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May 25, 2015
Global EE trends & future plans
CEEA celebrates with industry champions and announces a future EE consumer show

CEEA's 20th anniversary was a huge success. Tributes were given to EfficiencyOne's Alan Crandlemire and Natural Resource Canada's Carol Buckley, who both spoke about their extensive experience in the energy efficiency industry. IESO's Bruce Campbell opened the evening by talking about the opportunities and challenges of the sector. Elizabeth McDonald then announced CEEA's endorsement and participation in next year's Energy Smart Show. Set for May 2016, the energy efficiency-focused consumer event will feature exhibits by leading industry product and service providers, workshops, speakers, and government incentive program reps. With the tagline "Save money. Save the planet," the goal for the event is to show consumers how to reduce their energy usage in every way possible - at home, in the car, at the office, or in their small business. CEEA is excited to see how this takes shape.
Is energy productivity our new mantra?

That's just one trend at the EE Global Forum where insiders say promoting energy productivity, not energy efficiency improvements, will change policy and behaviour around the world.

Let's see how industry savvy you are. Where do you find policy wonks who can
Unveiling the Canadian embassy's LEED Silver plaque with Rachel McCormick program manager, Embassy of Canada, Elizabeth McDonald, CEEA, Kateri
Callahan, president ASE.
answer whether cities can serve as incubators for developing national energy efficiency policies? And where can you run into your counterpart from Saudi Arabia or Australia? Or find a group of Canadians promoting their energy efficiency businesses? The answer: The Alliance to Save Energy's (ASE) EE Global Forum in Washington. This conference is a winner for its networking and insights on global EE trends and I had the privilege of moderating a panel a couple of weeks ago. Here's my download of what's going on and what we should all be thinking about.

Energy productivity and global collaboration are hot EE topics
There was considerable discussion about the changing role of utilities, particularly on how generation and efficiency are not always compatible. The role of renewables was also on the table -- especially the role of renewables in cutting GHG emissions and the danger of how they could undermine the efficiency message if they're not handled progressively. We, and utilities in particular, should not be afraid of renewables and the doors that will open for potential new business models. We live in an era of disruption and must be prepared to adapt and respond to the needs and demands of customers.....MORE
EE News
New CEEA executive and board member: At our AGM May 20, CEEA elected a new chair to its board of directors. The board will be led by Martin
Elizabeth McDonald with Carol Buckley and Andrew Pape-Salmon at CEEA's 20th anniversary and tribute.
, director, programs and relations, Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI). He will be joined on the executive by vice chair Philippe Dunsky, president, Dunsky Energy Consulting; secretary Steve Clayman, director of energy initiatives, Thermal Insulation Association of Canada (TIAC); and treasurer Giuliana Rossini, director, strategy and conservation, Hydro One. Jay Nordenstrom, executive director, NAIMA Canada and Tracy Lynch, director, energy conservation strategy, Union Gas will both sit as directors-at-large. Andrew Pape-Salmon, senior energy specialist, RDH Building Engineering will be sitting
Giuliana Rossi and Alan Crandlemire at CEEA's 20th anniversary and tribute.
as Past Chair. And we also have a new director on our board, Andrew B. Cole, executive director, Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association (CUFCA). "We are pleased to have a leadership group of such a calibre guiding CEEA through the next year," said Elizabeth McDonald, CEEA president and CEO.

CEEA hosts closing embassy reception during EE Global Forum: The recently LEED Silver-certified Canadian embassy in Washington was the perfect spot for CEEA to host the end of the EE Global Forum. Sponsored by Enbridge and NAIMA Canada, guests included Larry Brydon, Cricket Energy; Paul Cadario, Global Innovation, University of Toronto; Sorana Ionescu, IESO ; Ted Kantrowitz, Globerpro International; Pierre Langlois, Econoler; Martin Luymes, HRAI;  Mike McLaughlin, Roxul; Leslie McLaren, Roxul; Ian Morton, Summerhill; Jay Nordenstrom,NAIMA Canada; Giuliana Rossini, Hydro One; and Paula Vieira, Natural Resources Canada.

CEEA to interview Ontario's Chiarelli: Elizabeth McDonald will be talking to Ontario Minister of Energy, Bob Chiarelli, during an energy policy luncheon in Ottawa on May 29. Sergio Marchi, the new president of the Canadian Electricity Association will also be asking some of the questions as they cover generation and conservation. Tickets are available.
Electricity Human Resources Canada launches mentor program for women: The pilot program funded by the Status of Women Canada, will begin helping graduates from Algonquin College's Women in Electrical Engineering Technology Program. Partners include Hydro One, Ontario Power Generation, Manitoba Hydro, Electro-Federation and Hydro Ottawa.


Federal government reveals its climate change goal: In preparation for the December climate talks in Paris, Environment Canada sent the UN its pledge for a 30 per cent cut in GHGs from 2005 levels by 2030, but there are no regulations for the oil sands.

Ontario sets 2030 GHG pollution reduction target: The first province to make a commitment, it will be 37 per cent below 1990 levels by 2030.

Political shake up in Alberta: There are no details yet but Alberta's new NDP Premier Notley promises there will be an energy efficiency and renewable energy strategy.

Efficiency Nova Scotia to improve energy efficiency program: After a review that called for transparency, a revamped program will open the market up to more independent contractors for small and medium-sized businesses developing EE plans.

Manitoba to have more energy efficient homes: The government approved changes to its building code that will make new homes nearly 20 per cent more energy efficient.

Ontario Green leader spends $300K on an energy-efficient reno:  The price tag may not be a key selling point for EE but he cut his gas bill by two-thirds and the electricity use in half.

BC Hydro fails to hit energy conservation targets: The utility blames poor uptake among businesses to cut their energy bills.

Two Canadian start-ups with commercial genius meters:  Edmonton's Aim Energy Pros Circuit Meter from Toronto have products that generate and analyze energy data at a granular level.

Princeton student creates electrical origami: Take a look at the model of a self-adapting structure to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.
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