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February 18, 2014
Focus on Efficient Buildings
Help Brand CEEA's High-Rise Building Survey

CEEA's 2014 national survey will analyze energy efficiency in the high-rise and commercial building sector. Considered the first time this data will be collected at both a provincial and national level, we will poll building managers and owners, architects, builders, tenants, and prospective buyers to examine benchmarking practices across Canada. An excellent branding opportunity is being extended to members and non-members to direct survey questions and feature company logos on the final product and in communications efforts.

Participation Benefits
  • Direct survey questions as part of the working committee
  • Exclusive access to survey results before its release
  • Company logo in final report
  • Customized debrief from pollster after survey released
For more information: Sylvie Powell, Vice President, Member Services and Operations, or (613) 290-1497.
EE Q & A: Mike Burt, Dow Chemical Canada

How to make more energy efficient buildings: Better codes, a tax credit and continued innovation
Mike Burt, Dow Chemical Canada
Mike Burt says Dow has reduced its own energy use by 20% since 2005.

Mike Burt is a self-described high-tech junkie who is committed to getting as close to net-zero housing as possible. Dow Canada is a perfect fit for Burt with the company's commitment to sustainability. As Director Government Affairs, Public Affairs and Public Policy and Regulatory Services Leader for Canada, Burt discusses Dow's innovative building materials, the importance of improving building envelopes and why that 2009 home renovation tax credit was a consumer motivator that should become permanent. MORE

EE News
A new head of membership and two new members join CEEA
A warm welcome to two global giants: Dow Chemical Canada, if you read the blog you now know they also make great sustainable building products, and JELD-WEN, one of the largest manufacturers in the world of energy efficient windows and doors. CEEA's new members have also been joined by Sylvie Powell who is CEEA's new VP of Member Services and Operations.

CEEA on Nova Scotia's Electricity Future
CEEA's submission explains why conservation is a critical first principal for the government of Nova Scotia's Energy Future undertaking. It also discusses the importance of Energy Efficiency Nova Scotia, the energy savings that are possible in Canada's commercial building sector and the desire of Canadians to conserve more.

Thermal Energy receives initial purchase order from global healthcare company
Congrats to CEEA member Thermal Energy International which will have its GEM® Steam Traps installed at a global diversified healthcare company with annual revenues in excess of $50 billion. The new steam traps are expected to lower greenhouse gas emissions by about 526 tonnes annually.

Ontario's time of use pricing is it a failure or success?
Great column by Nic Rivers, a professor at the University of Ottawa, that explains it depends on whether you're measuring conservation or load shifting.

CIPEC Leadership Awards nominations due
You  have until March 3 to nominate your company or future leader for the awards which celebrate industrial energy efficiency.

Apply to win $50,000 from Scotiabank EcoLiving
Get busy. Open to a business or individual demonstrating how a home energy efficiency product can reduce household energy consumption, applications are due March 15.

Register for EnerQuality Builder and Renovator Forum
There's still time, it's being held from Feb. 26-28 in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Opower submits confidential filing for IPO
The report about CEEA member Opower comes from the Wall Street Journal.

Study: energy efficiency investments reap 3 times the economic rewards
A US report from the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (SEEA) reveals that for every million dollars invested in energy efficiency programs in the region $3.87 million was generated in economic output and created 17.28 new jobs.

Community-based energy efficiency programs analysis do's and don'ts
Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corp. shared some lessons at an industry conference. Their tips on what doesn't work: mass mailings, free assessments and programs that last too long. What does work? Of course cash incentives, but also personalized attention and local volunteers.

But wait! Are states & utilities rethinking customer-funded ee programs?
This piece thinks so as it takes a look at five states that are cutting back due to changing market conditions.

Yet some utilities are using Disney storytelling to engage customers
CEIVA Energy, maker of the HomeView in-home energy management system, was created by former Disney animators to engage customers with storytelling and help them save money.

Illinois utilities to raise bar on energy efficiency without relying on CFLs
Two utilities have been ordered to refile their three-year plans with revised energy efficiency goals. The Commerce Commission says they must reduce energy demand by 2% each year and cannot spend more than 2% of the rates paid by customers on energy efficiency projects. The piece discusses the challenge of meeting energy efficiency goals once the "low-hanging fruit" has been taken care of.

Which will get more attention for energy efficiency? British soap operas or dumpster living?
UK consultants did virtual energy efficiency assessments on characters' properties in EastEnders and Coronation Street. Meanwhile in Texas, an Austin professor is planning to live in dumpster for a  year and use 1% of what an average American uses in terms of water, energy and waste.

Berkeley Lab researcher says phones and devices can serve as occupancy sensor
A paper in the International Journal of Communication outlines the concept of implicit sensing using networks to determine building occupancy.
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