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September 23, 2015

Get out and vote October 19th

No matter which government wins the federal election next month it means change in Ottawa. With CEEA's national focus on energy efficiency issues we are eager for the next government to take shape so we can move ahead on issues that will strengthen the EE sector. Here's a little primer for you before you head to the election booth.

Protect Our Economy
Balanced budget, cutting taxes, support for seniors
No specifics,  pro-pipeline +  pro-energy

Building A Canada That Works. Together.
Abolish tuition fees, increase taxes on large corporations
Sustainable Innovations Fund to invest in skills training + EE
It's Time for Real Change
Cancelling tax breaks, affordable housing, retirement security
Investing in   climate resistant infrastructure + clean energy
A Message from Tom: Our Balanced Plan
Create middle class jobs, make quality childcare affordable, secure retirement
Cut GHG emissions every year, increase renewables,  polluters pay
Harmonization and consumer awareness are CEEA's EE challenges

Energy Efficiency Q & A: Martin Luymes, Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Institute of Canada

HRAI is the national association for the HVACR industry, representing over 1,300 heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration manufacturers, wholesalers and contractors. It also provides technical training for the industry and is an information resource for consumers. Martin Luymes is HRAI's Director, Programs and Relations, he became chair of CEEA in May.

Q How does energy efficiency and sustainability fit into HRAI's vision?
A While protection of the environment is not the primary reason for HRAI's existence, it is definitely a core value for the association.  HRAI's official vision statement says we will "foster a progressive Canadian HVACR industry that provides the highest quality, most energy efficient and environmentally responsible systems for indoor comfort and refrigeration processes." This is a reflection of the fact our products and services have an impact on the environment and our members share a burden to act responsibly.  HRAI members sell, install and service products that consume energy - so they are all, in a sense, in the "energy business." And because the industry also provides products that can save energy, our members are often at the forefront of the drive for energy efficiency. In fact, contractors can be seen as energy efficiency ambassadors when they're properly motivated and ....MORE
EE News
CEEA's climate change submission to BC:  CEEA's participation is part of the BC government's call for public feedback to create its climate change. CEEA's recommendations include improved building energy reporting and climate change adaptation in the Building Act.
Downloadable EE home designs are available from the Australian government.

CEEA welcomes new member FirstFuel: The Boston-based software company works in energy intelligence and helps customers who run and manage thousands of commercial buildings.

Thermal Energy lands order with multinational wine company: The deal is for its proprietary GEM steam traps technology and is worth $100,000.

Hawaii Energy expands Opower's EE program: The program will reach nearly 250,000 residential customers. Opower has already helped Hawaiian customers save over $5 million on their energy bills.

Quebec proposes a 2030 GHG emission reduction target: The province will have a consultation on a proposed target of 37.5 per cent, making it Canada's most ambitious target. And it could be unveiled in Paris during the climate talks.

California commits doubling its EE savings: By 2030 the state plans to have 50 per cent of its retail electricity from renewables and to double its energy efficiency savings statewide.

Retro and re-commissioning success stories: A reality check from engineers on how few NZE buildings there are and the importance of the
recommissioning and retro-commissioning of high-performance commercial buildings.

Australian government creates downloadable EE housing designs: The single story options have a minimum 7-star energy rating.

Solving consumer problems sells EE better than showing savings: Interesting confessions from a former contractor that highlights the importance of educating consumers, thinking systemically about their problems and finding solutions to fit their budgets.

UBC & Okanagan College contrast and compare homes: The Wilden Living Lab will build two homes, one with current building standards, the other with sustainable building technology.

Singapore to build world's first high-rise EE lab:  The rotating lab will test energy-efficient technologies for tropical countries.

Leap Manifesto's call for energy democracy:  Naomi Klein, David Suzuki, Leonard Cohen, Donald Sutherland and Ellen Page ask Canadians to sign the Leap Manifesto and support renewables, innovative ownership structures, retraining for workers in carbon-intensive industries and much more.

Alberta signs up for globally credible climate change policy: The environment minister says Climate change denial is over and it's time to take action.

EnerQuality's The Road to Net Zero: Net Zero, Net Zero Ready & R-2000* Builder Training Pilot is Oct. 6 & 7 in Toronto.

CIET Certified Energy Manager Course: Five-day course begins Oct. 5 in Toronto.
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