectic schedule of meetings, projects, a semester wrappingFaith smiling black turtle neck up for my youngest who is a senior in high school and now graduated early but with the flu, and me with Ascension Symptoms (mostly vertigo that would appear out of now where, leave, and then only to return again), I have been delayed in writing!
I have so much to write about that I had to move from my office into the dining room because I had papers everywhere, and I couldn't get out of my own way!  For example, if you look at what is in store for us on Earth in 2013 via the 2013 Retrograde Planets spreadsheet I created, you'll see how each of us will be pushed to face our fears and beliefs and illusions whether we like it or not!
That said, there is a great deal of information in here, more than usual, so I'd recommend taking your time through it. As with all of my newsletters, they are kept on my website for you to access another time and to tell others about as they are searching for practical solutions in this confusing but very exciting time!
For those of you who are new to my work, I write these newsletters as my way of giving back, as well as a tool for private sessions. Often times I send people to the writing which saves time during the session, and it also provides a place from which to do your own inner work. These articles often take me  many days to write, and in this case, I started all of this back in December!  It's my pleasure to donate my time and services in this manner. This is a huge part of how I express my own creativity in my work, hoping to make tangible a subject that is not always so tangible! Yes, it's great to be back to work! 
Building Your Life in the New World 
During the last month I have had many conversations with people all around the world, and the most important thing I want to share with you is that many are feeling the same powerless and are "sick and tired," literally. They don't know what to do and how to move forward. 
Since our experiences are actually showing us what our own attention has created, which is either fear/lack basself reflection on edge of wharf on lake ed or love/plenty based, we have the opportunity now in this New World to be in a very powerful position of objectivity: we can perceive life from an aerial perspective and can see more of our own self. We are able to discover the more expanded expressions of our personal self, our talent, our wit, and even our charm because of this space of objectivity. To be able to connect with this higher part of yourself, you must be aware of any self-sabotaging behaviors and make the time, make it a priority, in self-reflection. You need time to allow yourself to explore this part of you. Further down in this article you will see where I've included the "4 Quadrants That Your Quantum Self Works Through", as well as how to move from self-sabotaging behaviors to self-empowered ones.
Consistency Within the Chaos
Over the last few months, the souls, angels, teachers, and guides of my clients have been specifically directing people to where their own fears and limitations are, and a very creative way they are doing this is by pointing out to the person their health issues and the chchakras on the bodyakra that is related to that illness. (A chakra is defined as an energy vortex, or a wheel of energy. There are seven primary chakras that flow through a human's energetic system, and these chakras are near a major organ or gland.) Sometimes the person may be just experiencing what feels like blocks with no actual illness, but they report feelings of being stuck in certain areas physically. The sessions in this manner have been a fun process because that block and/or illness has provided a sort of roadmap for the individual of where they need to start looking into as it relates to their belief systems and illusions. When you feel you're in chaos and don't even know where to start, the blessing of these insights, of shedding light, your light, on your situation, brings order into place in a manner that is not so daunting! This process is transmuting dark into light; transmuting your shadow parts of yourself (where you have denied parts of you) into the light of your truth. This transmutation moves the stagnant light particles (the dark particles) into moving light particles again.
Then by following the information/suggestions for each chakra and using the "4 Quadrants" process below, using new self-empowering behaviors based on your self-reflection, the situations shift. In fact, while in a session and the mere awareness of this insight has resulted in many feeling a shift immediately! This is another advantage of being in this New World: We are allowed access to our subconscious and higher beings of light in ways we've never experienced before.
Universal Living Through Our Bodies
Ok, this might look technical, but just stay with me. Here is an example of what most are feeling: you can't pay the bills, you're depressed, you don't know what to do, you don't even care any more, you're having recurring sinus infections, or maybe other disorders of the throat, ears, voice, neck (throat chakra); perhaps you're also having eating/digestive disorders, chronic fatigue, disorders of the stomach, pancreas, gall bladder, liver (solar plexus chakra). When these types of situation are manifest, it  makes sense that you are experiencing a lack of positive abundance because of the way the universe and universal laws work with and through each of us. Very briefly, here is an outline of how the chakras are "partnered" and the laws that are attached to the chakras. This is a visual of how we are connected to the universe, if you will. Note that with each of the "partnered" chakras, one of the chakras grounds us here on Earth and the other roots us to Heavenly; the heart chakra meets us in the middle to join both worlds: 
"Earth" Chakra"Heavenly" ChakraCosmic Law
Solar Plexus
Law of Abundance (Part 1) and Law of Ascension
3rd Eye
Law of Free Will/Choice and Law of Purpose/Abundance Part 2
Law of Fair Exchange and Law of Discernment
The Heart chakra connects Heaven and Earth. It's Cosmic Law is the Law of Attraction
So, if you are not able to stand in your own light, your inner authority who knows you the best, and communicate yourself in a positive fashion, you are not able to receive positive abundance (Law of Abundance) because of the laws; this is the Science of Spirituality. The Law of Ascension  insists on perseverance. It insists that you do everything differently, that you do what you need to at these critical turning points in your life to bring about the change that you have realized you require. What is in our heart (intention and motivation) is what we attract in our lives, so knowing what we are attracted to is the KEY in understanding the Law of Attraction. What are the beliefs and illusions we are attracted to that keep us where we are?
Since the New World is about each of us taking the responsibility to step into our power and own our divine right to see, our divine right to hear and to know every aspect of Mother/Father God's truth, therefore every aspect of our truth, no wonder this is being felt by many!
Taken from a mini-course at the Palace of Peace, here is just an excerpt of the most prominent common issues for us:
The solar plexus chakra (Earth):

