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September 28, 2016

Climate change is in the air

Tickets on sale now for CEEA's Day on the Hill   

Energy efficiency will be the hot topic Nov. 21-23 as CEEA brings together energy efficiency professionals to meet with national decision-makers at CEEA's 2016 Day on the Hill. Minister of Natural Resources Jim Carr is the keynote speaker at kick-off breakfast Nov. 22. Later that day Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment Canada and Climate Change will speak at the Rideau Club reception. There will be strategic meetings for members and sponsors at various departments including Environment Canada and Climate Change, Natural Resources Canada, the Office of Energy Efficiency and Department of National Defence, and Public Services and Procurement Canada.

This is a great opportunity to find out how the federal government has evolved over the past year, particularly on the accountability and climate change front. The agenda also includes a site tour of CanmetENERGY and a discussion with the Pearson Centre for Progressive Public Policy on how recent changes in Ottawa can help energy efficiency businesses grow. Non-members are eligible to attend everything except the strategic meetings.


How can the feds catch up with the provinces to meet climate change goals?   

Collaboration among organizations and energy efficiency play critical role

Energy efficiency and climate change are officially on the agenda in Ottawa. What were the signs? For the first time ever CEEA was invited to the Energyand Mines Ministers Conference in August. No doubt this is all part of the federal government' process to put a climate change framework in front of the first ministers in October, and then move on to November's UN climate talks in Morocco.

There's a palpable recognition in Ottawa of CEEA and the role its members can play to make Canada more energy

CEEA collaborated on the paper Financing Energy Efficiency Retrofits in the Built Environment.
efficient. We felt as if we actually had a collaborative role at the conference in developing actions to be taken on the built environment and implementing best practices. You can check out one of the working papers CEEA believes is important - the Financing Energy Efficiency Retrofits in the Built Environment.

Difficulties of driving consensus with the provinces on climate change

It is definitely positive for CEEA to be consulted on the energy efficiency file. But the federal government has a difficult road ahead of it to build consensus and meet its climate change goals.  For almost 10 years the government had not been a driver on fighting climate change - it either made promises and took little action, or remained mute. The new government's commitment to ratify COP 22 is a game changer, but it will be difficult to re-enter into the climate change dialogue when most of the provinces have ....MORE

EE News


New CEEA members: Well-known company Philips Lighting has come aboard, as well as Nova Scotia non-profit Clean Foundation and Toronto-based EnergyXpert which makes an energy audit and monitoring app.

New licensing opportunity for CIET: Energy training centre  CIET is now the sole licensee of Dollars to $ense energy management workshops in Canada.

Thermal Energy lands another hospital: The company has signed a new $500,000 steam trap order to help a hospital save money and energy.

CEEA speaking engagements across Canada: CEEA CEO Elizabeth McDonald has been busy speaking about energy efficiency business opportunities and its role in mitigating climate change. In September she spoke at the 7th Canadian German Conference on Renewable Energies and at the Alberta Climate Summit organized by Pembina. In October she is the keynote speaker at Efficiency Nova Scotia's Bright Business conference and she will be moderating and speaking at the Canadian Climate Forum in Ottawa.


Green mortgages in Europe: An innovative incentive from 13 European banks will create cheaper interest rates for people buying energy-efficient homes.




National carbon price for fence sitters: According to Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna the federal government will impose a minimum, national carbon price on provinces that fail to adopt their own pricing system to cut greenhouse gases.


EE improvements before selling commercial buildings: New Scottish regulations now force commercial properties to identify energy efficiency improvements before they're leased or sold.


Ontario and Quebec sign climate policy deal with Mexico: Details includes phasing out natural gas heating, rebates for electrical vehicles, and incentives to retrofit buildings. Ontario and Quebec sign climate policy deal with Mexico:  The hope is Canadian companies can purchase Mexican GHG reductions credits to meet emission caps.

EU hits its energy reduction target early: The savings are the equivalent of switching off 400 power stations, but there's concern the numbers will change with the effects of Brexit.


CIET online webinar: Using Energy Efficiency to Reduce Greenhouse Gases & Air Pollution - Policy & Program Strategies, November 16.

EnerQuality SB-12 2017 Ontario Tour workshops: Learn more about upcoming building code changes at workshops across Ontario this fall.

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