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April 23, 2015
One win and one fight
Ontario's carbon plan is a win for energy efficiency investment

Ontario's much anticipated announcement of adopting a cap and trade system last week was a step in the right direction for the province. And importantly for CEEA the strategy laid out by Premier Kathleen Wynne included a recommendation from our submission to the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. There is now a commitment from the government that it "...will reinvest the money raised through cap and trade in a transparent way back into projects that reduce greenhouse gas pollution and help businesses remain competitive.  CEEA sees this as an opportunity for the energy efficiency sector and an indication that the government understands the need to be environmentally sound and encourage economic growth.
Investing in energy efficiency is under attack in Nova Scotia

The battle between a private utility's need to generate revenue and a not-for-profit's strong energy efficiency programs that save money and energy

We shouldn't be surprised but there's a battle brewing between Nova Scotia
Energy efficiency is treated as a supply in Nova Scotia where burning coal is still a reality.
Power and CEEA member Efficiency Nova Scotia. The for-profit utility has rejected the independent, not-for-profit Efficiency Nova Scotia's proposed electricity efficiency plan for 2016-2018. In its first effort to negotiate with the utility, Efficiency Nova Scotia recommended an investment of around $40 million in energy efficiency in each of the next three years. The utility has proposed cutting that in half -- $22 million over each of the next three years, which also means cutting the benefits and savings for Nova Scotians.

Why? Nova Scotia Power cites the proposal as too expensive and recommends the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board not approve the plan.

Yet Efficiency Nova Scotia's proposed level of efficiency is significantly less than what Nova Scotia Power's 2014....MORE

EE News
CEEA's 20th Anniversary Dinner and Tribute: Don't miss out on our special event May 20 in Toronto. We'll be honouring soon-to-be-retiring EE leaders Carol Buckley, director general, Office of Energy Efficiency, Natural Resources Canada and Allan Crandlemire, CEO of Efficiency Nova Scotia. Get your tickets now.

Econoler/CEIT & Efficiency Capital partner for financing:  The companies have established an agreement for energy efficiency retrofit projects in Atlantic Canada and Quebec using TAF's ESPA.


 Provinces are the best way to tackle carbon emissions: Well-respected economists from the Ecofiscal Commission have issued a report maintaining economic incentives, not federal policy and regulations are the most cost effective way to cut emissions. Meanwhile the federal government says the provinces aren't doing their job to cut GHG emissions.

46% of EE project decision-makers don't believe efficiency projections:  A survey from Noesis finds the decision-makers are either skeptical because they don't understand the math, technology or do not trust the vendor.

Why utilities and consumers must work together to cut energy use: This piece from The Economist discusses the link between power consumption and weakening economic growth and says it's due to two trends - consumer thrift and more energy-saving technology.

Discover the most popular energy efficiency products: A homeowners' survey of clean energy purchases shows triple-pane windows are just one of the top energy efficiency products they're planning to buy.

Xbox appeals to eco-conscious gamers: Microsoft has responded positively to criticism and created a new energy saving mode for Xbox One consoles.

Energy efficiency marketing tip: We need to stop using images of lightbulbs and show people taking positive action.

Germany's Energy Efficiency Award: International industrial and manufacturing companies can enter their energy efficiency projects for the German Energy Agency's annual award, the deadline is July 15.
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