REPRESENTS: passion/emotional maturity, self -esteem, self-discipline.

CHALLENGES: Energy, activity, autonomy, authority, individuation, will, self-esteem, shame, proactivity, power

DEBILITATIONS: emotional co-dependency/apathy, narcissistic behaviour, shame, humiliation, lack of personal identity.

ADDICTIONS: Amphetamines, cocaine, caffeine, work, anger.

DEFICIENCY: Low energy. Weak will, easily manipulated. Poor self-discipline and follow through.

Low self-esteem. Cold, emotionally and/or physically. Poor digestion. Collapsed middle. Attraction to stimulants. Victim mentality, blaming of others. Passive. Unreliable. Manipulative, power hungry, deceitful. Attraction to sedatives. Temper tantrums, violent outbursts. Stubbornness. Driving ambition (type A personality) Competitive. Arrogant. Hyperactive. 

EXCESS: Overly aggressive, dominating, controlling. Need to be right, have last word.
PHYSICAL MALFUNCTIONS: Eating disorders. Digestive disorders, ulcers. Hypoglycemia, diabetes. Muscle spasms, muscular disorders. Chronic fatigue. Hypertension. Disorders of stomach, pancreas, gall bladder, liver.
The throat chakra (Heavenly):

REPRESENTS: Faith, self-knowledge, personal authority, ability to keep your word & communicate clearly and succinctly.

CHALLENGES : Symbolic thinking, resonance, etheric body, communication, the voice, truth & lies, creativity.

DEBILITATIONS : An obsessive need to control relationships and events, unable to communicate clearly, not expressing one's feelings.

ADDICTIONS: Opiates, marijuana.

DEFICIENCY: Fear of speaking. Small, weak voice. Difficulty putting feelings into words. Introversion, shyness. Tone deaf. Poor rhythm.

EXCESS: Too much talking, talking as a defense. Inability to listen, poor auditory comprehension. Gossiping. Dominating voice, interruptions.

PHYSICAL MALFUNCTIONS: Disorders of the throat, ears, voice, neck. Tightness of the jaw. Toxicity (due to the chakra's name, which means "purification")

The heart chakra:

REPRESENTS: Love, Compassion, Space to be ourselves, Trust, Dedication, Hope.

CHALLENGES : Love, balance, self-reflection, self-acceptance, relationship, intimacy, Anima/Animus, Eros/Thanatos, grief, compassion, devotion.

DEBILITATIONS: Jealousy, anger, resentment, rejection.

ADDICTIONS: Tobacco (smoking), sugar, love, marijuana.

EXCESS: Codependency. Poor boundaries. Demanding. Clinging. Jealousy. Overly sacrificing.

