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Fri. Oct 14th, All Day - Free! 

Being Yoga's 18th Birthday - It's a Celebration!

Open House / Yoga / Yin Yoga with Devotional Live Music
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Happy Birthday to us!

Columbus Day Schedule

Mon. Oct. 10th, 5 am class cancelled.
Join us for any of the other regularly scheduled classes!

Thanks to the compassionate outpouring of donations from our Being Yoga community and the incredibly generous subsidy from Manduka yoga products, a large shipment of 30 Manduka ProLite mats, 20 Manduka meditation cushions and four gallons of Manduka mat wash were delivered to Being Yoga on Wednesday, the 28th. And, we all jumped for joy!
Because the yoga products will, of course, have to be officially received and then processed through security, it will be a few more days before the yoga gear will be delivered to its new home in jail.
As of this writing, the incarcerated men haven't been alerted to the arrival of the new-and vastly improved-mats and pillows soon to replace the old, tattered ones, but we will fill you in on their reaction as soon as we can. There is no doubt these men will be touched by a community reaching out to them with compassion and support for their rehabilitation.
So, again, from all of the Staff at Being Yoga, we thank you over and over again for your generosity. Together, we are spreading our Being Yoga philosophy of "finding freedom in body in mind"-even behind bars.
It Pays To Do Yoga

Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to get unlimited yoga for just $99 per month with no long-term commitment.  Can be cancelled anytime with 30 days notice.  The $25 set up will be waived during the month of October 2016.

$7.62 per class at 3 times per week. 
Student of the Month

Eileen Avila 

Eileen started at Being Yoga in January 2014 and she has been going strong to the hoop ever since.  She's taken over 400 classes with a major in Bikram and a minor in Gentle.

Click on the link below to read her story

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Policy is that no extensions or refunds are allowed.  If the event of surgery or injury will prevent you from practicing for more than 1 month, send written request  including doctor's note for a one time extension. Request must be provided with advance notice. 
As a one time courtesy to get you back on your mat - for class card membership that has expired: Reactivation of expired classes for 1 week for every 2 classes, provided a new membership is purchased.

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