February is a fabulous time to be in LA!  While the rest of the country is bearing bad weather, we Angeleno's are relaxing soaking up the Vitiman D and busily preparing ourselves for Valentine's Day and Oscar Awards celebrations.  Regardless of where you live and what you are celebrating, everyone strives to put their best self forward. With this in mind, we are ecstatic to share with you our first Vanity Fair magazine spread promoting our upcoming book, 24 Karat Etiquette, along with a few simple tips on which manners matter most. And, just in time for Valentine's Day, we have compiled a list of Do's & Don'ts to ensure you do not accidentally offend your date on the most romantic day of the year.  


Hope you enjoy! 


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Valentines Day  
Nothing sends a potential or current suitor running for the hills faster than bad manners. All it takes is one slip of the tongue or one wrong move and your mate makes a mental check mark that stays with them forever.  This Valentine's Day, let your significant other focus on your charming personality, rather than your distracting behavior, with our quick reference of Do's & Don'ts.

  • Do purchase them.  They help express our true feelings when we are at a loss for words. Select a card with the recipient in mind.  If the object of your affection loves animals, go for it, but if they are the serious type, choose a more traditional card.
  • Don't conclude with the closing, "From", Warmly" or "Your friend" with a romantic partner. They will be highly offended.  "Love" is always the best way to go.  Just make sure you mean it!
  • Do think of the recipient before purchasing any gift, and feel free to consult their friends if necessary.  Ladies love jewelry. A spa treatment, a nice bottle of perfume or a handbag also make great choices.  Lingerie? Only, if it's tasteful. For gentleman, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.  Bistecca Fiorentina anyone?
  • Don't get your honey a giant box of chocolates if they are dieting or treat them to champagne at a bar if they are recently recovering. 
  • Do express appreciation for the gift even if it is not necessarily to your liking.
  • Don't go overboard on gag gifts or explicit toys for the boudoir.  Be discreet and leave some things to the imagination.  
  • Do purchase an elegant arrangement.  Research their favorite flower or send long stemmed red roses.  Remember, red means love.  Yellow is only friendship.
  • Don't bargain basement your floral purchase. Stay away from coupons to 1-800 sites and avoid Baby's Breath and Carnations. It takes a talented florist to make them look presentable.
  • Do speak nicely to the waitstaff, be gracious and use the magic words throughout the meal.
  • Don't be a picky eater. This is not a night to tell your partner about your gluten free, non-dairy, anti-candida diet.  It is no fun to eat alone.
  • Do pay for your date if you requested the pleasure of their company.
  • Don't overdo the drinking.  The last thing you need is to wake up hating yourself the morning after because you said something or (uh um) did something that you deeply regret.
  • Do take interest in your conversation partner.  Ask engaging, open-ended questions and listen to the answers. Keep abreast of what is going on in your world - from sports to the arts, headline news to the national weather - so that when it is your turn to speak you have something interesting to contribute.
  • Don't bring up controversial subjects such as religion, politics or money.  Best to leave out any conversation about exes, illness, debt or dieting too.
  • Do put away your smartphone, iPad, computer and any other techno devices you may be lured by that will divert your attention.
  • Don't be a conversation hog.  Let others have a chance to speak. We feel most loved when we are heard.
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