PHYSICAL MALFUNCTIONS: Disorders of the heart, lungs, thymus, breasts, arms. Shortness of breath. Sunken chest. Circulation problems. Asthma. Immune system deficiency. Tension between shoulder blades, pain in chest.


Each of these chakras have particular suggestions to help you move through the challenges you may be experiencing. The link below provides access to this mini-course: 


The Soul Essence Does Not Experience Fear
Because of how different everything is now, it is important that we observe our past from the point of the observer, recognizing and acknowledging that everything that has unfolded until this point for each of us as individuals, and for the collective body, has all served a purpose. Living in a world primarily motivated by fear has taught us valuable lessons, and living in that fear-based mentality is a space where you magnetically emit vibrations that create a magnetic field around you. We must know and be aware of this because it is what we are attracted to that we are attracting. The lower ego is fear, which is limitation of all types; the soul essence does not experience any of this and will initiate the detachment process.
By the way, the other very interesting thing I have noticed in sessions is that this information is also used to explain to the seeker that if they are having issues with entities and attachments, they are being assisted to understand that these attachments are because the being has something in common with them as it relates to beliefs and illusions, and this needs to be understood so that the being can move into the light with grace and ease, as well as the person no longer attracting these beings and further psychic attacks.
This is why the days of "fortune telling" are over. This is why a healer can only assist you and that you are the one who is overall responsible for your own health and wellbeing. This is why it is so important to lead by example so others can follow, as their own "stuff" is their own stuff because it is their journey.
I highly suggest using the mini-course referenced in this article, as well as obtaining the Cosmic Laws associated with the chakra and exploring the material also associated with each chakra, Shattering the 7  Seals of Poverty Consciousness. As Kuthumi Agrippa explains in the introduction channeling,
"...Through shattering these seven seals of poverty consciousness and coming to understand that God truly does fulfill every prayer expressed, your trust in this Superior Force will increase, and this is the time where paradise, abundance, prosperity, and luxury come to be one with you - the luxury of spending your time in the fertile gardens of the supreme mind of God Consciousness which automatically, without effort, delivers to you physically that which you need in every single moment."

The information in this month's newsletter is to assist you in creating an easy framework in moving from any self-sabotaging behaviors and actions to empowered ones! It's also most likely the new framework for how my sessions will be, as this is a beautiful way of grounding our spiritual life and creating our own Heaven on Earth! Go for it!


With much love and wishing you a beautiful new year!



Rev. Faith Parent Hendrickson
Spiritual Resource Director, HeartLight Communications, www.faithparent.net
Golden Temple Teacher, Palace of Peace, www.palaceofpeace.net

Which is Stronger: Imagination or Willpower?  
Even though we are in this New World, many people are experiencing being stuck or blocked in various aspects of their lives. Some people have lost their passion for life, and they don't realize it's because they have forgotten their connection to the Earth and their connection to Spirit. They've become lost in a world of accelerated pace and chaos.
The key tbalance weight scaleo life is balance, and order (which is light) must come out of chaos in order for one's light to burn brightly. When balance is present, the polarities we have to work with within the Earth plane can be held in the power and light of our own inner flame, and this balance is where you are served in your greatest potential.  
We are now embracing the role of serving Heaven and Earth simultaneously, which means the very important practice of remaining grounded and focused on directing the abundant energies we each embody in the direction which positively feeds our lives.
 sign being held up that says you are stronger than you think

Our imagination is stronger than our willpower.

The images in our mind either empower or
deplete our willpower,
which is our inner flame, our passion, our light.


