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February 3, 2016

An easy way to promote energy efficiency services 

Connect with CEEA and spread your news, successes and job postings. With a new government in Ottawa it's more important than ever for CEEA to continue promoting the benefits of energy efficiency. Whether it's about saving
money for businesses and residential customers or about the crucial role energy efficiency plays when it comes to lowering greenhouse gas emissions, CEEA wants to actively promote what our members are doing. Please remember to send us any press releases, events, case studies, white papers or job postings and we'll make sure they're seen on Twitter, LinkedIn and in our newsletter. Please forward any information and accompanying URLs to
How energy efficiency fits into pre-budget talks

The economy and climate change are top of mind in Ottawa, and so should EE

Since the October election things appear to be changing significantly in Ottawa.
The new government wants solutions that will combat climate change and stimulate economic activity.
Given the COP21 meetings in November and December, plus the regular pressures of the annual budget in March, it seems that solution-based proposals related to climate change that will also stimulate economic activity
anywhere in Canada will be a focus in 2016. In addition, each minister does have climate change in their mandate letters -- including the Minister of
National Revenue and the Minister of Finance.  Therefore the CEEA mantra in all exchanges with government is that energy efficiency is a key to solving climate change challenges.  

CEEA's energy efficiency tax ask gains attention in Ottawa
There are two things that also need to be considered at this point: there is really no more new money, although this government seems prepared to run a
deficit for a period of time, the size of that deficit will be the issue; and the emphasis on inter-departmental cooperation is positive (i.e. NRCan and
Environment and Climate Change will be working together), but setting up new, effective inter-departmental points of contact will take time.

As the pre-budget departmental activity began in earnest in early January, CEEA received several requests for more information on our tax ask related to
tax deductibility for building retrofits and on other issues related to low carbon infrastructure proposals.   In terms of our tax proposal, CEEA is ....MORE 
EE News
McDonald to be an EE Global Forum thought leader: CEEA's Elizabeth McDonald will be a moderator again at the Alliance to Save Energy's annual conference in Washington in May 11-12. She'll be joined by executives from the World Bank, the World Resources Institute and more.

New behavioural EE program for Opower in Canada: Known for its customized home energy reports, Opower will be helping PowerStream and Collosus PowerStream engage their customers to save energy and money on monthly bills.

Enbridge gets credit for sustainability: Once again Enbridge has made the list of Corporate Knight's Global 100 Most Sustainable Companies. It comes in at 46.

The brain trust developing a carbon tax: A good look at Mike McNair, Trudeau's key policy advisor for shaping a carbon tax.

US Supreme Court decision rewards utility customers for saving energy: The court upheld a federal program that pays large electric customers to save
energy during peak demand.

Should 24 Sussex undergo infrared photography?: That's just one suggestion to address the need for energy conservation and locating hot and cold spots in this NAIMA Canada blog.

Buildings cause almost half of Toronto's GHG emissions: While the TAF report shows some progress on cutting emissions, it also shows that the city needs to conserve on natural gas.

Green promises in Manitoba:
Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger promises to create 6,000 green jobs over the next five years and expand its Power Smart program.

Utilities need different service models to deal with seniors and millennials: A look at who likes prepaid energy and who doesn't shows why services need to be differentiated - not one model for all.

GE says goodbye to CFL bulbs: The marketplace does rule. Consumers didn't like the mercury, the light cast or the inability to dim the curly bulbs. Add to that the improvement in LEDs and their drop in price.

Are eco lightbulbs lying about their performance?: When will companies learn you shouldn't lie? The EU is finding halogens use more energy than promised on the box.

Only 1 in 5 EE behaviour change programs are effective:  A UK Energy Efficiency Trends report says too few programs actively identify and remove barriers to change, allowing building occupants to get the info the need to successfully save energy.

CIET's Certified Energy Manager course:  Feb. 29 - Mar. 4 in Toronto.

Dollars to $ense Workshop on Recommissioning for Buildings: March 11 in Vancouver.

EnerQuality Housing Innovation Forum Awards: Peter Gilgan of Mattamy Homes will be the keynote speaker on Feb. 25 in Toronto.

AEEA's Advancing EE in Alberta: Speakers include Brett Lichtenthaler, of CLEAResult on March 2 in Edmonton.
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