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May 22, 2014
CEEA Board now reaches from coast-to-coast
Directors come from across Canada, Victoria to Halifax
CEEA's new board of directors and executive expanded to include national representation during its annual general meeting in Toronto on May 5. The 2014-2015 Board will be chaired by Andrew Pape-Salmon, senior energy specialist at RDH Building Engineering.

"We have a fantastic team. The brain power we have from the energy efficiency industry on our board will guide CEEA's actions to improve energy affordability for Canadians," says Andrew Pape-Salmon, CEEA chair. "We'll be working to help provinces and territories adopt the National Energy Code for Buildings across the country, research options for a federal tax incentive and MORE
Forget CSR when it comes to green lighting energy efficiency initiatives

Cost is what motivates businesses, not improving the environment says CEEA blog

While CSR can be very buzz-worthy in our politically-correct environment, corporate social responsibility can often be toothless when it comes to turning talk into action for businesses. This is something I've been thinking about for a while and it really jumped out at me at our Efficiency Matters
Forum two weeks ago. The importance of identifying the right champions was a key finding from our 2014 survey results. And as The Gandalf Group's David Herle pointed out in his wrap-up the energy efficiency champion is not the person responsible for CSR, it's the    MORE
EE News
CEEA's Efficiency Matters Forum: The May 5 event was a success. You can now see the videos featuring keynote speaker Carol Buckley from NRCan, the
Harnessing brain power at the forum: Past chair Tracy Lynch, Union Gas; keynote speaker Carol Buckley, OEE, NRCan; new CEEA chair Andrew Pape-Salmon, RDH Building Engineering; and CEEA CEO Elizabeth McDonald.
survey presentation and panel discussion.

CRTC Submission: CEEA ventured into the telecommunications industry by making its first CRTC submission. Our goal is to raise awareness on the need for pay per view licensees to educate consumers on energy efficient set-top boxes. Licensees include Rogers, Videotron, Shaw Pay Per View and Bell Express Vu, among others.

New Members: The Canadian Construction Association, which represents 17,000 members, Mohawk College, which is based in Hamilton, Ontario, and CUFCA, the urethane foam contractors association, are CEEA's latest members!

Thermal Energy in action: It reported nine-month revenues in excess of fiscal 2013 revenue and is developing a biochar sanitation solution along with the Climate Foundation. A prototype was shown at a fair in India. It also landed repeat business from a global healthcare company.

Opower webinar: Opower pulled together a great team including CEEA's Elizabeth McDonald, Opower's Rachel Kane and Clean Energy Canada's Dan Woynillowicz  who discussed how Canadians are primed for behaviour-based energy efficiency programs. Here's the presentation deck and a recording of the event.

US energy codes improving fast
More stringent codes are being adopted and could surpass LEED requirements.  This piece includes graphics on state commercial energy code adoption over past 8 years.

Too big to save: why commercial buildings resist energy efficiency
New research from Berkeley Labs finds many commercial buildings still aren't making simple changes to save big bucks. Barriers include the split incentive problem between tenant and landlords, savings and cost over estimates. There's also a call for looking at social change versus financing, technology and individual behaviour.

New York grants to make buildings more energy efficient
The state gave US$1.9-million in grants to 11 companies to develop technologies that make buildings more energy efficient.
Edmonton, Calgary lag behind  when it comes to energy-efficient programs
They have fewest energy-efficiency programs of seven western cities. Vancouver, Victoria and Winnipeg lead.

BC's Power Smart was a success but average households use the same amount of electricity as 1989
Little steps like LED lights are not enough, which leads to a discussion on the need for a stick, not a carrot.

Green Your Room with $20K Contest
Scotiabank and the Property Brothers launch a contest with a chance to win $20,000 and a one-hour consultation.

ecoENERGY Efficiency for Industry Program increases financial assistance
NRCan has cost-shared assistance of up to 50 per cent of eligible costs to a maximum of $40,000 available for projects that improve industrial energy performance.

Unlocking the Potential of Behavioural Energy Efficiency in Canada
This white paper from Opower is a province-by province assessment that focuses on the potential of home energy reporting. It's recommended for policy makers, regulators, consultants, utilities and portfolio managers.

Studies show consumers are sophisticated in their energy consumption
The first  Deloitte study, US Renewable M&A Sees Warming Trend, discusses the rapid growth in distributed solar generation which has increasingly occurred in middle-income neighborhoods. The second Deloitte study, Informed and In Charge, looks at knowledgeable electricity customers who are demanding greater choice and more control over energy options and how new technologies can help utilities evolve their business models.

Two IEA Energy Efficiency Indicators manuals
The first is Fundamentals on Statistics, which is for statisticians and energy analysts and provides more than 160 practices used all around the world for collecting the data needed to build indicators.

The second is Essentials for Policy Making, which is for policy makers and energy analysts. It acknowledges that development of state-of-the-art indicators is not straightforward and requires financial and human resources to collect detailed data and perform the analysis. Its goal is to prioritize the development of meaningful energy efficiency indicators to support policy development and implementation.

Eco entrepreneurs reach out to expand energy saving website

UK entrepreneurs are looking for crowd funding for the energy efficient product site Sust-it.

Canadian firm innovates concrete production with carbon capture
Halifax's CarbonCure Technologies uses carbon capture to produce concrete blocks.

Reinventing the efficient light bulb
New lighting ideas get closer to market, a look at the Finally light bulb a new ee light bulb that looks like an incandescent and doesn't have a mercury problem. The New York Times story shows how regulation has spurred innovation start-ups. And an industrial design student has a Kickstarter campaign for energy efficient lights that work with IKEA furniture.

Electro-Federation Canada Scholarship Program: There are 56 available to university students. Deadline, May 31

EFC First Annual Marketing Awards: Recognizing organizations demonstrating marketing excellence and innovation within the Canadian electrical manufacturing and distribution and electronics industry. Deadline, May 31

dena's Energy Efficiency Award: The international award is for commercial and industrial companies. Deadline, June 30

The Globe's Canada's Greenest Employers: Winners include Manitoba Hydro, BC Hydro, Efficiency Nova Scotia and Hydro Ottawa.

2014 Retrofit Excellence in Energy Efficiency & Conservation Awards: Thunder Bay Hydro recognizes four local businesses.

Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation Leadership Awards:  CIPEC winners include 3M and Pepsi.

Canada's energy industry passes transportation as the largest producer of greenhouse gases: From Environment Canada's Facility Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting - Overview of Reported 2012 Emissions.

Nova Scotians have saved enough electricity to power 63,000 homes: From Efficiency Nova Scotia's 2013 annual report.

US greenhouse gas emissions are at a 20-year low:  From an EPA report that believes the switch to natural gas switch, transportation fuel efficiency and warmer winters are contributors.

Quick Facts from CEEA Survey 2014 
-79% of Canadian businesses surveyed have invested in energy savings with upfront costs
-42% of Canadian businesses surveyed invested in lighting and 28% improved heating and air
-68% of businesses surveyed support more stringent energy efficient building codes, even if it raised real estate costs
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