If you are unhappy with your physicality, then address the other three quadrants of your life, spiritual, mental, and emotional, through your time of self-reflection...see the excerpt below:

   The Four Quadrants
Your Quantum Self Works Through
(Quantum Template)
(This is a brief summary of a larger body of very important work in a course, "Facing The Shadow.")
The higher parts of you, the Quantum self, (and Quantum space is where all things are possible) works through these four quadrants: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.
  1. Spiritual: Within this quadrant you create a "bridge" to the higher light vibrating, person meditating with energies all around as Antakarana Bridgeparts of you. This is also known as the Antakarana Bridge. Choosing to address any kind of limitation, which is a form of darkness, is brought into light-ness.These are the points where you consciously chose to face your fear and shadow parts of your self, which all darkness is, is light particles that have become stagnant; when light particles become stagnant, love is missing. Love is light, and light is the presence of love. Acknowledging the parts of you that you perceive as a weakness, shortcoming, etc., but that it is a part of you and owning it is what empowers you with the ability to transmute it into whatever you choose or to fully root it within yourself as an owned divine aspect that you need to utilize and reveal to the world because it is you. Why should you deny any aspect of your divine self if it is part of your light; if it is the light that makes you who you are beyond the earth's identity? It is this awareness of our motivation that is a key to living a positively abundant life in the New World, especially before we take action.
  2. Mental: Then you move into the mental quadrant, which is one of the most powerful points of creation inside of you as it holds the access keys to your subconscious through the conscious. And, as we've heard many times before, "our head creates our world," which is because what we think and focus on is what we manifest--whether we are aware of it or not. What most people aren't aware of is the fact that our imagination is stronger than our willpower. The images in our mind either empower or deplete our willpower, which is our inner flame, our passion, our light. (the solar plexus chakra)  This is powerful to note as we are in the New World with energies that now allow us unprecedented access to connecting consciously to these important aspects of ourselves, as well as connecting with higher beings of light. The quantum self brings you to a point where you stand, having to choose once again, between what motivates you, for in that moment, you are choosing the quality of your manifestations. We are all influenced by our environment and those who interact with us, as the unseen magnetic fields interact with our own.  This is why discernment is so important, and if you are in a negative space, or if you are choosing to deny yourself any aspect of your divine light, the mental body communicates through the magnetic field and will bring the experience that manifest in a situation that highlights what you are denying yourself in the form of others reflecting what you are rejecting. This is one of the reasons why if you are irritated by someone on some level, it's probably because you are having reflected back to you your own feelings about yourself. This is where self-reflection gives you the answer. That is when the discernment voice has not warned you against the person for any particular reason, but you simply just find their presence irritating; usually, what irritates you about another person is the part of you scratching to get out, irritating you to such a level that eventually you will have to just let go and let it out! These situations will manifest so that you can acknowledge what you are denying yourself, and the mental body is the greatest creator of such situations because the more you are irritated by a person or by an action, the more the mind focuses on it; eventually, you will have to let it out within yourself.
  3. Emotional: The emotional body influences the mental quadrant. Very often emotions and feelings influence what one's thoughts focus upon. Therefore, maintaisoul thoughts feelings and body drawingning a healthy emotional body is vital. Focusing on mental well-being is not enough because it is the emotional well-being is what maintains the mental well-being. If you are in an  emotional state of turmoil, your thoughts will not be of a higher vibration, and this is a huge reason why the action of being passive (retreat, rest, reflection) is so importan t. Coming back to the rational self and being in nature is a hugely helpful part of this detachment from drama, as you're now spending time with yourself and Source, or God. Being in nature is a hugely beneficial and easy way to connect to yourself and the nurturing Goddess, or the feminine and nurturing element of God. Without retreat time, where your shadow can visit you and reveal to you the treasures it has been holding for you, your emotional body will not have the energy it needs to maintain mental well-being, so self-reflection goes into a much deeper level. Once the emotional quadrant is held within this golden-light space, so the physical quadrant is then affected.
  4. Physical: As previously mentioned, whatever has happened in the above thrjournaling is the key to unlocking our dreamsee quadrants materializes in the last quadrant: physical. If you are unhappy with your physicality, then you need to address the first three quadrants. You need self-reflection time more than ever before. It's easy to make excuses as to why it cannot be done because you are accustomed to limitation, but your life force will shrivel up if you do not give yourself this time. The quantum self can communicate with you in an uninhibited fashion where the flow is uninhibited because none of your day-to-day responsibilities and distractions are there to sabotage your efforts.
 The Five Core Patterns of Self-Sabotage 


1)      Fear: The first and most destructive.

