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George Webb, CLU, ChFC
President's Message

George Webb, CLU, ChFC
2015-2016 NAIFA-WV President

George Bailey, in the classic film "It's A Wonderful Life," was allowed to have the opportunity to see what the world would have been without him ever being born.

The common ordinary things that George Bailey did as a decent human being...

...as well as the uncommon things he did by stepping up and taking responsibility.

I feel that we who serve in our insurance and financial services business are a lot like good old George Bailey. We tend to let the Mr. Potters of the politicians and regulators drive us to the bridge and want to give up.

You know that feeling... regulation after regulation; bad press; one more form to fill out; compliance and "cover your own bottom" things; and then we have to go prospecting and be told "no", "come back", "my brother-in-law knows a guy!" ... sound about right?

I am not Clarence, the wingless angel, but I would like to encourage you and remind you that our society, your community, your family, and your friends... and even the guy who knows a guy... needs YOU!

If you and I were not in this business... or if the regulators drive us from the business then all we will have is Potterville. Over regulations, no freedom for consumers, no one to give common ordinary sense to protecting a family or business with life insurance, or protect an income with disability insurance, or help to advise on guaranteed income at retirement, or reasonable asset allocation strategies that can survive little things like China devaluing it's money.

If you were not around or had never been born to our industry then what would it look like where you live and work?

As for me... by God's grace... I know of one business that would have closed if I had not written a $1,200,000 life policy. I know of quite a few families that would have not been able to keep their homes at the death of a spouse. I know of dozens of folks who would have sold out their holding in a down market and not recovered if I had not held their hand through some tough times.

And, hey, I am just a common, ordinary, God-fearing U.S. citizen who was given an opportunity in 1973 to experience a wonderful life in our business.

You are a valuable asset to the social and economic life of your community. Stay off the bridge. Let the Mr. Potters of Washington know where you stand.

It is a wonderful life. Not perfect, I cannot promise you that... because brother-in-laws are out there... but it is a powerful thing to get a case closed and know you did your best for a fellow George Bailey.

I do not want to even imagine what our industry or our state would be like without you.

Best to you in your daily calls. Your call to our business is vital.

George "Bailey" Webb


2016 Marketplace Agent Training
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Ameritas DI

Hildebrand Insurance Services

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West Virginia Office of the Insurance Commissioner 
Join the West Virginia Offices of the Insurance Commissioner for a free training to learn the updates on the Affordable Care Act, as well as how self-funded groups, Medicare and Medicaid connect. Learn the plans that will be available for Individual and Small Group both on and off the Marketplace. Representatives will be available from HighmarkWV, CareSource, Aetna and The Health Plan, as well as various dental carriers.

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The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors - Charleston, WV


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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Edgewood Country Club, 600 Edgewood Dr., Charleston, WV 25302

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Membership Luncheon Meeting, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm:


Laura Prisc

Laura Prisc, Life Coach, Teacher, & Speaker

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Laura Prisc

Laura Prisc is a perceptive executive and life coach, teacher, and speaker, providing unconventional insight to her clients. Through her uncanny focus on her clients, Laura intuitively understands both the articulated and unspoken needs of the entrepreneurs, teams, and organizations she serves.

Quickly getting to the heart of the matter, she leads participants through a process of Inquiry, Discovery, and Mastery ™, shining a light on the often unrecognized talents, strengths, uncertainties, and desires of those whom she accompanies on this journey.

For more than a decade, Laura has been recognized for her expertise in forming deep connections, creating a comfortable environment for growth, inspiring new ways of thinking, and synthesizing broad-ranging information in the areas of leadership development, personal growth, communication, team building, and employee engagement into easily understood and applicable concepts. The result for her clients: Increased awareness that allows them to think and act with intention, equipping them to enjoy greater satisfaction in their lives and work.

The author of The "What Matters Most" Manifesto; certified Coach, Teacher, and Speaker thru both the John Maxwell and Deeper Path Teams; Certified Gallup Strengths Coach and Entrepreneurial Strengths Coach; and Certified Human Behavioral Specialist (DISC), Laura is well equipped to facilitate the work teams and organizations need to do to elevate their performance to the next level.

Prior to her work in personal and leadership development, Laura worked as a professional communicator in a variety of businesses and industries for nearly 25 years. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Communication and a Master of Science degree in Communication with an emphasis in Leadership. She and her family live in West Virginia.

For more information:

John E. Pauley, CLU, ChFC, CLTC
NAIFA-WV / NAIFA-Charleston Executive Director
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Kevin Mayeux From the Advisor Today Blog:

Another 'win' for NAIFA's advocacy efforts

By NAIFA CEO Kevin Mayeux, CAE

September 28, 2015

On Monday, the House sided with NAIFA in its vote to amend the Affordable Care Act's definition of the small group market, and provide a role for the states in addressing this issue.

Small businesses often rely on NAIFA members to advise them on appropriate health insurance and employee benefits coverage for their employees. H.R. 1624, the Protecting Affordable Coverage for Employees Act, will ensure that small group markets remain defined as 1-50 employees rather than change to 1-100 employees on Jan. 1, 2016.

Sponsored by Reps. Brett Guthrie and Tony Cardenas, this bipartisan modification to the ACA will help NAIFA members continue to serve their small employer clients and avoid plan disruption for employers with 51-100 employees. Without a modification, employers with 51-100 employees will not be able to keep their current health care plans or purchase or renew plans that do not conform to the new regulations.

This is just one modification to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) that Congress is evaluating. NAIFA supports a number of targeted revisions to ensure implementation continues to provide access to affordable healthcare in a sustainable competitive insurance market, without jeopardizing the high quality of care and service expected by consumers.

