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December 18, 2014
Trends with Benefits
2015's Top 5 Energy Efficiency Trends

Some of these are trends with benefits, others are wild cards

1. Increased demand for energy management systems: Whether it's for homeowners or businesses, people want to control their environment and their energy costs and want tools that will help them.

2. Falling gas prices but not lower electricity: People heating their homes with oil may have lower costs, but no one can expect electricity to be any cheaper.

3.Climate change is a hot topic: As we move towards the UN's climate talks in Paris next December we'll begin to see a name and shame game... MORE
An insider's guide to the economic benefits of energy efficiency

Q & A with Philippe Dunsky

With the release of last month's report on the macroeconomic benefits of energy efficiency in Canada we've taken the opportunity to discuss it further with one of its authors - Philippe Dunsky, president of Dunsky Energy
Dunsky co-authored the Acadia Center report showing how EE can grow jobs and GDP.
Consulting in Montreal. The report projects the potential economic spin-offs for energy efficiency by covering a 15-year period with three different investment scenarios - each considering efficiency programs that generate energy savings in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Here is an insider's take on the Energy Efficiency: Engine of Economic Growth in Canada A Macroeconomic Modeling & Tax Revenue Impact Assessment.

Q. What is the key finding about energy efficiency?
A. We have an opportunity in Canada to address environmental concerns while creating 2.5 million job years, and over 200,000 jobs in terms of people working, and increasing GDP in terms of $380 billion, it's a huge economic value.

Q. Describe the modeling scenarios?
A. We did three scenarios. The first is status quo plus, we took... MORE
EE News

Season's Greetings!

Wishing you the best for this holiday season and a happy New Year! Please note our office will be closed from December 22, 2014 to January 2, 2015.

Oil & Gas Summit discount for CEEA members: Take advantage of your membership! The conference is in Calgary from January 19-20.

EnerQuality workshops in GTA: Advanced Building Science for ENERGY STAR for New Homes is February 11; New Homes Part 2: Technical Specification is Feb. 24; and New Homes Part 3: Marketing & Selling is Mar. 5.

Thermal Energy International lands a big order: The Toronto-based company is  selling heat recovery system to a big packaged foods company for over $400,000.

Developing a roadmap to low-carbon buildings: RDH Building Engineering's (and CEEA chair) Andrew Pape-Salmon on how the government and consumer associations can help transform the market for the northwest.

Opower moves into Asia: CLP Power Hong Kong is now using Opower's online energy efficiency program for 2.1 million residential customers.

Quebec green fund has EE component: The province's cap and trade system will be setting aside $350 million of Quebec's green fund to help businesses become energy efficient.

New Brunswick energy merger: Efficiency New Brunswick has been folded into NB Power.

Incentives please for Calgary: Calgary homeowners are asking for an energy efficiency program as the province revamps its climate change plan - they've been without incentives since 2012. 

Florida regulators slash energy efficiency goals: The state is ditching the low-hanging fruit.

Indian factories make move to save energy: They're using market-style system like cap-and-trade with an energy efficiency target.

British Gas punished for bad behaviour: The company has been fined 11.1m by the regulator Ofgem for failing to deliver energy efficiency measures on time.

Big bucks for federal infrastructure spending: Harper has earmarked $5.8 billion to upgrade federal buildings, labs and museums.

CoPower closes its first investment: The online platform is doing an energy retrofit at Harbourfront Centre in partnership with TAF.

Hydro-Quebec encourages use of EE products: The province's Efficient Homes Program is enticing builders of single-family homes to install efficient products.

Vermont's Commons Energy wants to invest in EE projects: With a maximum of $50 million to invest, it's seeking projects that reduce energy and water bills in public purpose buildings.

Cleveland's smart commercial leases connect owners and tenants: The goal of the collaboration is to align the costs and benefits of energy-efficiency investments for greener buildings.

UK power companies offer bespoke deals to businesses: This comes in response to demand for long-term agreements from business clients wanting to be more energy efficient.

World Bank rules for building energy efficient cities: Its guidance notes for mayors on energy efficiency have six topics including procurement, financing and buildings.

Invisible energy efficiency is the key to saving trillions:  A great overview in the New York Times on the global energy efficiency landscape.

Why people need to be trained to make energy efficient buildings work: A realistic look at how commercial buildings really need to work, from a Washington State University blog.

German plan to cut emissions relies on energy efficiency: In an attempt to meet its 2020 emissions goals there will be €3b in tax breaks and incentives for insulation of buildings.

Can a powder revolutionize energy efficiency?: Iowa State and a DOE lab are working on nanotechnology insulation.

Copenhagen lighting the way more efficient cities: It's using a wireless network of street lamps and sensors which also help cyclists avoid red lights.

Utilities can leverage energy efficiency and boost customer satisfaction: It's all about transforming complaints into opportunities.

Canada scores poorly: Canada comes in at 58th on the Climate Change Performance Index, 58th and is 10th overall in largest CO2 emitters.

Moving targets: Harper retreats further from Canada's pledge to cut CO2 emissions just as an Environment Canada report shows we won't meet GHG targets.

Lima's outcomes: Meanwhile in Lima, Peru there are no new announcements from Canada, just old ones, from Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of the Environment. However, Ontario, California, Quebec and BC issue a joint statement about working together to reduce GHG. Australia surprised everyone with a pledge helping the Green Climate Fund reach its goal of raising $10 billion, and overall the peer pressure makes the Lima Accord the first time all nations have agreed to cut back on burning oil, gas and coal.

Upcoming climate change meetings: Ontario will play host to the Climate Change Summit of the Americas July 7-9 2015 as everyone gets ready for Paris in December. And US and India are to announce a joint climate change action during Obama's visit which is important as everyone hopes India will follow China, but Modi seems to favour growth as he pares back environmental rules.
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