CEEA Bulletin: Ontario Government heeds CEEA's Advice

March 11, 2015

Ontario On-Bill Financing Decision


In September 2014, Ontario's Ministry of Energy began on-bill financing consultation sessions.  A total of 48 stakeholders attended, either in-person or via webinar, including representatives from electricity utilities, natural gas utilities, industry groups and advocacy groups, including CEEA.


Yesterday, the Ministry of Energy announced that based on the feedback received from stakeholders, the Ministry has decided to promote a voluntary utility led approach to implementing on-bill financing in Ontario. They noted that electricity and natural gas utilities are best positioned to assess local needs in their service territories and deliver on-bill financing based on identified need. To that end, the Ministry of Energy is proposing amendments to regulations made under the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998 and the Electricity Act, 1998 to clarify that on-bill financing for electricity conservation and demand management measures, is an activity that electricity utilities can undertake.  The Ministry is proposing these amendments to provide regulatory certainty to electricity utilities undertaking on-bill financing in Ontario.  The proposal is posted on the Environmental Registry


CEEA, in consultation with its members from within and outside Ontario, was pleased to play a constructive role in this Ministry of Energy process. CEEA's position supported the ministry's interest in ensuring enhanced financing opportunities for energy efficiency but we reminded the Ministry of financing already offered by market actors in several key market segments. Our recommendations were ultimately retained by the Ministry. We believe this balanced approach will enable more capital to flow to cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities, with benefits for consumers, utilities, and Ontario's economy. It demonstrates the effectiveness of CEEA's members working together to ensure the best environment to foster energy efficiency.



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