NAIFA member and Government Relations Committee Chair Hyatt Erstad, who specializes in employer sponsored benefit programs, writes often about the changing world of employee benefits. In this post, he provides a summary of the proposed Legislation.

NAIFA will continue to advocate for our members by working with Congress to place meaningful reforms concerning the ACA that protect our members' business models while upholding their ability to serve clients in the health insurance arena. This development is yet another positive example of how NAIFA has the back of every insurance and financial advisor with policy makers in the nation's capitol.

NAIFA's Advisor Today Blog can be found at www.advisortodayblog.com

Herman Dixon Think BIG! Think Big Business Tip:

Asking for an Appointment

Herman L. Dixon Jr., CLU, CLF, LUTCF, LTCP, RFC, MBA

NAIFA-WV Past President and Founder of Think BIG! Coaching and Training

In some form business professionals find that nothing happens until someone purchases something. Whether it is a product or a service, sales help determine whether we will achieve our goals. One critical avenue that leads to sales is having appointments. Very little is accomplished if a business is unable to see or deal with people in an appointment setting. Typically the more appointments that can be held, the better the opportunity to achieve greater sales results. With that issue being a critical need, what are some key elements of getting the appointment?

First, there are a few basics to always keep in mind: 1) You need to smile. Whether in person or on the phone, a smile brings out a positive onset; 2) Be sure your communication comes forth in a clear, concise manner. Keep it simple and easily understood; 3) Clarify concerns and rephrase when necessary; and, 4) Always test for understanding. Never assume. This can help you avoid embarrassing interchanges and maintain a positive atmosphere.

Second, authentically greet your customer or prospect with enthusiasm. No one likes to deal with an unenthusiastic person. While enthusiasm will not guarantee a sale, it will guarantee that your commitment is recognized as being genuine.

Third, communicate the purpose and also the value of the appointment you are seeking. What are you attempting to do and how can meeting with you benefit the customer or prospect. The "what's in it for me" from the customer point of view is key to success in your potential appointment.

Fourth, clearly communicate the value of your business and you as the professional. What value comes to the prospect or customer in meeting with you? What sets your business apart? This is your chance to sell the "sizzle" that distinguishes you and your business in the marketplace.

Fifth, be sure to set some expectation of how long the appointment will last. Here you might even utilize an odd time such as 57 minutes or 77 minutes as an example versus simply saying an hour. The difference in time virtually always catches the prospect's or customer's attention and can bring a smile to their face. Remember as noted above, keeping things in a positive frame of mind matters.

Sixth, expect objections to arise. When they do, respond with answers that address the concern raised. This will demand that you listen intently to what the prospect or customer is saying regarding your request. For example, if a response comes that perhaps there is no time for an appointment, you should confirm your understanding of time crunches and that it is not your intent to take them away from critical business or personal demands. Then you might respond with a reply that would explore when they do take appointments, is that done during the day or is it an after-hours event and what days normally work best? After hearing the response, offer an option of days and times the following week to gather possible interest. The key is that you listen and are probing for clearer information from them. Most often, you will find that your process will provide the appointment because you have listened and responded properly.

Seventh, when all has been set or has been decided to be addressed at another time, ask if there might be any questions or additional insights that you should address. This will provide your customer or prospect a confirmation of your interest in them. This confirmed interest is vital for a foundational relationship to be founded and developed.

Eighth, close the conversation and input your appointment or follow-up time into your reminder system. Then, be sure to followup with reminders before the appointment time or to reconnect as agreed if the appointment was not set. Walking your talk is key to success.

As a final confirmation and also a nice added touch, send a handwritten card to the prospect or customer the same day of your interchange. Very few sales business professionals utilize this powerful confirmation. While email and texting are good and instantaneous, the old fashion handwritten card of thanks most often sets you apart from other professionals. There is also something about a hand addressed envelope and individual stamp that accompanies a card of this nature that insures your name brings your face to the mind of the prospect and customer.

Appointments bring opportunities for sales to be made or business retained. Use the above steps to help you grow your appointments and position yourself to achieve the results you need to effectively build your business and brand.

Think BIG! Coaching & Training, Inc.
Herman Dixon
Author, Speaker, Executive Advisor
P. (304) 839-5101

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Published by Thom Stevens, NAIFA-West Virginia Lobbyist

We are celebrating the 27th anniversary of our unique health care publication. Health Care Highlights is published weekly during the regular legislative session and monthly during the periods in between legislative sessions by the firm Government Relations Specialists, LLC.

Health Care Highlights provides a special focus on health topics of interest, legislative health deliberations, and a special section featuring the history and status of all health care bills introduced in the West Virginia state Senate and the House of Delegates.

For more information and to subscribe, please contact Thom Stevens, NAIFA-WV Lobbyist at 304-344-8466 or healthhighlights@aol.com.

Protecting Your Senior Clients from Financial Fraud and Exploitation

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST

Presenter: Steve Kline, Director - Government Relations

Learn why the growing senior population is a target for financial fraud and exploitation and what is being done about it.


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IFAPACIn honor of NAIFA's 125 years of advocating for you and your clients on Capitol Hill and in your State Legislature, NAIFA is asking all NAIFA Members who contribute at the Century Club level or less to step up their annual IFAPAC contribution to at least $125 in 2015.

The Insurance and Financial Advisors Political Action Committee (IFAPAC) advances the legislative interests of NAIFA, seeks to preserve a favorable governmental climate, and promotes the best interests of consumers - as served by active members of local associations - by supporting the campaigns of carefully selected candidates for elective office.

NAIFA cannot contribute to political candidates. IFAPAC can, and that's what we do!  In fact, IFAPAC consistently ranks in the top tier of more than 4,600 federal PACs in its political receipts and contributions to candidates.

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