December New Year's Eve Newsletter                      2012
'Anderson Live' New Year's Eve Special
New Year's Eve Special

We had a blast flying to New York City to shoot Anderson Cooper's Live New Year's Eve talk show special earlier this month. Anderson wanted to know if manners were dead and so he orchestrated a hidden camera investigation to find out. Here are a few public etiquette do's and don'ts from the show. Catch the entire segment here.

Best & Worst Manners Moments of 2012
Best & Worst 2012

Nothing screams "end-of-the-year" more than a recap of the best and worst moments that have managed to encapsulate the past twelve months.  This year was chock full of bad behavior with some of our most public figures going down the road of ruin due to some thoughtless actions or words that spread like wildfire and tarnished their futures. On the flipside, we did see our fair share of exemplary behavior that gave us a glimmer of hope and managed to lift us out of the depths of despair. Just in time, we bring you our best and worst manners moments of 2012. Read more... 

Manners Resolutions 2013
Resolutions 2013

Where did the year go?  It seems the world is in agreement that time is passing at a breakneck speed and that our lives are becoming more and more complicated and less calm with each year.  The thought of sitting down and giving thoughtful consideration to our New Year's Resolutions seems like a daunting task that requires way too much time and effort. While you may have already begun writing your laundry list of resolutions for better health, better budgeting and better productivity in the New Year, we hope you'll reserve a few spots on your list for better manners in 2013.  Read more...

a toast



As we look back at 2012, we are met with mixed feelings of deep sadness and joy. There were a number of events to be grateful for, a successful Summer Olympics with 46 Gold Medal wins and a presidential election, but we also experienced some of the most devastating phenomena from an unforeseen hurricane Sandy to  the unimaginable Sandy Hook Elementary. Many Americans are still suffering and our hearts go out to those individuals and their families.  


While we're on the horizon of 2013, we are hoping it will bring much needed peace and calm both here in the United States and with our neighbors abroad.  One thing is certain, the fate of our future begins with each of us. How we conduct ourselves in our daily interactions, whether we are helpful or hurtful, respectful or unruly, if we bother to put another's needs before our own, all has an impact on our lives. We cannot control others, but we can surely be held accountable for our own behavior and band together to make significant positive change.


Here at Beverly Hills Manners, we are striving to make a difference in our own way and the universe is taking notice. Just a couple of weeks ago, we garnered our first official book deal and we are beyond thrilled and excited!  With this initial tome, we hope to bring an innovative and contemporary sensibility to a subject that is often perceived as a stodgy afterthought and we look forward to sharing with you each step of the way.


As you prepare to ring in the New Year,  be sure to watch our segment on Anderson Cooper's New Year's Eve Day Special, as well as to review our Best & Worst Manners Moments of 2012 and our recommended Manners Resolutions for the New Year.


Wishing everyone a very healthy, happy and prosperous holiday and look forward to seeing you in 2013!!


Warmest greetings to all,




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Coming Soon... 
coming soon2013 promises to be an exciting year for Beverly Hills Manners!  We will be revealing a new logo design and new website in the coming months as a way of re-branding ourselves for a more expansive future.  In more good news, we will now be accepting all major credit cards including VISA, MC & AMEX to make payment easier for our clients. Finally, we will begin offering private etiquette coaching phone or Skype sessions. For those who are unable to connect with us in-person, a phone session is the next best thing. Contact us for more info and pricing at 310.276.9078.  



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