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Special Issue:  Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Special Eucharist This Sunday on the Garth, followed by Blessed Grille

This Sunday's service, and the Blessed Grill to follow, will be in the garth (in the Small Assembly Room, if the weather does not cooperate).   
Anne Warrington Wilson will be our celebrant and there will be a children's lesson, as well as a "grown-up" sermon. 
Please look at the attached list of things needed for the Blessed Grill and reply as soon as you can with how you can help. Grilled meat will be provided.  

Blessed Grille  [outside on the Garth, else in the Small Assembly Room]
Sun.  Sept. 27, 2015
Items needed:
      Green tossed salad (2; large)
J White
      Other salads
      Salad dressing - e.g. oil & vinegar - not Ranch;          not italian
      Watermelon - cubes
Cheese & other spreads
      for nibbling
      for burgers
      for bread & crackers
For nibbling
      Carrots, celery, etc.
      Tomatoes - grape or cherry
Crackers & chips
       Salami roll-ups
      Brownies, etc.
    "clean" ice  (for drinks)
    "clean" ice  (for drinks)
     cooler with ice
     Ice for cooler
     storage bags for left-overs
     paper plates & cups (12-oz.)
     Plastic ware (for 50)
      to set up
Patrick (Fri.)
                    (Sun. 8-ish - audio
Ray; Jonathan
                    (Sun. 9 AM- flags; chairs; 8 long tables)
Ken; Anthony: ?; ?
      to take down/clean up/put away
all available
                    (not before about 12:15)

Mark Your Calendar 


Sunday, September 27: Eucharist and Blessed Grille on the Garth (patio) with the Rev. Anne Warrington-Wilson.


Every Wednesday from 5 to 7pm:  Free Community Dinner.  Come and enjoy the food and the fellowship.  


The online Grace Church Calendar  lists most everything we know about that's happening at Grace Church. If something's not listed, or if you see errors, please tell the office (, 513-541-2415).

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