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November 26, 2015

How big data can accelerate energy efficiency

CEEA's first webinar Big Buildings Big Data

If energy efficiency has been around for about 35 years our real challenge today is how to keep going after tackling the so-called low-hanging fruit. How do we accelerate energy efficiency? That was the question posed by Philippe Dunsky, president, Dunsky Energy Consulting, as he moderated CEEA's first webinar Big Data, Big Buildings. You can now listen to the webinar in full.

Some of the session's key takeaways
To Dunsky big data plays a critical role in pointing to more opportunities, allowing for more effective marketing, outreach and design, and ultimately cost efficiencies. The panelists, all CEEA members, added to the discussion and talked about how they were using big data expand the reach energy efficiency.

Brian Bowen, Regulatory Affairs and Market Development manager, FirstFuel, discussed the importance of combining traditional push consumer engagement with a pull approach. First Fuel specializes in zero-touch analytics. It's a customer intelligence platform...MORE
Susan Delacourt, Scott Thurlow and Susan Scotti briefing members on the "new" Ottawa.

How to work with the new federal government

Bureaucrats are back, collaboration is in and other insights from Doing Business in Ottawa

Even though Parliament is not in session yet, it's incredibly busy in Ottawa as the new government takes shape and MPs, cabinet ministers and the bureaucracy begin setting their agendas. With so much going CEEA was still able to give participating members a full day of meetings and briefings on November 18 with insiders about what the new federal government means for the business of energy efficiency.

Public servants, mandate letters and other opportunities for EE
The opening session, presented by the Pearson Foundation for Progressive Policy, looked at the "new" Ottawa from three different perspectives: the journalist; the senior bureaucrat; and the lobbyist. All of our panelists talked about the refreshing openness of government and the resurgence of the bureaucrat, which means bureaucrats might be able to once again influence government after being limited in their reach by the previous Conservative government.

Reporter Susan Delacourt spent considerable time with Mr. Trudeau during the election campaign and found him to be a true pan-Canadian who wants to reflect the country and not just Ottawa. She stressed the importance of reviewing the Liberal platform and what has been said because she believes he will be true to his word. She also referred to the importance of the recently released mandate letters to each minister, which are essentially a blueprint for the next four years.
Susan Scotti, a senior vice president at the Canadian Council of Chief Executives indicated some of the challenges that senior public servants will be facing. She pointed out that most ministers do not have staff - and that briefing notes are often written by those below the Director level - so we cannot....MORE
EE News
Welcome new CEEA members:  Kontrol Technologies provides energy efficient electrical retrofit services for existing buildings and LMCT, the Labor Management Cooperative Trust is a consortium of specialty contractors which promotes the mechanical insulation, firestop, and hazard waste removal industries.

Thermal Energy lands hospital project: The project for energy efficient Gem steam traps is worth over $1.5 million.

Opower offers utilities an e-commerce service: Through their new platform
Opower's Marketplace is a product recommendation platform with an easy rebate process.
Marketplace consumers can shop and compare 600,000 energy efficient products and services from retailers. Opower also managed to help Ottawa Hydro customers save an average of 3 per cent of energy during peak summer demand.

Become an exhibitor at the Energy Smart Show: CEEA members get a 10 per cent discount for exhibiting energy efficiency products at the Energy Smart Show, May 14-15, in Toronto.

Natural Resources Canada to collaborate with US and Mexico: Minister Jim Carr has a mandate develop an ambitious North American clean energy and environment agreement.

Alberta's Climate Plan is a game changer: A price on carbon begins January 2017 and energy efficiency programs and support for green tech innovations are just a few of its highlights. You know times have changed when the president of Shell Canada supports the plan and its necessity.

First Ministers and Trudeau working Paris climate strategy: As they head to Paris next week the PM and premiers met to strategize. But that's just the beginning, they meet again in three months to conclude a national climate strategy with a national target and plan. Shortly thereafter Ontario released its climate change plan which will affect infrastructure, procurement, new buildings and retrofits.

TAF finances condo that's 43% percent more energy efficient than code:
The Ottawa building was financed through the Toronto Atmospheric Fund's Green Condo Loan.

Ontario's Race to Reduce sees 12% drop in energy use: The program was launched in 2011 by Civic Action and asked GTA offices to cut energy consumption by 10 per cent.

GE and partners to innovate on water and energy efficiency:
As it continues to innovate in the energy efficiency realm GE is working with eight other companies, including Walmart, to develop commercial EE applications.

Millennials have big appetite for sustainability:
This is useful reading for SMEs, one insight is that millennials are the cutting-edge leaders of tomorrow but are held back by boomers who are decision-makers.


Entire cabinet responsible for climate change: Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion says all ministers must ensure the success of the new government's commitments on climate change.

Reality check on the Paris climate talks: As the build up to Paris continues this New York Times piece is depressing but likely realistic about how we will have to adapt to climate change despite next week's efforts at COP21.

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