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June 23, 2015
CEEA 20th anniversary highlights
For those of you who couldn't make it to CEEA's twentieth anniversary
Jay Kholsa's video tribute to Natural Resources Canada's Carol Buckley.
celebration in Toronto you can now see some of the highlights on our website, including a video tribute to Carol Buckley by Jay Kholsa, ADM, Natural Resources Canada.

Note: Our Efficiency Matters newsletter will not be published in July, but stay tuned to our Twitter feed for any breaking energy efficiency news.
EE News
Pearson Centre energy policy luncheon a success: The well-attended May
Perrin Beatty, Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Bob Chiarelli, Elizabeth McDonald and Sergio Marchi
29 event featured an interview with Ontario Minister of Energy Bob Chiarelli by CEEA's Elizabeth McDonald and Sergio Marchi, the new president of the Canadian Electricity Association. CEEA was also pleased to host a table with guests Ian Chodikoff, RAIC; Kevin Lee, CHBA; Paul Cheliak, CGA; Garry Sears, Kelly Sears; and Tara McClinchey, NAIMA Canada.

Efficiency Nova Scotia adjusts programs and plans: The non-profit agency has adjusted its funding ask by cutting $8 million in a tentative deal--from $121.5 million over three years to $113.5 million. Efficiency One and Nova Scotia Power have joined a working group on the cost and benefits of conservation programs to try and end the dispute. The group includes consumers. The agency has also agreed to a recommendation from a review to make changes to an energy audit program to open the market up to more independent contractors.


Canada commits to ending fossil-fuel use by 2100: It took a lot to get there during the latest G7 meeting in Germany and is considered by many to be a watered-down agreement.

Ombudsman no longer able to take complaints about Hydro One: After a damning report on Hydro One citing almost 11,000 customer complaints the Ombudsman can no longer investigate new complaints. This is the result of the passing of Bill 91 which allows for partial privatization of Hydro One.

Which government energy efficiency policies work best?: A UK study by the UK Energy Research Centre found a 10 per cent increase in energy savings for specific EE programs that motivated consumers. Strong performing ones featured minimum building standards, while weaker programs simply offered information and advice.

Alberta promises $2 million in new money to boost municipal energy efficiency: We were all waiting to see what the new Notley government would do. The funding is to come from carbon levies. Hopefully there will be other initiatives as energy efficiency is expected be a key component of province's climate change strategy.

First energy efficiency loan asset-backed security transaction launched: Created by Citi & Renew Financial it is backed by US $12.58 million in securities.

Green leases could unlock up to US$3.3 billion in annual energy savings: This is a great overview of the benefits of green leases and how they could save office buildings in the US $3.3billion a year.

Is energy performance contracting the way of the future?: Nine European cities are using The financing tool that helps with cash flow as part of the energy service initiative 2020 project.

Germany gives to Ukraine energy efficiency fund: And the amount is not insubstantial - €200 million.

Ireland Energy Efficiency Fund lands a 8.5m euro investment: The fund's model uses upfront capital for energy efficiency projects that generate a return through sharing in energy savings over the life of the project.

A zero-energy table for the boardroom: A French engineer and designer have created a table that acts like a thermal sponge to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Pre-fab energy efficient walls cut 40 per cent of energy usage: Built in Utah, the walls are made with recycled steel framing and dense foam. They are also patent-pending.

Have you heard of a rapid building energy modeler?: Developed at the University of California, Berkeley, the tool measures a building's dimensions, locates HVAC, ductwork, maps out electrical sources and fits in a backpack.

What makes consumers buy EE products?: This paper discusses the trade-off consumers consider such as whether to spend less now on standard models or spend less later on  energy-efficient models. And a lot depends upon how patient they are.

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