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 June 2015
This monthly publication contains Industry News & Tips that MarJam has selected for your review, plus Featured Product information from leading vendors, a Q&A with the Marjam Pros, Inventory Specials, and much more...
PermaBase® BRAND UltraBacker™
Cement Board    

PermaBase® BRAND UltraBacker® 1/4" Cement Board Underlayment is a rigid substrate made of Portland cement, aggregate and a glass mesh and mat facer that provides an exceptionally hard, smooth and durable surface that is able to withstand prolonged exposure to moisture.

Basic Uses

UltraBacker Cement Board is used as an underlayment for ceramic tile on floors, countertops, tub decks and outdoor kitchen counters.


  • Smooth mesh and mat surface is 30% stronger and four times more rigid than competitive 1/4" cement boards.
  • Improved fastener holding and reinforced edges allow for closer fastening of nails or screws without crumbing or spinout. Is extremely durable in transit and on the jobsite.
  • Cuts easily with a standard utility knife versus specialty tools or expensive power tools required to cut traditional cement board and fiber cement board.
  •  The 1/4" thickness eliminates the need to modify adjacent thresholds when abutting to carpet, wood flooring or other common flooring materials.
  • UltraBacker has the lowest water absorption rate (<4%) than other backerboards, which ensures more open time and a better tile bond.
  • Mold and moisture resistant. Will not rot, swell or disintegrate when exposed to moisture.
  • Compatible with all brands of thinsets and grouts.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty on PermaBase Interior Applications.

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Please contact your local Marjam Sales Representative for more information on National Gypsum PermaBase® BRAND UltraBacker™

Incredible Offers 

Fortifiber Products

Jumbo Tex: Weather-Resistive Barrier


Fortifiber products provide breathability to prevent the potential for moisture condensation with in exterior walls. Building envelopes should be designed to manage the flow of incidental moisture. It is especially important to reduce the amount of water entering the wall where adjoining building envelope components meet and where there are envelope penetrations such as windows, vents, doors, and decks. Proper installation of weather resistive barriers and integration with flashing is one of the most important factors in the successful performance of exterior walls.   


more information on Jumbo Tex 


For more information on the full line of Fortifiber Products contact your Marjam Sales representative.


Manufactures Price Increases & Product Information

Review the recent manufacture price increases on Metal, Wallboard and other products. dollar_bill.jpg


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