2)      Self-Doubt: Fear creates this second energy, also resulting in self-sabotage. The only reason why we doubt ourselves is because we are afraid of letting others down. We are afraid to let ourselves down. We fear failure. Failure does not exist. Mistakes do not exist. All that exists is an experience resulting in a consequence. The consequence is always a gift, a message, one that adds to our pearls of wisdom-nothing more and nothing less. We can chose to know that all which exists is in this moment and how one deals with the moment and to either work with vs. against what each moment presents is the choice for "Light Living." This is the art of flexibility, the art of surrender, acceptance, trust, and peace.

3)      Self-Criticism: When fear gives birth to self-doubt, self-criticism is born. And the more you criticize yourself, the stronger self-doubt becomes. The more you convince yourself of your so-called inadequacies, weaknesses, and the inability to meet the expectations you have place upon yourself, or that which others have placed upon you, the more fearful and disempowered you become. This is an example of where our powers of observation that require attention and/or adjustment became distorted and used as a weapon to dis-empower to make others and the self feel bad and useless. Observation is a means of recognizing what must change and for empowerment!

4)      Self-Hate: When we criticize ourselves that is when self-hate is born. Self-doubt and self-criticism are acts of self-hate. Hate is the rejection of what one fears: the fear of being afraid, hating the fear, fearing the fear, trying to run away from the fear and reject the fear, which results in confusion and conflict. We are to face our fears and not run away from them. We are to recognize the purpose of the fear, acknowledge its function, and work through it because that is when it no longer has its power over you.

5)      Non-Action: Ain't it the truth that fear paralyzes us? This also results in self-doubt, self-criticism, self-hate, and then no action is taken because you believe it is not worth it OR you are so confused, so disillusioned, and so powerless that you do not know what action to take!



The Five Core Patterns of Self-Empowerment

Open your heart and mind to allow Mother Earth to embrace in the power of her heart the words embodying the five core patterns of self-sabotage to wash through your chakras, out through your base chakra, all the way down to Mother Earth where... 

  • She transmutes fear into love and breathes the word "LOVE" into your body to replace your core pattern of fear. 
  • She transmutes self-doubt to self-confidence. Breathe the word "SELF-CONFIDENCE" into your body to replace self-doubt. 
  • She takes self-criticism and transforms it into self-acceptance. Inhale the word "SELF-ACCEPTANCE" to replace self-criticism. 
  • She takes the word self-hate and transforms this into self-love.Inhale "SELF-LOVE" knowing it is replacing self-hate. 
  • She takes the word non-action and transforms it into empowered action.Inhale "EMPOWERED ACTION" knowing it is replacing non-action. 

Feel how the five core patterns of self-sabotage are now replaced with the five core patterns of self-empowerment. Allow the Codes and Patterns of Light Living to infiltrate every dark aspect of yourself in the unconscious, subconscious, and the conscious, as one cannot experience any level of self-empowerment without embracing the will to act upon that which one has chosen to change.


Also, a daily ritual of prayer and imagining you're breathing fire into your solar plexus chakra allows you to breathe new life into your life, and the parts of you that aggressively over react to that which comes at you can find a place of stillness where that energy can be transformed into a focused energy, willing a new way empowered by a different source of fire. The new source of fire is now fueling your future instead of the more of the past.


Know that there is a lot more change and the change will never end. It is change that reveals to you who you are, what you are made of, and it is through this that the creative aspects of Father God and Mother Goddess express themselves and form can expand, form can integrate more of that which is formless and the intelligence; the word that comes from that intelligence, can also find form.


The word without form is nothing, for it is simply a formless presence, it must come into some kind of form in order for it to be expressed and to be fully experienced in all of its dimensions; in all of its natures. Now that you are at that higher perspective, you can see more of yourself, which is the most important part of this Ascension Wave. Your breath, what you speak to others and to yourself, is what fuels the fire of one's will power, enabling one to empower the journey of breaking free from the lower matrix of the world of illusion.



Bibliography (from www.palaceofpeace.net; 2012 updates included):

İMichelle Manders, www.palaceofpeace.net 

All Rights Reserved 



İRev. Faith Parent Hendrickson, www.faithparent.net
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Building Your LIfe in the New World
Imagination is Stronger than Willpower
5 Core Patterns of Self Empowerment
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