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May 26, 2016
Advice for energy efficiency roadmaps
Energy Productivity Playbook: A guide for countries to double energy productivity   

CEEA members and non-members are invited to participate in a Q & A over luThe Global Alliance for Energy Productivity, led by the Alliance to Save Energy and in collaboration with CEEA as a steering committee member, is proud
to announce the release of the Energy Productivity Playbook (the Playbook). This document details how public sector, private sector and non-profit
organizations can collaborate to double an economy's energy productivity - generating twice the economic benefit from each unit of energy consumed - by
putting in place a policy infrastructure that supports and drives investment in energy efficiency. The Playbook sets forth guidelines for developing Energy Productivity Policy Roadmaps, which are strategic policy plans to be implemented at the national or...MORE
Global and local collaboration on energy efficiency are long-term trends   

Meetings from Ottawa to Washington point to the urgent need for collaboration to create resilient communities and fight climate change

Spring is the time for regeneration and we have been busy absorbing some of
Minister Sohi says the federal government wants practical solutions and evidence-based policy.
the latest trends on energy efficiency. Among the keywords and themes being
used at high level meetings I've been privileged to attend: resilient communities, inclusive cities, energy productivity, green infrastructure, inter-governmental cooperation, and most promising -- evidence-based policy.

At CEEA's annual luncheon in Ottawa on May 8 we heard from Amarjeet Sohi, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities who spoke of how the government is
open to practical solutions - something which is advantageous for CEEA members immersed in providing energy efficiency services. Effectively linking
infrastructure and energy efficiency, the former city councillor from Edmonton has a clear understanding of how to explain and make infrastructure needs
real. He told a personal story from his days as a municipal politician and how better social housing helped get a family onto a better path. Sohi reminded us that personal stories make a difference to policy makers...MORE
EE News
New CEEA board members: At CEEA's May AGM three new board members joined the organization. They are: Joseph Clark, Ecosystem; Marisa Uchin, Opower; and Steve Kemp, RDH Building Engineering. Returning to the board are: Martin Luymes, HRAI; Philippe Dunsky, Dunsky Energy Consulting; Giuliana Rossini, HydroOne; Larry Brydon, Cricket Energy; Andrew B. Cole, CUFCA; William (Bill) Crossland, Thermal Energy International Inc.; Sam Loggia, CSA Group; Tracy Lynch, Union Gas; Jay Nordenstrom, NAIMA Canada; Ravi Sigurdson, Enbridge; and Amelia Warren, Efficiency Nova Scotia.

Congrats to ENERGY STAR Award Winners:  CEEA member EnerQuality
The ENERGY STAR Canada Award winners for 2016.
picked up two awards - Sustained Excellence and Participant of the Year - Program
Delivery; Enbridge Gas was Partner of the Year; IESO for Recruit of the Year; and  Efficiency Nova Scotia won Advocate of the Year.

Oracle to buy Opower: Opower is known for its customer engagement software for utilities, the transaction is estimated to be worth US$532 million.

Thermal Energy lands deal with food products company: The Ottawa-based company has signed a deal worth over $1 million to supply and install a heat
recovery system.


Toronto Community Housing lands $635,000 rebate from Enbridge: The rebate is to offset energy efficiency improvements made in 2015 and the agency is planning to make more energy efficiency upgrades.

BC invests $1.4 million to help homeowners cut energy bills: The goal is to cut greenhouse gas emissions and create jobs by supporting training in constructing high performance, energy efficient homes.

Adidas creates $3 million fund for energy conservation projects: The annual fund includes high-return projects that will subsidize low-return ones.

Germany launches €17b campaign to boost energy efficiency: The five-year campaign known as Effizienzoffensive - hopes to halve energy consumption by
Updating and aligning of energy efficiency regs begins: Minister of Natural Resources Jim Carr announced the long-awaited rules beginning with 20
products including dishwashers, freezers and air conditioners.

Canadian Defense seeking bids energy-efficiency retrofits:
Worth up to $100 million, the infrastructure improvements will be at seven
bases across the country.

Governor General's architecture awards for public buildings: The photos are impressive as is the focus on innovative design which often takes into
account energy efficiency.


Ontario's $7-billion climate change plan: Details includes phasing out natural gas heating, rebates for electrical vehicles, and incentives to retrofit buildings. The province will invest up to $900 million over four years to support renters by retrofitting social housing apartments and providing grants and rebates for residential multi-tenant buildings. The plan will cost the average household $13 a month, which is less than a $107 per month carbon tax according to an internal report. The province also finalized the rules for its cap and trade program which take effect July 1.

University of Ottawa to cut carbon footprint in investment portfolio: After 18 months of consultation the university has pledged to cut its carbon footprint, investment-wise, by 30 per cent by 2030.
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