June 2015 Summer Newsletter

  Manners Monday
Graduation Etiquette
The week leading up to my Sarah Lawrence College graduation was mostly a blur of endless parties, excruciatingly late nights, and boxes and boxes of Kleenex. Graduating from college was a big deal then and has only become an increasingly arduous endeavor. Read more.  
 Telegraph UK 
Plus-One Etiquette
Whatever your gender Hollywood plus-ones need to adhere to the same rules. "They must be on their best behavior at all times lest they completely embarrass themselves and land a headline story as the "Plus-One That Went Mad."  Read more
Real Simple Podcast 
Sloppy Eaters
Do you know someone who is a sloppy eater? Does it drive you crazy to dine with them? Recently, I the pleasure of contributing to Real Simple Magazine's new podcast entitled, "I Want to Like You." Host and Editor-in-chief, Kristin van Ogtrop, Dr. Susan Krauss Whitbourne and I discussed how to address sloppy eaters with goodwill and grace.  Listen here.
NY Daily News
Gifting Etiquette at Parties
Birthday gifts can become a nuisance for many New Yorkers with limited space. I was happy to contribute to an article for the New York Daily News on the often confusing 'no gift' policy, as well as fun alternatives for families who would rather not show up empty-handed.  Read more
Sleep Away Camp - 5 Traits for Kids to Gain & Get Rid Of  
Manners Camp Canoe
While this blog post on sleep away camp was written several summers ago, the themes are timeless and still hold true. Whether your child opted for an overnight experience or preferred to stay close to home and enjoy various day camps, there are still lessons to be explored and learned at summertime that may be cherished forever. Read more

Summer season is almost here! Time to vanquish the crazy calendars, loosen up those collars, and take a chill pill - at least for the next couple of months. You may still have to work or drive the kids to camp or take care of your elderly loved ones, but hopefully you can do so with a little less stress without dealing with insane traffic and a little less worry without being tied to strict schedules.


At Beverly Hills Manners, we've been busy as bees ramping up programs for summer with classes ranging from corporate to college to camp to dining and digital manners. Back by popular demand, our 3-day  "Summer Manners Boot Camp" is a fun and educational alternative to normal summer fare. And, take advantage of our early registration for Season Seven of  "Let's Dance!" Cotillion at the Beverly Wilshire January 2016.  For high school graduates, our  "Going Off to College Manners" will arm them with all the skills they need before stepping foot onto the college campus. For all ages, our  "Modern Manners" programs add polish, as well as smooth out any ruffled feathers. Please see below descriptions of our more popular offerings or visit our complete list here

Of course, in addition to our classes, we are also available for private etiquette consulting and coaching opportunities spanning the subjects. Prefer your coaching by phone? Arrange a 1-hour phone session and have all your burning etiquette questions and conundrums answered. We are here to help.
Very best wishes!

Beverly Hills Manners, Inc. 
"Summer Manners Boot Camp" - July 27, 29 & 31
Summer Day Camp
Children participate in a comprehensive and fun-filled 3-session program that breaks down the manners mystique and shows why manners really do matter. Each day we dissect a relevant topic with an educational component, interactive exercises and practical application. The tools of the table are also dissected during a daily multi-course luncheon. Register now or contactinfo@beverlyhillsmanners.com for more information.
"Modern Manners" for Kids, Teens & Adults
Tired of watching your children eat with their fingers? Bothered by your teen's relentless relationship with their smartphone? Interested in a little added polish for yourself? Don't use these classes as a threat. Everyone can benefit from smoothing out a few ruffled feathers. To register, click here or call 310.276.9078 for more info. 
"Going Off to College Manners"
College Photo
This program inspires teens to make the most of their college experience while simultaneously maintaining their respect as well as their reputation. From sealing that positive first impression, to knowing how to properly introduce themselves and conducting themselves in an appropriate manner. No stone is left unturned. Register now or contact info@beverlyhillsmanners.com for more information.

"Let's Dance!" Cotillion Season Seven - Beverly Wilshire
Beverly Wilshire Hotel Beverly Hills Manners is proud to present season seven of its modernized cotillion. Billed as "Dancing wiht the Stars" meets cotillion! Designed to meet the needs and desires of children today, our friendly, interactive and entertaining approach provides them with the social and communication skills necessary to present themselves confidently in today's increasingly competitive society. Register now or contact info@beverlyhillsmanners.com for more information.

The Business Lunch - Doing Business While Dining
Business Lunch Today more business is conducted over restaurant tables than in offices because it is at the dining table where relationships are solidified and the bridges of trust and understanding are constructed. "The Business Lunch" program educates participants on the importance of positive first impressions in the business world while covering all the skills of the table during a 5-course luncheon dining tutorial. Register now or contact info@beverlyhillsmanners.com for more information.
Style Jeneration for Summer 
Want to kickoff the summer with a sunny new look? Let Style Jeneration be your guide. Working as a makeup artist in LA for over 15 years, Jennifer has developed an eye for style from head to toe. She can work with you to develop an overall look that makes you feel confident and beautiful. Her services range anywhere from closet clean out to personal shopping, giving you referrals and advice on hair color, or even a new lipstick shade for summer. She has a true talent for helping you feel and look your very best because style is her true passion, not fashion! Contact 310.721.0189 or stylejeneration@gmail.com for list of services.