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March 30, 2015
Honouring big thinkers and big ideas
CEEA's 20th to pay tribute to Buckley & Crandlemire

To celebrate the advances made in energy efficiency CEEA will recognize two special advocates on May 20 in Toronto at its twentieth anniversary dinner. Join us as we honour soon-to-be-retiring leaders in our field - Carol Buckley, director general, Office of Energy Efficiency, Natural Resources Canada and Allan Crandlemire, CEO of Efficiency Nova Scotia. Both have shown exemplary commitment and enthusiasm and we owe them our thanks for setting a pace we should all emulate.

The evening will be anchored by keynote Bruce Campbell, IESO president and CEO who will discuss his progress at IESO and its new mandate. Register now for tickets or a corporate table.
How to fight climate change and create economic growth

Carbon pricing models, tax incentives and how to motivate businesses and consumers in Ontario

When it came to deciding what to focus on in our recent submission to Ontario's Ministry of Environment and Climate Change we had to address one of the most talked about issues among our industry is which carbon pricing
CEEA's big idea for Ontario's climate policy: Create a home renovation tax incentive to combat the underground economy, generate revenue, create jobs and cut emissions.
model to use. During brainstorming sessions it became clear that identifying the best model would be beyond our expertise and would be best left to the government. We do however have lots of expertise in examining what programs and initiatives work in terms of energy efficiency and one thing we were sure about is that whatever model is adopted it must ensure the capital remains in Ontario and does not flow to other jurisdictions. Moreover, this funding should be used as a catalyst for projects that support a low carbon economy. 

What can we learn from California and Quebec?
We think Ontario would do well to benefit from the experience....MORE

EE News

70 Academics support national carbon-pricing plan:  A report headed by Catherine Potvin, Canada Research Chair in climate change mitigation at McGill, says Canada could shift entirely to renewables by 2035 and eliminate 80 per cent of GHG emissions.

John Godfrey named Ontario's special advisor for climate change: He's the chair of the government's new climate action group which has launched public consultations.

Plans for Hydro One privatization: Ontario is proposing to sell shares in Hydro One which investment bankers value at roughly $15 to $16-billion.

BC updates energy efficiency standards: The regulations cover gas furnaces, clothes washers, dishwashers and small battery charging systems.

US DOE's Better Buildings Workforce Guidelines launched: This is great news, not surprisingly they're expected improve energy efficiency in buildings and create jobs.

EnerTech Capital on what energy efficiency investors want: Building automation is just one of three areas energy efficiency investors are interested.

Utility customers want more than an EE kit: People are more likely to adopt energy and water savings technologies when efficiency kits are combined with direct outreach. That's not surprising given a recent eye-opening survey of 144 US utility execs which found only 2 per cent of utilities think they have great customer outreach programs.

How to drive new finance for EE investments: The EU/UNEP's final report on the strategic importance of energy efficiency definitely supports EE as the first fuel.

How to make energy efficiency part of the new utility paradigm: Insightful piece by Matt Golden of on the need to finance EE like an energy infrastructure investment.

Availability of finance is not a problem in energy efficiency: No? It's the lack of well-developed bankable projects.

The (real) cost and value of energy efficiency: A lot of likes and discussion on LinkedIn about this piece by Andy Frank, of Sealed, on the need to stop simplifying energy efficiency and to talk about the real cost and value of EE.

70 US manufacturing plants get Energy Star certification: They managed to cut their energy bills by $725 million.

Canada's first university-based Smart Grid Lab opens: The Ontario Ministry of Energy, Ryerson University and Schneider Electric have collaborated on the facility which will do many things including testing new products, operational strategies and employee training.

SDTC is looking for innovators: The SD Tech Fund and SD Natural Gas Fund deadline is  April 15. 

How to save energy in an Adidas distribution centre: Get a grad student to rethink things, including who to effectively use trash belts.

European Commission gives 1.9m to Investor Confidence Project: The initiative will mobilize private capital for energy efficiency research and create best practices.

Should provinces take the lead on climate policy?: Great Globe and Mail wrap-up asks whether climate policy should be national or provincial and charts the emission gaps across Canada.

Obama cuts the federal government's GHG emissions: Federal agencies must cut their emissions by an average of 40 per cent over the next 10 years compared to 2008 levels and increase their use of renewables by 30 per cent.

UK climate envoy blames big six energy companies for green deal failure: The Tory MP says they have no interest in real energy efficiency.

Energy efficient building products and services to total $4.3B: That figure is from Navigant Research for the period 2015-2023 which also shows building envelope technologies as a stand-out performer.

Europe could cut its gas imports by 40 per cent in 15 years: That EU Commission analysis is dependent upon Europe meeting its full efficiency potential.
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